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Entertainment journalism is a type of journalism that deals with the culture, entertainment, and business related to these domains. It focuses on specific entertainment industry news and articles, and its target audience is the general population beyond those who are currently working in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment news magazines gather information on the high to medium-profile current events in the film or pop music industries. These magazines also focus on events that have occurred in the recent past. Popular forms of entertainment news include lifestyle news, celebrities, film, pop music industry news, video games, etc.

You can see movie trailers, read insightful actor interviews, and even find recommendations for upcoming TV series. Online entertainment news sources help to create a community where fans can come together, communicate, and share their love of the arts. Get ready to go on a fascinating adventure through entertainment news.

What is TVGuide

TVGuide is an entertainment publication that provides comprehensive information about various TV channels. Fans can enjoy a wonderful experience thanks to the digital media company TVGuide. You receive comprehensive information on the platform, from TV shows to web series.

The editors at TVGuide make sure you read frank assessments of the shows before you watch them. They also offer suggestions, in-depth interviews, breaking news, brief snippets, and insightful recaps.


TVGuide started as an American magazine that appeared every two weeks and listed shows. The magazine is still around today, with TV news, gossip, talk with celebrities, and reviews of movies.

The idea behind the website, which is now under CBS Interactive’s ownership, was similar. Viacom CBS is the company that is in charge of all the journalistic content on the website, so it is also in charge of digital assets.


TVGuide has a grid-like layout with rows for channels and columns for time slots. This interface makes it easy to navigate between different pages and different articles on the same page. Normally, it covers a 24-hour period so users can easily organize their schedules.

The writing style and fonts are appealing, and users can easily read the website content. Many color codes are also available on almost all pages. Users can easily understand different types of programming using these color codes.

The arrangement of channels and shows is very simple and easy to remember. Channels are present in numerical form, while show titles are arranged alphabetically.

Each show’s start and finish time is clearly mentioned, while the running time of shows is also available on the website. You can view the ratings, reviews, and summary of every show on the same page where the show is present.

Key Features

The website offers personalized recommendations to its viewers. This information is based on their viewing history, preferences, and interests.

Comprehensive Listings

It offers comprehensive listings of different programs and categories like movies, news, and sports.

Reviews and Ratings

The website allows users to review and rate different shows, movies, and related news articles.


It provides its users with a watchlist option so that viewers can keep track of their favorite movies and shows.

Additional Features

You can set up notifications using TVGuide. It ensures you never miss any live broadcast or other live event. You can add different shows to your watchlist and share your favorite content with your friends on social media. Three main types of filters are available on TVGuide: New Shows, Trending, and Watchlist. You can use these filters to sort out your desired content.


TVGuide has a much bigger library than, mostly because it also has programs from Viacom. There are shows from Netflix, USA, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Hulu, HBO, Viacom, and CBS, to name a few, that are the most talked about.

So, you can find famous shows like “The Big Bang Theory,” “Seinfeld,” “Stranger Things,” “Frontline,” “Modern Family,” “Survivor,” “Locke & Key,” “The Bachelor,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Chicago Fire,” and “This Is Us.”


The compatibility of TVGuide depends on the device you’re using. The operating system that the website or mobile application supports will determine compatibility if you’re using it. There are many TV navigation applications for Android. TVGuide is also available on smart TVs.

The TVGuide website is also compatible with desktop and laptop computers and accessible on mobile devices. Before using the TVGuide application, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the devices you intend to use or access it with and offers the channels and functionalities you want to watch.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

The TVGuide experience on mobile and desktop platforms is very different. With the TVGuide mobile app, users can browse TV schedules, create reminders, and filter shows by genre and category. Depending on the user’s viewing history, the app also offers personalized recommendations.

The TVGuide desktop interface is available for bigger displays, keyboard input, and a more engaging experience. Users can examine programming schedules for various channels and show descriptions in a more comprehensive TV listings guide. Additional elements, including TV programs, movie news, and reviews, are also available on the desktop website.

Pricing and Plans

Although TVGuide is free, you can only stream full episodes and other content if you link your account. Thus, the complete episodes aren’t free. When you buy a one-year subscription to TV Guide Magazine, you get three copies each week for 52 weeks. The frequency may change without warning. The cover price is $107.82 per year.

Suggestions that We Have for TVGuide

People don’t like short trailers and lots of ads on a website. There should be fewer ads to improve the retention of users. Also, many people have said that the guides are wrong. If that’s true, the team should find out more about it.

A second thing I’d like to suggest is that you add comments or help columns that users can use. The website should improve its search function.


TVGuide is the best website to follow if you like to watch TV shows and like news, talk, trailers, and other things. It has a lot of great entertainment-related material, especially shows you can watch on the platform.

There are multiple options available where users can read news articles and get the latest information about current affairs in the entertainment industry.


Yes, TVGuide provides authentic news about TV programs and their schedules.

TVGuide offers a wide range of entertainment news for its viewers.

Although TVGuide is a free service, you can only stream full episodes and other content if you link your account. Thus, the complete episodes aren’t free.

Yes, you can give feedback or report any unauthentic news on TVGuide.

Yes, you can access TVGuide from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Yes, you can add news or story ideas to TVGuide by contacting their editorial team.

Yes, TVGuide typically contains ads on its website.

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