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Fox Sports is the home of premier sports coverage, bringing you the latest news and highlights from the world’s most significant sporting events. From college football and the NFL to NBA and international soccer, Fox Sports is your one-stop destination for sports coverage. 

Fox is a powerhouse in the television industry. With a vast library of iconic shows, including The Simpsons, The Masked Singer, and Family Guy, they have played an integral role in shaping the entertainment landscape. Fox’s immense influence is undeniable, and it is difficult to discuss anything related to television without mentioning the network.

Fox has become a highly divisive name in the media, mainly due to their news programming. Many associates the Fox network with conservative views, mainly due to pundit shows like Fox and Friends. Some have even referred to Fox News as the unofficial news network of the Republican party in the United States, with President Trump frequently praising the network and public figures like Ann Coulter appearing on Fox News segments.

No matter your political views, Fox is much more than just news and politics. Not only do they have their hands in creating films (20th Century Fox, now 21st Century Fox), but they also bring great TV shows and sports – the great unifier – to audiences worldwide. Fox is truly a multi-faceted media giant that offers something for everyone.

Fox Sports provides unbiased coverage of sports entertainment. It strives to stay impartial when reporting on the latest matchups and results, regardless of one’s political views. We recognize that there are times when political matters may seep into sports, but they ensure their reporting is neutral. Ultimately, Fox’s goal is to provide accurate and impartial coverage of sports entertainment.

Sports journalism is one of the few areas of media that can be completely objective. Whether a team wins or loses, points are scored or not – there’s not much room for opinion. So, no matter your political leanings, if you’re a sports fan, you could find something to enjoy on Fox Sports. After all, many of the biggest NASCAR, NFL, WWE, and NBA events are broadcast exclusively on Fox Sports channels. 


The iconic Fox Sports brand is a global leader in sports programming, commentary, and broadcasting. Owned and maintained by the Fox Corporation, Fox Sports networks span worldwide, except for Australia, which News Corp Australia oversees. Meanwhile, the Walt Disney Corporation owns international Fox Sports entities. 

In addition, Diamond Sports Group manages regional operations and Fox College Sports. The Diamond Sports Group is a joint venture between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Entertainment Studios, established on August 23rd, 2019, when Disney sold the rights to the pair. With Fox Sports, you can expect world-class sports entertainment no matter where you are.

Disney’s historic acquisition of 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox Sports, on December 14th, 2017, was a significant milestone in the media landscape. Through the $52.4 billion deal, Disney acquired key Fox assets such as the film studio, National Geographic, FX Networks, and its regional sports networks, providing them with a massive competitive edge. While the deal did not include Fox News Channel and non-regional Fox sports networks (the FS1 and FS2 cable channels), an operation run by the Murdoch family rolled them into an independent operation, which became the Fox Corporation.

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