Boxing Streaming Sites

Boxing Streaming Sites

How I Can Watch Boxing Online

Boxing has fans all over the world. It’s certainly one of the most popular sports of this age. From the increasing number of lightweight and heavyweight combats, it seems like fans can’t get enough excitement and action. However, it isn’t easy to access this content for free. For example, the most demanded bouts may have a pay-per-view pricing model, or they can only be available in certain regions.

But not all is lost. You can still stream boxing matches anywhere in the world. We’ll guide you to the best boxing streaming sites and VPNs for watching them.

Which is the Best Streaming Site to Watch Boxing in 2023

Determining the best boxing site depends on various factors, including location, personal interests, and local rules and regulations. We can’t say that a single site is best, as it’s more of a subjective preference. When finding the best boxing site, it’s important to check for your needs. Bufferstreams, 123TV, DAZN, and Sportsurge are some of the popular boxing streaming sites.

Bufferstreams could be a fine option for people looking for a budget-friendly way to watch boxing. If you want to broadcast live sports on TV, consider 123TV. The service provides a wide range of TV channels to watch live Boxing without a cable subscription.

DAZN is a live sports platform that features boxing events from various promotions, such as Golden Boy Promotions, Matchroom Boxing, and GGG Promotions. It’s best for people who like to watch boxing, MMA, and UFC.

Hence, each site offers unique features. Ask yourself what you need from a particular boxing site, and you can decide accordingly.

Are Boxing Streaming Sites Geo-Blocked

Yes, it is a common practice for many boxing streaming sites. Geo-blocking is a process where content providers restrict user access based on location. They do it because certain countries lack broadcasting rights and licensing agreements to air boxing matches.

It means you can’t access their content in a region where these sites are blocked. A suitable way to cope with this situation is to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your system. A VPN masks your internet IP and gives you a new IP for a different location. However, not every VPN is capable of providing the best security. Hence, we recommend you use top-notch VPNs such as Private Internet Access or NordVPN.

What is the Cost of Watching Boxing on These Sites

It depends! The price varies for each service and the type of content you’re streaming. While some boxing sites are free to watch, others may charge you to access their content. Platforms that offer free content often contain ads, which can be frustrating to the viewing experience. To get rid of these ads, you can subscribe to premium service plans. 123TV and Sportsurge are some examples of free boxing sites.

The basic package of Bufferstreams is free, but it has limited features. The platform also provides premium features ranging from $5 to $10 monthly. For DAZN, the price varies for each country or region. However, the service usually costs around $9.99 to $19.99 monthly.

Are Boxing Streaming Sites Safe

We value the privacy of our users. Hence, we never recommend anything that is risky for their privacy or security. You’re safe as long as you use any site on our list. Yet, you must be careful if you pick a random site from the internet. Many of the free streaming sites contain ads with viruses or malware. These sites can expose a user to thieves or attackers. No matter what activities you do on the internet, we advise you to install a robust VPN and a reliable antivirus program for your protection.

On Which Devices Can I Use Boxing Streaming Sites

You can stream these sites on almost every device, including PCs, smartphones, gaming consoles, Smart TVs, etc. Many of these devices also have an app version. Users can access these sites on web browsers or streaming devices such as Roku or Firestick. You must install the Silk browser from the Amazon App Store to stream boxing events on Firestick. After installing the browser, all websites will be visible, and you can stream the channels you want.

Final Words

Boxing fans always look for the upcoming big matches. These events are typically announced 6 months in advance. Plus, the best boxers in the world fight only 2 times a year. Hence, you should never miss them fighting.

So, the path to choosing the best streaming site is simple. Check out our reviews today and get the right service for you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best boxing matches ever!


What other sports can I watch on these sites?

These sites feature a wide variety of content. Not only do they stream boxing events, but you can also watch popular sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, wrestling, rugby, and cricket on them.

Are boxing streaming sites legal?

The legal status depends on the site and its licensing agreements. While many boxing sites are legal, some may contain copyrighted content. Free streaming sites often contain legal issues as they host unauthorized content.

What are some popular boxing streaming sites?

DAZN, Bufferstreams, Sportsurge, and ESPN are some of the popular boxing streaming sites.

Do I need a VPN to use boxing streaming sites?

Yes, you cannot stream their content for most sites if you’re lying outside the blocked regions. In such cases, you can access the site using a top-notch VPN.

Do these sites require signup?

Some websites allow you to watch their content without registering on them. While others may require an account to use them.

Can I stream live boxing matches on these sites?

You can watch live boxing matches on many boxing sites such as DAZN, Bufferstreams, Sportsurge, etc.

What quality can I get on these sites?

The quality of these sites depends on your device’s capability and internet connection. However, each site allows streaming content in at least HD quality. Most of them also offer Ultra HD or 4k streaming.

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