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Today, there are more than thousands of streaming sites with hundreds of different categories. The streaming market is one of the biggest web markets in the world and is ever-growing. It surpasses conventional cable TV networks. There are streaming sites for movies, dramas, TV shows, sports, news, anime, cartoons, etc.

Cartoon streaming sites are one of the biggest in the streaming industry. There are many big and small cartoon streaming sites. Some of them are very famous and well-known in the world.

We all have our favorite series we loved watching in childhood. Still, we will enjoy seeing them if we get a chance. These cartoon series made our childhood wholesome and full of memories. There is a cartoon character in our life with which we have feelings of affection.

Although adults also watch cartoons, the main target audience of cartoon streaming sites is children and kids. Many famous cable TV channels now have their websites to stream cartoons. Some are cartoons Networks, Disney, Toonjet, Nickelodeon, etc.

What is Studio 100

Studio 100 is a Belgian company famous for producing entertainment or, you can say, family entertainment. The company widely produces content for children and families, including TV shows, movies, series, and stage productions.

Studio 100 is well-known for its famous productions, especially favorites among children and kids. Some of these creations are “Maya the Bee,” “Heidi,” “Vic the Viking,” and “Samson and Gert.” Despite producing entertainment content, the company also owns EM.Entertainment( a German production company) and a Dutch theme park operator Plopsa.

Studio 100 is a Belgian company, yet it has offices in other countries like the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Australia, with content available in more than 160 countries. An interesting fact about the company is that it focuses on producing entertaining and educational content. That is why Studio 100 has won several awards for its awesome creations.


Gert Verhulst and Hans Boulon were the two persons behind the successful company Studio 100 production. It was created in 1966 by these Belgian Entrepreneurs. They previously worked together on the children’s television show “Samson and Gert.” 

The first creation of Studio 100, “Plop the Gnome,” a show featuring the adventures of a group of friendly gnomes, was its initial step towards fame. Following this, the company kept creating many successful TV shows such as “Mega Mindy,” “K3,” and “Heidi.” 

The developers of Studio 100 were innovative enough to realize the need for something different. So, they expanded entertainment areas, such as drama series, stage productions, and theme parks. In 1999, the company launched its first theme park in De Panne, Belgium, featuring rides and attractions showcasing ideas for its shows and movies.

Moving forward, Studio 100 bought the famous German entertainment company EM. Entertainment, in 2008. Today, the company is one of the largest entertainment companies, with branches in multiple locations. It is still motivated to provide high-quality family content, as it was initially. 


Studio 100’s design reflects the company’s focus on creating family-friendly content. It has a bright, colorful, and playful aesthetical design. The company’s logo is cheerful and whimsical, featuring a smiling sun with arms and legs. It reflects the work of the company very well.

The design of Studio 100’s website is also very eye-captivating. The website’s first impression when you visit its homepage is very joyful. It has a vibrant, bright green color background and several creative icons scattered on it. The content of the company is also fun and engaging.

Furthermore, an additional aspect of Studio 100’s design is its dedication to producing high-quality costumes and sets. These costumes and themes bring life to the stories, such as the ones worn by characters of “Mega Mindy.”

Overall, the design of Studio 100 plays a vital role in its success. The company’s use of imagination to inspire children and generate creative content has made a massive fan following.

Key Features

Family Entertainment

It is a famous platform that offers movies, TV shows, and dramas, especially for children and families. It is appropriate to watch it with your kids and young ones.


Studio 100 is famous all over the world for its fictional and imaginative content. You’ll often see animated and heroic characters that children love to watch.

Successful Products

Studio 100 has created several famous products over the years. These include “Plop the Gnome,” “Mega Mindy,” and “K3.” These brands reflect the company’s focus on family-friendly entertainment.

Attention to Detail

Studio 100’s productions’ attention to detail, from the costumes worn by its characters to the sets and props used in its stage productions. This attention to detail helps to create realistic and immersive content.

International Reach

Studio 100’s content airs in more than 160 countries worldwide. You can access it from almost any country or region in the world.


Studio 100’s symbolic content is its family and children content. It has a vast library of high-quality content that targets young ones and families. It includes TV shows, movies, and stage productions.

The favorite content of Studio 100 among the audience is its TV shows. It is undoubtedly true that because of these TV shows, they became famous among people initially. Its iconic television shows, such as “Maya the Bee,” “Heidi,” “Vic the Viking,” “Samson & Gert,” “K3,” and “Blinky Bill,” are still ruling the hearts of people.

The other type of content that Studio 100 offers are movies. It has produced many entertaining films for children. Its movies usually feature the same TV show characters to delight people. Some of its famous films are “Maya the Bee: The Movie,” “Heidi,” and “Blinky Bill: The Movie.”

Moreover, Studio 100 is also known for producing stage productions. These stage shows are kind of entertaining as they showcase the costumes, sets, and sceneries from iconic movies and television shows. Again, the popular stage productions are the ones of famous TV shows like “Maya The Bee” and “Mega Mindy.”


Studio 100 is a very versatile company. It produces a wide range of content and is compatible with numerous devices and platforms. Studio 100 produces television shows available on various TV networks, both cable networks and satellite systems.

Its shows are available on many famous online television services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Studio 100 GO. Studio 100 Go is the company’s streaming service.

Additionally, Studio 100 is also compatible with different types of streaming devices. Its content can run on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. It is quite easy to access the content once you have downloaded the appropriate apps from one of these.

Studio 100’s content is also compatible with mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Fans can access the content on their mobile devices by downloading compatible apps such as the Netflix or Studio 100 Go app.

They just need to sign in with their subscription information. The content is also available on mobile browsers so that users can access it online.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

Studio 100 is a famous multimedia company that offers a variety of entertaining content, especially for children and families. For any company to be that famous, it is for sure that the experience they provide is incredible.

On desktop and mobile devices, it offers users an unbiased user experience. Our preference is for desktop devices, even though both types of devices offer the same level of information and experience.

The Studio 100 mobile experience is excellent and enjoyable. It has a mobile app that offers access to all material in one location. The software is also incredibly user-friendly and interactive. The app’s layout and user interface are remarkably similar to the website’s.

Parental control, offline watching, and customized playlists are just a few of its numerous features. Users can alter the films to suit their needs, and the quality is very great.

Entertainment related to movies and shows is enjoyed well on big-screen devices that provide a cinematic viewing experience. Users can use devices like PCs and laptops, or they can also use streaming devices on their televisions like Roku TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Anything Else About that Site

Studio 100 is a streaming and television service that offers a variety of animated and live-action content. It offers several pricing plans for its users. Users can subscribe to the plan that best suits them.

They also have the option to customize the plan according to their need. The payment options are very flexible. Furthermore, the content you get is worth paying the money.

Is Studio 100 Safe?

Studio 100 is a world-class company that produces its content. It produces movies, TV shows, and stage productions for children and families. The company is an authentic and registered firm that creates its content. So, it is very safe to use the streaming service. It is because it has several safety measures for its users and also doesn’t air third-party ads.

However, we recommend our readers to take preventive measures. It is very important to do so while using online services because it can make you vulnerable to cyber threats, data breaches, and malware.

How to Access Studio 100 Safely

Although the service is safe, it is good to adopt preventive measures. To use the service safely, users must have a good VPN service. A VPN is a software that reroutes your original IP address and hides your identity.

So, it can keep you safe from the dangers of the online world. Moreover, we also recommend using anti-virus software on your device. It will keep malware and viruses away.

Is Studio 100 Geo-blocked?

Studio 100 is a worldwide entertainment company accessible in more than 160 countries. The company is based in Belgium but has offices in France, Australia, and Germany. It is an international production firm whose content is created for a worldwide audience.

It is not geo-blocked in most parts of the world. However, users can face issues in some places where policies are different. You may then need to unblock it by using a VPN service. People can use VPNs like ExpressVPN and PIA.

Suggestions that We Have for Studio 100

Studio 100 is a flawless streaming service. It offers cartoon TV shows and movies for families and children. It offers content in nearly 160 countries around the world. Its content is available in English, Dutch, and French.

As it has users worldwide, we only suggest it produce its content in more languages. It can expand its content to add Espanol, Hindi, and other major languages. 


In a nutshell, Studio 100 is a free cartoon streaming service available worldwide. It produces TV shows, movies, and stage productions, especially for children and families. It is well known for its famous TV shows like “Mega Mindy,” “Maya the Bee,” etc. These TV shows also have movies that feature dame characters.

The service is one of the oldest and best in the world. Studio 100 is a great option for families and people with little children. It has won several awards for its quality content. 


Yes, Studio 100 is an official cartoon streaming service based in the Netherlands and is legal. It provides content internationally and is legal.

No, studio 100 doesn’t show third-party ads on its website. It only advertises its productions. However, on cable networks, you may see commercials.

There are no ads on its streaming site. However, you can use ad blockers to prevent ads.

Studio 100 airs cartoon content suitable for families and children. It produces TV shows, movies, and stage productions.

 It offers high-quality content, with lag-free streaming and a wide variety of content. The quality of its productions is world-class.

Studio 100 is a versatile service compatible with a lot of devices. It is operational on Desktop devices, mobile phones, Smart TVs, browsers, and cable TVs.

No, it is a safe website that takes care of the safety of its audience.

Yes, Studio 100 is a cartoon production company. It is completely legal to watch cartoons on it.

No, studio 100 specifically creates content suitable for families and children. So, people of any age can watch content on it.

No, it is not necessary to use a VPN to access Studio 100. However, we recommend using VPN to remain safe.

Studio 100 is a streaming and cartoon-producing company. It does not provide direct download options. However, users can use other apps and download software like torrents to download content. 

Yes, Studio 100 requires you to register yourself to stream on it. Once you created an account, you can access the content on it.

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  • Diverse Content
  • High-Quality Content
  • International Appeal
  • Strong Brand Identity
  • Family-Friendly Content

  • Limited Availability in Certain Regions
  • Some Content may be deemed too Commercial
  • Some Criticism for Marketing Tactics
  • Limited Availability of Original Language Versions
  • Limited Access to Stage Productions outside of Belgium and the Netherland

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