Best Subtitles Sites

Best Subtitles Sites

How Can You Get Subtitles

Do you watch movies with subtitles? Are you having trouble finding the best subtitles site for you? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

We understand there are times when you watch a certain movie but can’t enjoy it completely as it doesn’t have subtitles. In many cases, a movie is completely unwatchable because of its language. Let’s say you’re an English native, but you want to watch a Turkish movie. In such cases, you definitely need subtitles. Otherwise, you won’t be able to watch it. 

If you’re deaf or have hearing problems, subtitles are a necessity for you. Sadly, not every site considers the needs and requirements of the deaf community for streaming movies or shows. Because of this, the options may seem to be limited. Although not every site may have subtitles. Yet, you don’t have to pay for watching movies with subtitles, especially when there are so many free options available. 

We strongly believe that everyone should have an equal access to the whole internet, irrespective of their language, financial status, or hearing ability. That’s exactly the reason why we’ve compiled this list. We’ll be providing a bunch of free options that will help you find the best subtitles site. Apart from finding the best service, you also need to learn how to use the downloaded subtitles.

First, go through our list and evaluate each of the websites. Check whether the sites meet your requirements, which language they focus on, and if they provide enough subtitles for you. While some sites prefer a single language over others, many have a broad range of multiple languages but with limited content. Well, it’s rare to find a site having all the features. Hence, the best solution is to bookmark this site and visit it frequently to keep checking the services.

Once you’ve selected a site that best matches your need, everything is set. By using the search bar, type the movie name, find the subtitles, and click “download”. It’s simple as that. The next step, however, is the main challenge when you’ve to figure out how to use these subtitles. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the whole process. Subtitles files are easy to use once you get familiar with them.

How To Use SRT Subtitles

SRT is a short form for SubRip subtitles. It is the best type of subtitles files and displays the text in proper synchronization with a movie’s dialogues. Hence, whenever you play a file having SRT subtitles, the media player recognizes it and automatically syncs it with the movie or series.

There are many methods through which you can apply SRT subtitles to your movies or shows. But first, you’ve to decide how are you going to watch the movie. Do you have a digital copy? Will you be streaming it? All of these factors change the way you’ll use the subtitles.

The best option, as we recommend, is to download the movie instead. After that, all you need is a decent media player like VLC. Play the movie along with the media player and insert the SRT file manually, and it’s done. 

How You Can Add Subtitles

What if you can’t download movies? Maybe your disk space is full. No worries! There are many free streaming sites that also support SRT files. A way to add subtitles to your streaming video is by using third-party applications like Green Fish.

Green Fish is a portable media player and only plays SRT files. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to move it on any streaming video without any effort. You can also adjust the placement and size of a subtitle in whichever way you want. Users can’t deny how useful this media player can be.  The only drawback of using the Green Fish is that it requires manual syncing of the SRT player and video stream. You must be careful with it since timing issues could be frustrating.

Many subtitles sites also provide some backend solutions. For example, offers an excellent API (Application Programming Interface) for subtitles. This API helps your computer to apply SRT files directly to a video stream. Although an API requires more technical knowledge than Green Fish, yet the results are still great overall.

What Languages Do These Subtitles Sites Offer

A concise answer is all of them. However, a much more detailed answer would be, it’s not 100% true. This statement means that many of these sites allow users to download subtitles from multiple languages (the best ones have 40-50+ sites). The more popular a website is, the more are its chances to offer downloadable subtitles. For example, you can easily find subtitles for languages like English, French, German, etc. But for a language like Dumi, a rarely spoken language, it’s hard to find subtitles for it.

Besides these, the availability of subtitles depends upon who is creating them. There is a whole community of people who work hard to create subtitles in as many languages as possible. Still, can’t find subtitles for the movies we want, due to limited resources.

Are Subtitles Sites Safe To Use

Yes! It’s because a dedicated community of people creates these sites. Not only do they provide a form of entertainment, but they connect people from the entire world. Now, anyone around the globe can watch movies in any language they want. These sites lift the barriers of culture, language, and hearing ability of individuals.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about safety as long as you’re using the sites we’ve mentioned. We don’t recommend anything that could be harmful to our users. If you’re using the sites listed by us, you’re absolutely safe, but the best way to ensure complete protection of your data is to download a top-notch VPN and a reliable antivirus program.

Which is the Best Subtitle Site in 2023

It’s a complicated question. Every individual has a different preference. We can’t declare one site as the best service. It’s because many factors go into finding the best subtitles site.

If you’re looking for a site having the best subtitles, could be a good option. SubDivX is another popular subtitles site providing subtitles in different languages.

There are many sites that are better than others. For example, some sites offer a much better search engine. Some may provide a larger selection of subtitles to download. While some may have a vast range or more accurate subtitles. 

The last point, accuracy, is crucial when we speak about translated subtitles. Because there’s no point in a subtitle track if it’s created by a person having no knowledge of a particular language. Inaccurate translations of a track can significantly impact the viewing experience. For a site to be the best, it’s important to provide a consistency of high-quality subtitles.


Are the subtitles on these sites accurate? 

Most of these sites provide the right subtitles. The accuracy of subtitles depends upon the original translation and the accuracy of the subtitle timing.

Which are the best subtitles sites?

Addic7ed, Subdivx, Subscene, and Titlovi are some of the best subtitles sites.

Which language subtitles do these sites provide? 

The language availability of these subtitles site varies. However, most of these sites provide subtitles in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese. There may be other languages available on some sites, depending on the site and the subtitled content.

Can I use these subtitles on any media player?

Yes! Most sites allow subtitles in SRT format, which support every media player. 

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