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Entertainment news sites are the talk of the town at present, providing news, TV shows, movies, and other entertainment topics. You can find the latest proceedings of the realm more easily through these sources. These sites are authentic and trustworthy sources for buffs and journalists as well.

They offer more profound realities about your favorite celebrities. You may gain insights into the production procedures and upcoming movie release dates. The sites have clear and comprehensive views, making them more accessible to multi-generational.

What is Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly is a well-known news agency that has been a nexus for untold stories of the entertainment world. Entertainment Weekly offers a narrative that takes the viewer through insights into the entertainment industry. It broadcasts news, reviews, celebrity gossip, music, and popular pop culture.

On the site, the reader can find authentic information, in-depth coverage, and the latest ongoing entertainment zone. Moreover, it covers the major festivals and award shows. Entertainment Weekly is the best pick for geeks and fans seeking trusted sources for entertainment industry updates.


The online presence of Entertainment Weekly dates back to 1996. It was initiated as an extension of the print magazine, building more audience base and community. At first, it was part of the magazine, providing certain articles and content. Over time, it became a comprehensive source of breaking news and digital content. 

Throughout history, it has reshaped its design to meet user preferences several times. EW. com adapted user-generated content such as movies, tv shows, and other entertainment industry genres. In recent years, the site increased its online presence, featuring video content, photo galleries, and podcasts. 


Entertainment Weekly‘s design is intuitive and straightforward. It focuses on ease of use and simplicity. But its functionality is up to the mark. You will find its logo in blue color with capitalized initials. There is a search bar, making an efficient move. The tabloid view presents hassle-free entry to the selected portion of the site.

You may have different content categories from the top of the page to the bottom, passing various genres. It includes other social media integration at the end of the page with necessary links. Overall, the design is easy to navigate but appropriate for usage.

Key Features

Extensive Coverage

Entertainment Weekly is popular for its comprehensive coverage, including news, movie reviews, celebrity interviews, and coverage of various festivals.

Unique Content

The site offers a range of content such as books, reviews, movie insights, and behind the scene celebrity activities. 

Range of Formats

Visitors can access the content through their favorite medium. The site offers several formats, including print magazine web access and other social media platforms.

Celebrity Reporting

The most popular feature of the site is celebrity coverage. It covers the interview of your favorite actors, directors, producers, and pop music personalities.

Event Coverage

Entertainment Weekly is a pioneer in event coverage like award shows and other festivals.


It offers wide-reaching content, including films, network programs, and forthcoming occasions. It sorts its content into various classifications, making it effective for all users. We can get our preferred content due to its exciting navigation options.

You can track down the substance on the site as indicated by your requirements and preferences. The accessibility of content in a simple manner makes it top priority platform. It covers the content in every aspect with the best quality.


Entertainment Weekly’s design is compatible with various devices and web browsers. The service is available on desktops, laptops, and smartphones. The entertainment news site follows all industry standards for presenting layout according to the different screen sizes. Whether you are an Android user or you want to access the site through Windows, it is easy to approach via EW.com.

You can browse it on any popular browser, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. The news site aims to provide compatibility with different devices and various browsers, allowing users to enjoy the content far and wide.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

The client experience continues as before on mobile and desktop devices. On the mobile, the guest improves on the little screen with the lacking of certain features.

The content is always meaningful and accessible on helpful gadgets like cell phones or tablets. The portable application is natural, giving a responsive design and smooth navigation with the assistance of swiping, looking over, and tapping.

 Desktop clients can enjoy streaming on a big screen with an extensive format, improved highlights, and the most recent media mixes. You can find multi-section designs for perusing numerous articles and surveys to simultaneously get to an assortment of content. Prominently, the plans and features present innovations and clients’ requirements.

Pricing and Plans

You can visit the website and may browse a significant portion of the service without worrying about the fee. The selected article, reviews, and video content are accessible means free of cost. However, it offers a premium subscription.

The premium plan renders exclusive access to a range of content. The fans have to pay $2.99 per month and $24.99 per year which isn’t much costly.

Suggestions that We Have for Entertainment Weekly

This platform is well-reputed around the world, yet there is space for working on a couple of regions. To begin with, the news site ought to upgrade its pursuit ability, permitting clients to track down additional meetings, audits, and other content without any problem. Furthermore, there is a need to connect more networks.

The site ought to do this by improving client-created and visit-based content. Furthermore, it ought to see the value in the feelings and ideas of customers drawing in additional networks to be on the site. Finally, the portable application of EW. com ought to zero in on disconnected accessibility and a navigable UI to peruse the article disconnected.


To wrap up, we can say that Entertainment Weekly is an authentic and well-reputed entertainment site with three decades old history. It unfolds the hidden secrets of the entertainment zone, providing more insights and in-depth coverage of news reviews and upcoming events in Hollywood. 

The design of the site is straightforward and compatible with many devices, including desktops and mobile phones. Despite its unique features, a significant part of the content is free of cost on the site. Users have to pay a minimal subscription fee to access the remaining exclusive part. The service needs improvement in some areas. On the whole, Entertainment Weekly is a trustworthy source of entertainment news all over the globe.


Entertainment Weekly is an authentic news outlet that always strives to provide authentic news. 

You can find a range of entertainment news including tv shows, movies, and award shows on entertainment weekly. 

There may be a cost for accessing certain news and article on the site.

Yes, you can give feedback or report on valid news on Entertainment Weekly. 

Of course, you can access the site from anywhere in the world by having a stable internet connection. 

The site often welcomes the guest post, but it also set some rules for the submission of anything on it. 

Yes, it may contain ads. The portal relies on revenue received by advertisements. 

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  • Entertainment Weekly covers a complete range of news, including celebrity interviews, interviews movie insights, and upcoming award shows
  • Helps the users to watch through it its reviews and recommendation feature
  • Attracts the audience by conducting interviews with entertainment industry-related people like actors, filmmakers, producers, and many more
  • Site provides analysis and comments on current pop culture trends. features


  • Entertainment Weekly lacks in-depth reporting due to its entertainment format
  • Has a biased and subjective approach that works only for reviews and coverage
  • Coverage is popular- centric which may result in a limited representation of another niche
  • Entertainment Weekly often requires subscriptions for more exclusive content

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