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Several VPN service providers offer premium encryption and unblocking services to subscribers in the market. While some are pretty pricey, others offer their advanced features for an affordable price.

With this in mind, selecting a VPN that offers the great services you expect and aligns with your subscription budget can be dicey. However, ExtremeVPN must maintain a top spot on your priority list.

A new VPN service provider with state-of-the-art encryption protocols, security technologies, and encryption tools to guarantee a seamless and super-fast experience online. Continue reading this article as we review ExtremeVPN’s pros and cons, features, and other characteristics that give it an edge over other VPN service providers.

ExtremeVPN Overview

ExtremeVPN is a reliable and safe VPN with advanced encryption, privacy, and unblocking services. It has multiple servers worldwide, enhancing unrestricted access to content and guaranteeing ultra-fast internet connection.

It assures iron-clad protection against cyber threats and attacks and top-notch encryption, debarring third-party surveillance, and prying eyes. The VPN service doesn’t submit its records to Fourteen Eyes, Five Eyes, or Nine Eyes. Even governments cannot access these records

ExtremeVPN has developed a reliable and strong reputation in the VPN industry. It has about 6500 servers in over 78 countries and strategic regions worldwide. Its world-class global server network facilitates ultra-fast connection speed. Typically, your internet speed, while connected to a VPN, may depend on your proximity to the VPN server. Hence, there is a high chance that you’ll have an ExtremeVPN server close to your location.

Let’s dive into ExtremeVPN’s advanced features that position it as a leading VPN service provider.

Features of ExtremeVPN

Pricing$2.04 to $10.95 monthly, depending on your subscription plan and length
Number of serversGlobal network with over 6500 servers
Available countriesOver 78 countries
Data loggingZero data-logging policy
Encryption256-bit military-grade encryption
Free trialNone
Refund policy30-day money-back guarantee
VPN protocolsOpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec
Device compatibilityWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, consoles, and router
Customer supportLive chat, contact page, FAQs, support center
IP addressesDynamic
Split tunnelingYes
Kill switchYes

Can I Stream and Unblock Content on Netflix with ExtremeVPN

Netflix adheres to licensing and broadcast rights in airing its content. Hence, you may not have access to some content due to geo-restrictions. While Netflix is a global platform for subscribers, the content available varies on users’ region or location.

It’s hard for some VPN service providers to allow users access to another country’s content library because Netflix has robust detection technology. This technology ensures that users access only their country’s content library. However, ExtremeVPN has advanced technologies that can bypass Netflix’s detection system. Once you connect to ExtremeVPN, you have unrestricted access to any content library you desire.

ExtremeVPN’s Testing

Having established the features and technologies that position ExtremeVPN as subscribers’ best bet, let’s examine its performance. We’ll be focusing on two major aspects; security and speed.

To determine its speed, we’ll consider the upload speed, download speed, and internet connection latency before and after connecting to ExtremeVPN. On the other hand, we’ll assess the security the VPN provides to confirm if it actually guarantees users anonymity. We’ll test for WebRTC and DNS leaks. 

Speed Test

You may have noticed a decline in internet speed immediately after connecting to a VPN service. There’s a high chance that you’re correct. Here’s the thing, a VPN is an intermediary between your device and the internet. Hence, it functions as a checkpoint slowing down what would have been an uninterrupted data transmission.

However, the level of connection speed decline you experience varies depending on your VPN service. While some VPNs resulted in a 3% decline in connection speed, others dropped the speed by around 65%. Of course, this wide margin can impact your online experience. Let’s examine what category ExtremeVPN falls under.  

It’s essential to note that other factors can also affect your connection speed asides VPN connection. For example, location, ISP’s bandwidth throttling, VPN server proximity, and time of the day can also impact internet speed. ExtremeVPN has now upgraded network servers to support up to 20Gbps. Does this give ExtremeVPN a competitive advantage over other VPN providers? We’ll discover this from the speed tests. 

Upload Speed Test

DeviceWithout VPNWith VPN
Mac29 Mbps17 Mbps
Windows29 Mbps26 Mbps

We conducted the upload speed test on a Windows and macOS device. While ExtremeVPN caused a significant decline in the speed on the Mac device, the Windows device only experienced an 11% speed decline. Hence, ExtremeVPN provides a faster internet speed when uploading files on Windows than on Mac.

Download Speed Test

DeviceWithout VPNWith VPN
Mac422 Mbps311 Mbps
Windows108 Mbps60 Mbps

The download speed test provided a contrasting result. Here, ExtremeVPN functioned better on the macOS than on Windows. The connection speed declined by 26% on Mac and 44% on Windows devices.  

The internet speed on Windows was around average once we connected to ExtremeVPN. However, it was significantly below average on Mac, still recording above 300 Mbps.

Internet Connection Latency

DeviceWithout VPNWith VPN
Mac12 ms24 ms
Windows10 ms50 ms

Finally, we tested for latency or ping. If you’re a gamer, you may want to pay attention to this metric, as you’ll prefer a VPN service that guarantees a seamless gaming experience. According to our test, ExtremeVPN increased the latency on the macOS device by 100% and by 500% on the Windows device.

If you’re a professional gamer, consider VPNs with lower latency than ExtremeVPN, especially for competitive games.

According to our test, ExtremeVPN functions better on a Windows device than on a Mac. However, you must remember to select the PPTP encryption protocol or the “No encryption” option if ultra-fast connection speed is more important than security.

DNS Leak Test

The domain name system (DNS) is a naming system that converts domain names from URLs (texts) to IP addresses (numbers). Usually, when you open a website, your device connects to the DNS server and publicizes your IP address.

Although some VPNs guarantee privacy, they allow your device to use the ISP’s DNS rather than the VPN’s DNS. The implication is that any website you visit has access to your actual IP address even though your device is connected to a VPN

We conducted DNS leak tests on ExtremeVPN on Windows and macOS and can guarantee that it does not leak users’ IP addresses or data traffic.

WebRTC Leak Test

Asides from DNS leaks, VPN services can also leak users’ privacy through WebRTC leaks. Web real-time communication (WebRTC) allows web browsers to interact directly rather than through an intermediary server. Software applications and websites often use WebRTC because it offers ultra-fast connection for live streaming, file transfer, and video conferencing.

While WebRTC comes with its perks, there are also downsides. Two devices utilizing WebRTC to communicate need to share their public IP addresses. This means that any website or third party can use WebRTC to pinpoint your IP address and locate you on the web.

WebRTC leak is a major flaw that questions a VPN’s security and privacy claims. You don’t need to worry about this with ExtremeVPN. Our test shows ExtremeVPN has technologies blocking potential WebRTC leaks on Windows and Mac.

IP Leak Test

If your VPN fails to conceal your primary IP address, the websites you browse through can detect it, revealing your location. Such instances can leave you vulnerable to cybercriminals who might exploit this information to their advantage.

How Vast is the Server Network of ExtremeVPN

ExtremeVPN boasts an extensive array of server networks across various countries. This diversity effectively bypasses issues like server overloads, delays, or geographic limitations. For any VPN striving to expand its user base, maintaining a substantial and compelling server network is crucial; The VPN is fully dedicated to this aspect. We observed that this VPN seamlessly enables connections to alternative domain addresses not yet blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

With this newbie, you can access a variety of Netflix libraries from worldwide, including the UK, Japan, France, Germany, the US, and Australia. This variety is significantly compared to what other VPNs offer. Moreover, ExtremeVPN consistently updates its IPs for different streaming platforms and provides a convenient one-click connection to optimal servers tailored to each service.

Hulu enthusiasts can find solace as ExtremeVPN seamlessly manages what proves challenging for many other VPNs: accessing the restricted streaming service. The situation remains consistent with HBO Max, where users can bypass geo-restrictions using our VPN’s  US server.

Moreover, even though Amazon Prime Video enforces quite stringent content restrictions, ExtremeVPN effortlessly bypasses these restrictions, allowing you to enjoy content from the US and UK libraries without any hindrance. The Manchester server proved highly effective in allowing users to stream BBC iPlayer without any hassle, which aligns with the consistent performance of our VPN in this regard.

ExtremeVPN effortlessly unblocks various platforms, including:

  • CBS
  • Hotstar
  • Funimation
  • ESPN+
  • SlingTV
  • Crackle
  • ITV Player
  • Disney+ 
  • YouTube


ExtremeVPN utilizes robust security tools to ensure subscribers don’t fall victim to cyber criminals or experience data leaks. Like every other top VPN service provider, ExtremeVPN provides many dedicated security protocols

While ExtremeVPN prioritizes maximum security while users are connected to the VPN server, other VPN service providers like Surfshark VPN and Private Internet Access offer additional features. These features, such as malware protection, email breach alert, and ad blocks, guarantee optimum protection. Subscribers don’t need to download any other security software on their devices for security and privacy. CyberGhost also offers a full system scan to detect malware infiltration on subscribers’ devices.  

Although ExtremeVPN does not offer these extra features, it guarantees maximum security when subscribers connect and share data online.


The level of privacy a VPN offers depends on the encryption technologies the VPN service provider utilizes. If you want to enjoy privacy while using a VPN service, ensure to get a VPN service with solid encryption standards. This feature prevents third parties and internet service providers from monitoring your activities and interactions. ExtremeVPN utilizes AES-256 for data encryption. This technology has advanced security features that current computers and devices may find hard to crack or tamper with. 

AES, the acronym for advanced encryption standard, is an encryption algorithm that conceals data with 128, 192, and 256 bits key lengths. AES-256, which focuses on 256-bit keys, is prominent in VPN and encryption because of its fast and secure processes. It does not require heavy computing power to run. Even the United States utilizes AES-256 to conceal highly confidential information. AES-256 is referred to as military-grade encryption.


Typically, internet protocols dictate how a VPN sends data packets across the internet. This means internet protocols determine how a VPN receives queries from your device, forwards requests to ISPs, and returns traffic to your device. It also determines the level of security a VPN has against surveillance, cyber threats, and malware. VPN providers often allow users to choose from the various protocols they support. 

ExtremeVPN utilizes OpenVPN on Android and macOS, IKEv2/IPSec protocols on iOS, and OpenVPN/IKEv2 on Windows. All these protocols guarantee airtight security and privacy. However, if you prefer connection speed to security, you can select either the PPTP protocol or “No Encryption.” Discover more information on these VPN protocols below:


Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) automatically re-establishes your VPN connection after disconnecting your device. This protocol is very beneficial when switching from a public hotspot to a private Wi-Fi, which is common with mobile phones. Hence, ExtremeVPN utilizes IKEv2 on its mobile applications

Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) is a group of internet protocols that transmits data via a secured internet connection.


OpenVPN, an open-source VPN protocol, provides an encrypted and secure tunnel for users’ web traffic. Most people attribute OpenVPN as the standard for VPN protocols because it provides a perfect balance of security and speed.

It allows up to 256-bit encryption utilizing the Open SSL library and other advanced security features that users can set up with protocols like IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP, SSTP, and PPTP.


Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) was built in the 1990s. The protocol creates a tunnel that conceals data packets and utilizes other protocols like TCP or GRE for additional encryption. As a relatively old protocol, PPTP lacks the advanced features required to guarantee premium security today. Although it offers ultra-fast connection, its security concern is a major reason we would not recommend PPTP. 


Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is a VPN protocol that works with IPSec to establish a secure VPN connection. While L2TP establishes a secure tunnel, IPSec performs data integrity checks and ensures channel security and encryption. L2TP/IPSec also has its drawbacks. It does not provide the level of speed that other protocols offer and may be unable to bypass some firewalls. Regardless of these drawbacks, it remains a good option to consider.

Kill Switch

A kill switch functions like a network lock. The feature “kills” your internet when there’s an interruption in your VPN connection. It ensures you remain anonymous when you lose the VPN protection for a few minutes. For example, if you’re downloading IP-protected content, a kill switch protects your identity so nobody can trace it to you.

Although, we strongly advise against doing so. VPNs without a kill switch expose their subscribers and IP addresses to third parties during a momentary outage.  

As a top VPN service focused on providing premium encryption and privacy to users, ExtremeVPN has the kill switch feature on the app for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling allows users to select the part of their internet traffic they want the VPN to encrypt and the part that goes directly to their ISP. If your VPN service does not have this feature, your VPN is either off or on. Your VPN service encrypts your data traffic when you connect your device, and when it’s off, your ISP can access your browsing data.

This feature is beneficial when you want to perform multiple operations on your device, especially if you require a VPN connection for only a few. For example, if you want to watch a series in HD, you may need to turn off the VPN connection for a hitch-free experience. However, you may also want to maintain anonymity online.  

Split tunneling allows you to do these things simultaneously. Hence, you can watch your series without a VPN’s issue and still enjoy a VPN’s encryption. ExtremeVPN offers this premium feature on its software application.

Privacy – Does ExtremeVPN Offers an Excellent Level of Security

ExtremeVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, an autonomous jurisdiction recognized for its strict laws defending the anonymity of both corporations and individuals.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) presents unique benefits for VPN services headquartered within its borders. BVI stands apart due to its absence of required data retention laws and far-reaching surveillance endeavors. Its substantial emphasis on privacy and data protection sets it apart from nations in the Five Eyes alliance, much like Switzerland.

Firms headquartered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are not compelled to reveal customer details. The country’s legal framework serves independently and is not under the jurisdiction of any external authority. Despite its historical ties to Britain, the BVI is a self-governing entity.

When examining ExtremeVPN, it doesn’t give the impression of being in the hands of an inexperienced user.

The service has garnered the confidence of its users and enables them to appreciate the optimal VPN experience fully. Consequently, they have implemented measures to enhance their privacy protection.

Does ExtremeVPN Offer a No-log Policy

Many people don’t read privacy policies because they instead explore the app to discover its features that bore them with lengthy legal information. However, a VPN company’s policy is more important than any advanced feature it offers. The privacy policy on data logging outlines what records the company can store. Can the company save subscribers’ IP addresses and web sessions? 

You would be glad to know that this new VPN strictly obeys a no-logging policy, ensuring its users have a log-free online experience. You can read its privacy and logging policy on its website.


According to the company’s assertion, ExtremeVPN’s privacy policy is completely secure and endorsed by two external auditing firms.

The initial corporation is an autonomous auditor headquartered in the United States. Their evaluations confirm that ExtremeVPN has been certified as having no “evidence that system setups and/or records of system/service activities, either individually or collectively. It could potentially reveal an individual’s identity or the activities of that person when utilizing the ExtremeVPN service.”

Moreover, for those seeking an additional perspective, KPMG has also carried out assessments on the privacy policies and procedures of ExtremeVPN to ensure absolute clarity. In their audits, KPMG affirmed that ExtremeVPN significantly emphasizes user privacy as a core aspect of its service. These persistent and self-assured affirmations from two reputable and unbiased audit entities should instill a sense of trust in anyone utilizing ExtremeVPN.

We were equally amazed to scrutinize that ExtremeVPN has earned the “Data Not Collected” designation from Apple on their App Store profile. This designation is regarded as the highest distinction for an app. As privacy specialists, we closely watch Apple’s designations, recognizing their stringent standards for app data management.

Even leading VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN are assigned “Data Linked to You” labels by Apple. This signifies that the App Store acknowledges these apps might collect information like contact details and identifiers, potentially linking them to your identity.

Does ExtremeVPN Work with Tor

Tor, The Onion Router, is an open-source technology that guarantees anonymous communication. It has received criticism for being an avenue to access the dark web

In actual fact, Tor is only a privacy-oriented technology that users can utilize to ensure anonymity while using the internet. Almost all technologies have their drawbacks. Hence, the fact that people use it for malicious activities does not mean it’s a malicious tool.

Coupling Tor with a VPN is advisable if you must use it. Doing this helps you avoid any issues that may arise. However, this may cause a significant decline in your connection speed. Typically, Tor impacts your speed by rerouting your traffic through several nodes before it gets to your ISP. Combining it with a VPN further reduces the connection speed.

The decline in connection speed is not enough reason to disconnect your VPN, especially if you’re particular about online privacy.

We tested ExtremeVPN’s compatibility with Tor, and it performed above average. Although the internet speed was not great, it was good enough to browse without lagging.

Does ExtremeVPN Work in China

China has enacted laws and formulated policies against the public use of VPNs within its borders. The government has banned the use of VPNs that have not been approved. Hence, it’s not exactly unlawful to use a VPN in China.

Can ExtremeVPN bypass the Great Firewall of China? Can subscribers outside China access content restricted to people in China?

Our test revealed that ExtremeVPN has robust unblocking protocols that China’s Great Firewall cannot restrict. After gaining access to China-exclusive content, the VPN functioned perfectly without alerts of surveillance or monitoring.


ExtremeVPN works seamlessly with various device types, models, and brands. The VPN service easily integrates with major operating systems, such as iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows, without any difficulties. Our extensive testing exhibits impressive compatibility across these devices on different platforms.


The iOS application boasts user-friendly features, optimal performance, and military-grade security. Users will quickly observe its ability to establish automatic and seamlessly re-establish connections in the event of a drop.


ExtremeVPN’s Android app is not impressive but also enriched with many functionalities. Those utilizing the Android app can relish in streaming, unrestricted internet access, file sharing, as well as top-notch security and privacy protection.

The Android app for ExtremeVPN allows you to select between a NAT or non-NAT network using the split-tunneling feature. Additionally, you’ll have access to the identical protocols found in the Windows version, which is advantageous if you desire a comprehensive experience on your portable device.


Our evaluations of the macOS client application showed its resemblance to the Windows counterparts. The operating system is compatible with L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and IKEv2 tunneling protocols. Nevertheless, the point of distinction lies in the fact that the Mac app does not exhibit automatic ping displays.


On the Windows native client of ExtremeVPN, you can utilize OpenVPN (both UDP and TCP) and the IKEv2 tunneling protocols. You also retain the ability to pick your preferred protocol and quickly enable or disable features like the kill switch and automatic connection. This setup is particularly suitable for newcomers and individuals who favor uncomplicated applications.

Manual Configuration

ExtremeVPN has dedicated software applications for mobile phones, computers, and routers. They are compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, routers, and consoles. You may need to manually configure ExtremeVPN on other devices for them to benefit from the VPN protection.

For example, you can configure ExtremeVPN on your router and connect your smart TV to the router to unblock geo-restricted content.

Simultaneous Device Connection

Having outlined the platforms that ExtremeVPN is compatible with, you may wonder if a subscription plan can protect multiple devices

Of course! You can protect up to 10 connections simultaneously with a single account. All you have to do is log in to the premium account on each device.

Note that the 10 simultaneous connection does not precisely mean only 10 devices can run the VPN service. What it means is that ExtremeVPN can run on only 10 devices simultaneously.

For example, if you connect your smartphones, computers, routers, and consoles to ExtremeVPN. You cannot run the VPN service on another device once the connected devices are up to 10. However, if you disconnect your console, for example, then you can activate the VPN on any other available device.

ExtremeVPN ranks high in this aspect compared to other VPNs offering only five or six simultaneous connections. All connected devices enjoy premium encryption and security services and ultra-fast connection speed.

ExtremeVPN Pricing and Plans

ExtremeVPN’s subscription plans are quite affordable for the services it offers. Subscribers also have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee to test ExtremeVPN’s services risk-free. You get a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with the VPN services.

Term LengthOne MonthSix MonthsOne Year
Monthly Price$10.59$5.15$3.29
Total Amount$10.59$30.90$39.48
Yearly Savings0%51%68%

As you can see, ExtremeVPN’s subscription plans range from $2.04 to $10.95 monthly, with online discounts. This is great value for money. You can pay the subscription fee using PayPal, a credit card, or other supported options.

You can also get ExtremeVPN for your business. All you have to do is select the business plan on the website. It’s also affordable, ranging from about $8.45 to $9.99 monthly per user for up to 10 users. The more users, the less you have to pay.

The only drawback is that ExtremeVPN does not offer dedicated IP addresses. However, subscribers can enjoy premium encryption and privacy services when they connect to any of the servers on ExtremeVPN’s global network.

Customer Support

Even tech-savvy subscribers may encounter challenges while using any software application. You may decide to resort to Google to resolve the issue or contact customer support. It’s advisable to contact customer support, as they’re better positioned to understand your situation and proffer solutions.

ExtremeVPN has 24/7 customer service, always available to promptly respond to customers’ concerns and resolve any challenge they may be experiencing. You can reach a tech expert by using the Live Chat option on the website, opening the “Contact” or “Support” page, or sending an email to support@extremevpn.com.

ExtremeVPN’s team assures prompt response to address users’ concerns and questions.


In summary, we assure you that ExtremeVPN is a reliable and safe VPN. It shares all the essential features with other top VPN service providers, including a kill switch and split tunneling. 

Our tests have also established that while ExtremeVPN is not the fastest, it is relatively fast and implements state-of-the-art technologies to ensure data security and privacy.


Yes, ExtremeVPN is a reliable and safe VPN service provider. It has great features like split tunneling and a kill switch that ensure users’ safety. You can also access geo-restricted content utilizing its global network of servers.

No, you cannot use VPN for free. However, you can test ExtremeVPN risk-free for 30 days with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

While using ExtremeVPN and other VPNs may be legal, some countries have laws against using them within their territories. It will be illegal in countries like Russia, Turkey, and China because they have laws against VPNs.

Yes, it does. WireGuard is a VPN protocol that utilizes encrypted tunnels to transmit data packets.

Your ISP can detect a VPN connection. However, ExtremeVPN has advanced technologies that make it impossible for your ISP to track your interactions or communications online.

ExtremeVPN prevents your ISP from monitoring your activities online. Hence, they can’t monitor your bandwidth usage. If your ISP cannot monitor your bandwidth usage, they cannot throttle your connection.

No, it doesn’t. Instead, you can choose the monthly, annual, or biannual plan. Offering a lifetime subscription is a huge risk that may result in losses. Hence, service providers offer short-term subscription plans, which they can alter to cater to operational costs.

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  • Zero data-logging policy
  • Ultra-fast internet connection
  • Split tunneling
  • Strong unblocking technologies
  • An effective Kill switch feature

  • Does not offer dedicated IPs
  • Lacks Double VPN feature

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