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UFC Fight Pass is a premium streaming service that offers live UFC fights and other combat sports events, such as submission grappling, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and Thai boxing. The service is available 24/7 and features content in a linear format, similar to a traditional cable channel, rather than an on-demand platform like Netflix or Hulu.

Besides live events, UFC Fight Pass offers a vast archive of past matches, with over 20,000 available to watch on demand. The streaming service also features original programming, including behind-the-scenes content, fighter interviews, and training videos. With its wide range of content, UFC Fight Pass is a must-have for combat sports fans, providing access to live events and a deep archive of past matches in one place.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a blend of Chinese martial arts, boxing, and wrestling arts worldwide, featuring the top-ranked fighters in various weight classes. The UFC brings us thrilling and action-packed fights which showcase a wide range of fighting styles, including boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing. The organization has strict rules and regulations to ensure the athletes’ safety and promote fair competition.

Whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore Mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiast, the UFC offers a unique and exciting experience. With its focus on high-level athleticism and skill, the UFC is one of the most thrilling and dynamic sports to watch. Aside from weigh-ins and pre-fight hype, UFC fights offer non-stop entertainment that keeps fans engaged.


In 1993, Art Davie and Rorion Gracie founded the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to determine the most effective martial art by pitting fighters from various disciplines against each other in a no-holds-barred competition. UFC organized its first event in Denver, Colorado, and featured fighters from multiple styles, including boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. Early events met with controversy and criticism, resulting in several states banning the sport.

In 2001, The Zuffa LLC, a group of investors led by Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White, purchased the UFC company. Under new ownership, the UFC implemented a more stringent set of rules and regulations and began to focus on promoting the sport as a legitimate form of competition. This helped to change the public perception of the UFC and led to a resurgence in popularity. 

Today, the UFC is a premier MMA organization with a global fan base. With a growing roster of top-level fighters and exciting events held around the globe, the UFC continues to be one of the most dynamic and exciting sports to watch.

In 2005, the UFC debuted The Ultimate Fighter, a reality TV show that helped raise the sport’s profile and the organization. The show featured up-and-coming MMA fighters competing for a contract with the UFC.

In 2011, the UFC signed a deal with Fox Sports, which helped to increase the visibility of the sport further. In 2016, William Morris Endeavor and Silver Lake Partners purchased the company for a reported $4 billion, making it one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world.

Today, the UFC is the largest and most successful MMA promotion company in the world, hosting events all over the globe and featuring some of the best fighters in the sport.


The UFC president’s comparison of Fight Pass to being like “Netflix for fight fans” is quite accurate, especially in design. The website and apps look very similar to Netflix, with a black and red theme and a layout allowing you to browse through their footage archive easily. If you were to see Fight Pass from a distance, it would be easy to mistake it for the popular movie and TV streaming site.

The design of the UFC Fight Club is sleek, contemporary, uncluttered, and easy to use. I appreciate the ability to browse for other content while watching. This feature enhances the viewing experience by avoiding disruption, and one doesn’t have to pause or stop a stream from accessing something else. This feature is especially beneficial for the service’s live streams, as it allows you to view statistics, extra content, and schedules without missing a moment of the current match.

UFC Fight Pass key Features

UFC Fight Pass is an online premium streaming service that offers access to live and recorded UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) events and exclusive content such as interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and original programming. Some key features of UFC Fight Pass include:

Live Streaming: Ability to live stream UFC events, including Pay-Per-View events and Fight Night cards. So, subscribers can watch live UFC fights in real time without purchasing a separate Pay-Per-View event. This feature provides access to events that may not be available on traditional television networks. 

On-demand Access: Users can watch past events and fights from the UFC Fight Library, which includes a vast archive of past battles. This allows fans to relive iconic moments, catch up on fights they missed, and study the techniques of their favorite fighters. The on-demand feature also allows users to watch the events and fights at their convenience and pace. 

Exclusive Content: UFC offers exclusive content. This includes interviews with UFC fighters and behind-the-scenes footage. The content gives fans a deeper understanding of the sport and the fighters, giving them a more personal connection to the athletes. It also offers fans a glimpse into the training, preparation, and mindset of fighters leading up to a fight.

Live and Recorded Events: UFC Fight Pass allows subscribers to watch live and recorded events on multiple devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs, which makes it convenient for users to watch events from anywhere

Multiple Streaming Options: With UFC Fight Pass, you can access various combat sports.

  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Jiujitsu
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai

One of the key features of UFC Fight Pass is the “prelim feature” that allows fans to follow UFC stars from their early days in the prelims to the main event. This feature also provides access to more than 200 live events from promotions such as Invicta FC and Polaris.

Pricing and Plans

UFC Fight Pass offers lower prices than other sports streaming apps, especially given the amount of content it provides. UFC Fight Pass offers two different subscription options, a monthly pass for $9.99 per month and a yearly pass for $95.99 per year. 

Considering the abundance of live fights and an extensive archive of footage available on UFC Fight Pass, the annual price is quite a bargain. But if you need clarification on the right fit, you can always start with a monthly subscription for $10 and decide later. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial option currently.


UFC Fight Pass provides three main content types: live MMA and UFC matches, pre-recorded MMA and UFC fights, and original commentary content. We particularly appreciate how Fight Pass combines live airing and on-demand streaming, allowing you to watch it like a premium cable channel or as a fighting-focused Netflix. 

The one drawback of content on UFC Fight Pass is that it does not include the major UFC pay-per-view events. So, you must purchase each event individually, and they will become available in the library only 30 days after airing. However, you can access all PPV preliminary matches to stay on top of the action from start to finish.


UFC Fight Pass is the go-to destination for all UFC’s pay-per-view events. You can stream the top MMA fights on your preferred device, whether a Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android device, Xbox One, or smart TV. No matter where you are, UFC Fight Pass ensures you have access to the best UFC offers.

If you want to watch UFC on TV, you have a few options available. First, you can access your TV’s app store and download the ESPN app. Additionally, you can install the app on a game console or streaming device. Lastly, you can cast the app’s content onto your TV if you have a compatible device. Plus, you can always use the UFC app to access UFC Fight Pass and watch fights on any of these devices.

Mobile And Desktop Experience

The best way to enjoy UFC Fight Pass is on a computer or through a smart TV, as the visual quality is much superior to watching on a mobile device. Additionally, the UFC app has a history of poor reviews and missing features. For example, the Apple App Store has one of the lowest ratings I’ve ever seen at 2.0 stars, indicating that many users have had a negative experience with it.

Many of these negative reviews appear to be older, and that UFC has attempted to address them. Despite that, we still recommend using the desktop site or Roku app for their superior design and user experience over using the app on a mobile device. The desktop site interface and Roku app are excellent and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and find the content you’re looking for. In contrast, the app may still have some bugs and missing features that can affect the user experience.

Suggestions for UFC Fight Pass

Given the poor app ratings, UFC must address the issues that users have been facing. One solution could be to develop a standalone app for Fight Pass rather than incorporating its features into the existing UFC app.

Another suggestion would be for UFC Fight Pass to offer a free trial period for potential users. This would allow them to test the service and evaluate the content, which may be more niche than just UFC matches. Additionally, offering an additional subscription tier that includes access to Pay-Per-View matches, or a certain number of them, could also be beneficial.


The UFC Fight Pass app has received low ratings. We suggest the company addresses users’ issues with the app, possibly by creating a new app specifically for Fight Pass. Additionally, offering a free trial option could attract more users as it would allow them to try out the content, including the more niche offerings. Another idea would be to offer a subscription tier that includes PPV matches or a certain number of them. Nonetheless, you can still access UFC Fight Pass on your computer or smart TV.

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  • Have all previous UFC fights
  • Historical seasons of the Ultimate Fighter
  • A wide range of UFC-related content (shows, documentaries, etc.)
  • Annual subscription discounts

  • Only stream early prelims from PPVs
  • Does not broadcast UFC and UFC Fight Night events on ESPN

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