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Acceptance of Terms

This website, “streamingwebsites.com,” is a resource library for everything you need to know about paid and free TV shows, movies, and other streaming services. Your use of this website, affiliate links, and all our services and products is subject to the below terms and conditions. Also, your activities on this website or other affiliate sites are subject to any other terms and conditions you may find on affiliate sites.


StreamingWebsites.com aims to provide a comprehensive list of movie websites that cut across various categories and genres. We do not own the movie links on our website, nor are we responsible for any of them. Instead, these links are only a product of our team’s extensive research to provide quality movie experiences to our customers and visitors.

We also provide rankings and reviews for movies and other websites to influence visitors’ decision-making. While it may be impossible to be unbiased, we try to be objective, laying out the pros and cons for users to evaluate. However, we notify readers when the authors’ personal opinion is quite evident. Typically, the review and ranking for each movie website are comprehensive and align with users’ experiences.

We own the copyright for this website’s graphics, videos, reviews, arrangement, and compilation of other material, source codes, and other materials. We are licensed owners, and we reserve all rights. Users and visitors do not have any right to any material or interest in the title unless there’s an express statement indicating the contrary.

The logos, service marks, and trademarks on this website are duly registered as properties of StreamingWebsites.com. Except expressly stated, you do not have the legal right to copy, use, edit, vary, publish, reproduce, distribute, display, transmit, store, disseminate, or commercially exploit the trademarks without written consent from StreamingWebsites.com.

However, you can download and print extracts from StreamingWebsites.com only for your personal use if you agree to include a notice in each copy that you got the content from streamingwebsites.com and that we have the license for them. Note that you’re not permitted to use these extracts for public or commercial use.

Third-Party Products and Services

We often feature services and products from several third parties (“Products and Services”) and links to third parties websites (“Third Party Websites”). StreamingWebsites.com has no control or influence over these services, products, or websites. Unless we state otherwise, we are not responsible for any product, service, or website nor endorse their availability or content. We shall also not be liable for any understanding or agreement you enter into with a third party through their website or relating to their services or products. 

StreamingWebsites.com aims to filter thousands of movie sites to pick quality and reliable ones. Although we do not accept sponsored reviews from other companies, we have a few VPN services we work with. Having tested their services, we run advertisements for them on our website. We may also use affiliate website links to services or products. Third parties and affiliate entities pay compensation for the advertisement we render.


You acknowledge and accept that for every content you stream on any third-party link on this website.

(i) You do not have the right of license or intellectual property rights to the content; 

(ii) Your use or streaming of the content is subject to the relevant end-user license agreement;

(iii) You do not have permission to copy, modify, resell, commercially exploit or otherwise use the content in a manner contrary to the relevant laws and regulations. 

Before downloading or streaming, please review each site’s terms and conditions page thoroughly. 

User’s Conducts

By proceeding to use this website, you agree that you will not do any of these:

  1. Post, upload, or share content or comment that may violate the rights of a third party (including intellectual property rights) or other harmful, illegal, hateful, inciting, abusive, threatening, defamatory, harassing, vulgar, offensive (relating to race, sex, or religion), or indecent content.
  2. Harvest IP addresses or post, upload, or share content or comment containing software viruses or other programs or files that may destroy, interrupt, or limit this website’s operations or functionality.
  3. Post, upload or share any content or comment containing pyramid-selling schemes, chain letters, or bulk and junk mail.
  4. Post, upload or share content or comment for public, business, or commercial purposes, including any content containing promotional or advertising materials.
  5. Limit or in any way restrict any person from accessing or using this website or our server.
  6. Post, upload or share any repetitive or unnecessary content or comment.
  7. Post, upload or share irrelevant content or comment on this website.
  8. Post, upload or share any content or comment on StreamingWebsites.com with an email address from a free account service like Hotmail.
  9. Use this website in a manner inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions on this page and the relevant legal provisions in force occasionally.
  10. Breach the terms of any ban or suspension, or seek how to bypass security protocols. You agree to indemnify StreamingWebsites.com entirely from any damage, loss, expenses, or costs you may incur or suffer directly from our website or indirectly from affiliate links.

Future Privacy Policy

StreamingWebsites.com will only use any information you provide according to our privacy policy‘s provision. The privacy policy is an essential section of the terms and conditions. By using this website, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the privacy policy terms.


StreamingWebsites.com would not be liable for your use of the website, its content, third-party websites, and links. Your interaction is at your own risk. According to the maximum extent that the law provides, StreamingWebsites.com; 

(a) refutes all liabilities whatsoever that may arise from contracts or tort on its content and affiliate links; 

(b) excludes all implied terms, warranties, and conditions connected to this website, its content, third-party websites, and affiliate links, including matters regarding the correctness, quality, accuracy, fitness for purpose, completeness, title, and non-infringement. 

StreamingWebsites.com does not make any representation or warranty that this website or its content is error-free, entirely accurate, secure, uninterrupted, or will be continuous. We disclaim any liability resulting from: 

(i) economic loss, 

(ii) special, consequential, or indirect loss, or 

(iii) loss of reputation or goodwill.

The only liability StreamingWebsites.com may incur is limited to the amount you paid in consideration of your membership or subscription. Do not construe any aspect of these terms and conditions as an attempt to limit StreamingWebsites.com’s liability for the death or personal injury of a user or visitor due to negligence. 

StreamingWebsites.com makes no representation of locations where our services can be enjoyed. We do not disclose our primary location so our team can enjoy safety while providing quality streaming services to users. Additionally, while some links are available in certain countries, users in other countries may be unable to enjoy streaming services from them due to geo-restrictions. 

In addition, some states do not uphold the exclusion of implied warranties, so the limitation on consumers’ statutory rights may not apply.


In furtherance of the established terms, you accept that StreamingWebsites.com will not be liable for your experience with affiliate links. You expressly agree that you’ll be responsible for any risk relating to the third-party websites’ accuracy, satisfactory quality, and performance. This provision also applies to downloads if the third-party website has the option. 

StreamingWebsites.com shall not warrant against interference with the streaming experience or download that the content would be virus-free, continuous, seamless, secure, or free from other defects. You would be liable for any defect you encounter.

Recommendation to Subscribe

Although we run promotions and advertisements for VPN services, we advise users to evaluate and assess before paying for any plan. We would not be liable for any issue arising in business transactions from any advertisement on StreamingWebsites.com.

Access Restrictions

StreamingWebsites.com has the legal right to regulate users’ access to its content. Therefore, if we detect fraudulent or suspicious activity, we may hinder users or visitors from using our website, acting at our sole discretion.


These terms and conditions form the complete agreement between you and StreamingWebsites.com and your use of the website and its content. Once we update the terms and conditions, it overrides any prior agreement, arrangement, proposal, or undertaking, whether written or oral, between you and StreamingWebsites.com, on the highlighted matters.

StreamingWebsites.com has the legal right to amend these terms and conditions periodically, and each updated version becomes effective once it gets published on the website. Also, alteration to these provisions would only be effective if it is in writing and contains the signature of an authorized representative for StreamingWebsites.com.

If any section of this terms and conditions page is regarded as unenforceable or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, then the such section would be construed considering the intention of both parties. However, all other parts shall remain effective and enforceable.

Where StreamingWebsites.com fails to enforce any provision in the terms and conditions, the failure would only constitute a waiver if we acknowledge the waiver in writing. Unless expressly stated, no provision in these terms and conditions shall create any right or benefit in favour of anyone other than you and StreamingWebsites.com.