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Digital entertainment is now at its peak and has grown more than ever. The amount and technology of streaming sites, cable services, and other media platforms are developing continuously. However, the variety of languages is insufficient to cope with audiences of different origins and mother tongues.

In this vast realm of entertainment, subtitles emerged as an essential element for global viewership. As language barriers persist, subtitle sites have become invaluable resources to expand the reach of movies and TV shows.

Subtitle sites serve as communities where users can access and contribute subtitles for a wide range of content. They reflect the collaborative nature of the internet. Passionate individuals share their linguistic expertise to create subtitles in multiple languages. One such prominent platform is Podnapisi, renowned for its vast collection of subtitles.

What is Podnapisi

Podnapisi is a popular website that provides subtitles for movies and TV shows. It is a Slovenian-based website that allows users to search and download subtitles. It offers subtitles in various languages.

Podnapisi is a platform fueled by communities and people. It allows users to contribute subtitles by uploading them on the website. Anyone can upload subtitles of any movie or TV show on it.

As Podnapisi is a community-based platform, people worldwide contribute to the treasure of subtitles. It lets users from various origins take advantage of the website and enjoy their favorite content.


Podnapisi is a Slovenian word that refers to subtitles. It was established in 2006 in Slovenia. It was made by many individuals who realized the need for subtitles in the entertainment industry.

Initially, Podnapisi was just targeting the Slovenian audience. But over time, its services expanded around the world. All thanks to the option of public contribution, which made subtitles in various other languages available on the website.

The success of Podnapisi reflects its collaborative nature. Options like create, review, and add subtitles made the platform versatile and enriched with content. Today, Podnapisi is one of the best platforms, and users highly rely on it as a good source of subtitles.


Fewer complexities in design and interface and more variety in content make any website look better. Podnapisi is also one such platform.

The color scheme of the website is very minimal. A plain white and blue color theme with no extra complexities makes it quite eye-soothing. On the top of the page is a blue color header that has a search bar in it. It has two types of search options, one that searches through the movie database and the other that searches for subtitles.

Furthermore, below the search bar is the list of the latest movies and TV shows. It shows the most recent subtitles, 30 days old, and then the most popular ones in order. Overall, all these features make the website very handy and responsive.

Key Features

Vast Subtitle Collection

Podnapisi has a large collection of subtitles for movies and TV shows. Users can find subtitles for a wide range of content in multiple languages.

User Contributions

Podnapisi is a community-driven platform allowing users to contribute subtitles. Members of the community can upload their subtitle translations. It ensures a diverse and comprehensive collection of subtitles.

Advanced Search Functionality

The platform provides advanced search options to help users find subtitles. Users can search by title, language, release version, genre, and other available criteria.

Subtitle Synchronization

Podnapisi offers synchronization instructions for subtitles. It ensures that they align correctly with the corresponding video content.

Subtitle Request System

If users cannot find subtitles for a specific movie or TV show, Podnapisi provides a subtitle request system. Users can submit requests, and other community members can contribute by translating and uploading the requested subtitles.

Multiple Subtitle Formats

Podnapisi supports various subtitle file formats. It makes it compatible with different video players and platforms. 

Multilingual Support

Podnapisi offers subtitles in multiple languages, catering to a global audience. This feature enables viewers from different regions and language backgrounds to access subtitles in their native languages.

Integration with Streaming Platforms

Podnapisi collaborates with streaming platforms to ensure the availability of accurate and high-quality subtitles for a range of content. This integration enhances the viewing experience for users accessing movies and TV shows through streaming services.


Podnapisi is a versatile platform that offers a variety of content. It is mainly a source of subtitles for hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows. It covers a wide range of movies, including Hollywood, independent blockbusters, and independent films.

There are also subtitles for TV shows and documentaries on the website. Popular TV shows, including ongoing or previous hits, are available on it. Documentaries of historical, wildlife, social, and scientific genres are also in its collection.

Podnapisi also covers animated content, including animated movies and TV shows. Subtitles are available for both family-friendly animations and adult animated series.


Podnapisi is an open-source platform that ensures its compatibility with various operating systems, devices, and browsers. It is a highly compatible and versatile platform. It supports many video players to provide its users with a good experience.

Podnapisi is compatible with popular and commonly used video players. These include media players such as VLC, MPC-HC, Kodi, PotPlayer, etc. Moreover, it does not provide streaming services but collaborates with major streaming platforms to ensure the availability of subtitles.

Podnapisi is also compatible with commonly used operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. It is also optimum for every commonly used browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Podnapisi also supports multiple subtitle file formats. Common subtitle formats such as SubRip (.srt), SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass), MicroDVD (.sub), and many others are available for download.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

The mobile and desktop experience of Podnapisi is very likely to each other. The interface of the website for mobile devices is optimum for small screens. The site interface is also adaptive to touch screens and is very responsive. Moreover, users can download subtitles on their mobile easily through the site.

On desktop devices, the major difference is screen size and resolution. Due to the large screen than mobile, the site is designed to be optimum for it. The site’s desktop version also allows downloading subtitles in different formats. The overall experience of both devices is seamless and intuitive.

Anything Else About the Site

Podnapisi is an open-source subtitle outlet. It provides subtitles for a large number of movies and Tv shows for free. The website’s large database makes finding your desired movie subtitles easier. Users can easily watch foreign content in their language.


In a nutshell, Podnapisi is one of the best platforms to offer subtitles. Users around the world rely on it due to its vast collection of movies and television show subtitles. It is a community-based platform which makes its data more reliable and expansive. 

Community members or any other person can log into the site to contribute to the treasure of subtitles. It is versatile compatibility, and responsive interface make the user experience very better. Overall, it is a good and authentic source of high-quality movies and shows subtitles. 


Yes, it is considered safe to download subtitles. However, it is recommended to exercise caution to prevent any threats.

Yes, subtitles on Podnapisi are considered accurate. It is because it is a community-driven platform which makes the content more accurate and reliable. 

Podnapisi has a vast database and provides subtitles for almost every movie and TV show genre.

It provides subtitles in many languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Turkish, etc. These are a few examples because exact number is difficult to coun

Yes, Podnapisis allows using its subtitles on different media players. The most common of them are VLC, MPC-HC, Kodi, PotPlayer, etc.

When you access or select a movie on Podnapisi, you can download the subtitles. By clicking on it it will download the subtitles on your device.

Yes, Podanipis is a community-based platform. So, anyone can contribute subtitles. 

Yes, Podnapsisi provides an option to request subtitles. If subtitles for a movie or show are unavailable, users can use this feature to ask for the subtitles.

Yes, Podnapisi is legal in most parts of the world. However, it can be legal in some regions due to their law and order or due to the availability of subtitles of any illegal movie or show.

Yes, users can edit or add subtitles after downloading them. As subtitles are in text format, it is easy to customize them.

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  • Vast collection of subtitles
  • Community-driven platform
  • Advanced search functionality
  • User ratings and reviews
  • Multilingual support
  • Availability of subtitle synchronization instructions

  • Inconsistent subtitle quality
  • Limited availability for lesser-known content
  • Reliance on user contributions
  • Lack of legal verification for content
  • Simplistic interface design

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