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BD IPTV is a free streaming website that has become popular among streaming enthusiasts because of its wide range of features and flexibility. This website offers an extensive selection of live sports channels and streaming content.

Due to its excellent selection of sports content, it has become a preferred destination for sports fans, but not everyone can access all live TV channels on this due to geo-blocked issues.

This IPTV streaming website offers many TV shows and movies from different countries and genres. Most of the content is from Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, and other southern languages.

The interface of this website is simple and user-friendly. In addition, this free streaming website is compatible with multiple devices and allows you to stream in high quality.

BD IPTV also offers premium subscription plans, allowing access to all the content available on this website, including live TV channels. In addition, premium plan users can use this website through its app.

Let’s take a closer look at this website and review everything it offers its visitors.


BD IPTV was released in January 2018. Several entities own this free streaming website. The website was not popular in the first one to two years. However, when sports fans discovered this website, they popularised it among other streaming fans.

Currently, this website is serving streaming fans from different countries, but its primary audience is from India and Bangladesh. However, there are several other free streaming websites in Bangladesh and India, but this service has made its place among the choices of streaming fans by providing free access to live TV channels and sports content.


The design of this free streaming could be better. However, it is superior to a few free streaming websites like MovieRulz. The design is simple and user-friendly

When you arrive at the main page, you will notice three sections that divide the entire page. These sections include Featured TV channels, Movie Suggestions, and Recent Movies.

As you scroll down, you will get dozens of rows with content from different countries divided into categories. In addition, you can search your favorite TV channels, movies, and TV shows through the search bar.

On the top of the main page, there are four options – Home, Movies, Live TV, and Blog. Each option has a different type of content. For instance, if you click on the Live TV option, the service will take you to another page serving you multiple TV channels.

Similarly, clicking the Blog option will show you blogs about movies and TV shows.

Overall, the website design is old-fashioned but straightforward and easy to navigate. As a result, users who have already used other free streaming websites can easily use it.

Key Features

A Vast Library of Content

BD IPTV offers a great library of content that includes movies and TV shows from different countries. In addition, there’s a lot of sports content which is the backbone of this website.

User-friendly Interface

The design of this IPTV website is simple and easy to use. The use of this website is like a piece of cake for a free streaming website user.

High-quality Streaming

This service provides its users with high-quality content. The quality of the content is usually 720p HD or 1080p HD. For high-quality streaming, your internet connection must be strong.

Multi-language Content

BD IPTV is available in multiple countries. So, it offers content in different languages with and without subtitles. Most of the content on this platform is in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and a few other languages.

Multiple Device Access

This free streaming website is accessible on multiple devices. This feature makes this website more unique.

Premium Plans

BD IPTV offers premium plans for users who don’t like ad interruption. Premium plan members can access this website’s content library and watch it through mobile apps.

Live TV Streaming

Live TV streaming significantly differs between this website and other free streaming websites. It offers 100+ live TV channels from different countries.

Sports Programming

The live TV channels on this website offer sports content. The users can access popular sports leagues such as English Premier League, NBA, La Liga, NFL, and more.


BD IPTV offers content from different countries in multiple languages. It offers on-demand movies, TV shows, live TV channels, and sports content. But freemium plan users can access only live TV channels and several movies and TV shows.

Therefore, it’s disappointing that it offers little content for freemium plan users, but live TV channels fulfill the need.

This website’s movies and TV shows include Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, and other titles. The most popular movies on this website are Dhaka Attack, Debi, Moner Manush, AHA, Ayanbaji, and others.

Live TV channels on this website offer various types of content. It provides over a hundred premium live TV channels for free. These channels include Sony TV, HBO, Nickelodeon, Sky, BBC, National Geographic, and many others.

You can also watch your sports content on live TV channels like T Sports or Live Sports, offered by this free streaming website. In addition, the sports channels of this website provide its users access to famous sports leagues such as NFL, NBA, English Premier League, La Liga, and many others.


BD IPTV is highly compatible with multiple devices. It has a list of devices with whom its compatible. The list includes Smart TVs, Android and Apple devices, Tablets, Desktops, Smartphones, Play Station, and other devices.

The interface of this website is designed to work perfectly on multiple devices. You won’t encounter any login issues or other compatibility issues. The only issue you will is the quality of the content, but don’t worry about this issue if you have high-speed internet.

Freemium plan users can use this service only through its website, but premium plan members can access it through its app. However, the app and website of this service are the same.

The plus point for sports enthusiasts is that they can enjoy and stream their favorite sports content on big screens like Smart TVs, Desktops, etc. Users can use this website on different devices according to their convenience.

Mobile/Desktop Interface

This free streaming website is compatible with desktops and mobile phones. On both devices, the interface is user-friendly and simple to navigate. In addition, the interface is similar on both devices, whether through a website or an app.

Mobile phone users who have subscribed to premium plans can access this service through its app, while freemium plan users can access it through the website. The mobile phone’s screen size is small, but it’s easy to use.

You can stream high-quality content on your mobile phone without any problem. A search bar at the top of the main page will help you to find your favorite titles easily. The content is divided into different categories and subcategories according to the genre.

The desktop interface of BD IPTV is similar to the mobile interface. Everything runs perfectly, and the large screen has no quality problems. The main page interface of the desktop is straightforward and old-fashioned, like the mobile interface.

Both devices offer a seamless viewing experience. The only difference between both device’s interface and user experience was screen size.

Does BD IPTV Offer Premium Plans?

BD IPTV offers its services to two types of users – Freemium plan users and Premium plan users.

Freemium Plans users can only access all live TV channels and a few movies. However, they can stream their favorite content on live TV channels, including sports.

Premium Plan members can access all the content library. They can access this service through the mobile app. BD IPTV premium plans are $6 monthly for outsiders and 150tk for BD citizens. The yearly plan costs $50 per year for outsiders and 1500tk for BD citizens.

Is BD IPTV Safe?

Free streaming offers pirated or copyrighted content, which is illegal. These websites show ads and pop-ups that sometimes contain coded viruses. These viruses can harm your device and breach your privacy.

Using an illegal website may also lead to legal action against you. Authorities are taking action against illegal websites, but after a few days, these websites come up with their clone and different name.

BD IPTV is a free streaming website offering premium content and Live TV channel access for free. However, it also offers premium plans to access the whole content library. Therefore, we are still determining whether this website offers copyrighted content.

The pop-ups on this website sometimes redirect you to another website and expose your device to malware and other viruses. So be careful while using this website. 

Moreover, this website tracks your online activity and collects your data. God knows what they do with your data. They may sell it to third parties, which results in cyber attacks. Most of the cyber-attacks are reported by people using “Free Websites.”

After all these reasons, BD IPTV is not a secure website to stream your favorite content.

How to Stream BD IPTV Safely

As discussed in the above section BD IPTV is not a secure website for streaming as it offers pop-ups that may breach your privacy and expose your device to malware.

Everyone wants to stream free content, but the increased risk of malware and privacy breach is causing users to avoid these websites. 

What if we tell you that there’s a way you can stream this website safely without being afraid of malware and privacy breach? So, the only way to stream BD IPTV safely is by using a VPN.

A VPN is Virtual Private Network that hides your identity by changing your IP address and encoding your data so the website can’t use it. That’s how your privacy and device remain safe.

There are many VPNs available, but only a few do their job. Our recommended VPNs are the following:

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN

Suggestions that We Have for BD IPTV

BD IPTV is a free streaming website popular among streaming enthusiasts, mainly in India and Bangladesh. The site is performing well and has a great audience. However, there’s still a need for improvement to help this website gain more audience and generate more revenue.

The interface of this website is cheap and old-fashioned. It should work on the interface and add some aesthetics to make it modern and eye-catching.

BD IPTV is officially known as a free streaming website, but when you open this website, it offers you a premium subscription to access the whole content library. So, this website should offer only free content.

In the premium plan, the quality of content is the same. Therefore, the service should offer 4K or HDR streaming for premium plan members.


BD IPTV is an Indian-based free streaming website that offers live TV streaming, movies, TV shows, and sports content. This website is available in different countries, but its primary traffic is from India and Bangladesh.

The interface of this website is cheap looking, but it does the job perfectly. The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. The content available on this website is from different countries and in different languages. The live TV channels offer sports and all types of other content.

Premium plan members can only access the whole content library of this website. BD IPTV is compatible with multiple devices. You can use it through its website and mobile app, which is only for premium plan members.


We have yet to see any legal nature of this website. It is unavailable on different app stores, which indicates it lets its users stream illegal content. However we don’t know the legality of this website, but we suggest you use a VPN before accessing it.

The legality of BD IPTV is yet to be proved, and this website is popular amongst scammers, which indicates that it’s an illegal website. But a few sources also say that it’s a legal website. So, whether this website is legal or illegal is yet to be justified.

If this website proves illegal and gets caught using it, your government will take legal action against you according to the country’s law regarding using illegal websites. So, use a VPN before accessing any free or illicit website. A VPN will hide your identity and location.

Our recommended VPNs are:

1. Nord VPN

2. Express VPN

You can access BD IPTV from any country, but it might be an illegal website, so we recommend you use a VPN before accessing it.

Our recommended VPNs are:

1. Nord VPN

2. Express VPN

Legal alternatives to BD IPTV are premium streaming websites that include Hotstar, Netflix, HBO, etc.

You can stop pop-up ads on BD IPTV by using an adblocker. Unfortunately, sometimes the ad blocker doesn’t work on this free streaming website.

BD IPTV offers its users high-quality content. Most of the content available on this website is in 720HD and 1080pHD quality.

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  • Multi-language content
  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Live TV streaming
  • Sports Programming

  • Interface needs improvements
  • Only a few titles are for freemium plan users

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