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You can read your favorite manga titles for free on free manga websites. These websites provide users access to titles, from well-known shonen manga to obscure niche works. They are the ideal venue for manga lovers who require access to premium membership services yet wish to read manga for free.

Free manga sites are available from anywhere, which is one of their finest features. To read manga online, all you need is a working internet connection. Also, many free manga websites allow you to download manga chapters so you can read them on your smartphone while offline. Readers who wish to save their data or read manga while traveling will find it useful.

It’s important to remember that not all free manga websites are legit. Several websites provide illegal content, which is against the law and can harm the manga sector. So, choosing trustworthy websites that provide manga titles lawfully is essential.

MangaPanda, MangaHere, and MangaFox are some well-known free manga websites. These websites provide a huge selection of manga books and are fully legal. Hence, to help the manga business, utilize legitimate free manga websites if you want to read manga for free.

What is Kiss Manga

On the website Kiss Manga, viewers can choose from various manga comics. Users can browse thousands of manga volumes from various genres on the site for free. Also, visitors can register on the website and bookmark their favorite manga titles to read later.

It lets users search for manga comics by title, author, or genre. When they select a novel that mesmerizes their interest, they can read it for free online. A user-friendly layout on the website makes it simple for visitors to explore and find what they’re searching for.

Because of its large selection of comics and simple design, Kiss Manga has become more popular among readers worldwide. The website frequently adds new titles to its database to ensure that readers always have new stuff to read. The website also enables users to evaluate the comics they have read and submit comments, creating a sense of community among manga fans.


Kiss Manga contains a large selection of manga comics. Manga had existed since the 12th century when Japanese artists started making illustrated novels. The name “manga” was initially used to describe woodblock prints used to illustrate books in the 18th century. Manga became popular in the 20th century and is essential to Japanese culture.

It was launched in 2013 as a website where visitors can read free manga comics. The platform swiftly grew in popularity and became one of the most popular manga websites in the world. It offered various manga comics in various genres, including action, romance, humor, horror, and more.

The site has faced several challenges recently, including allegations of copyright infringement. The website shut down in 2019 after manga publishers made many complaints. Numerous publishers alleged that Kiss Manga provided illegal versions of their material, infringing on their copyright.

Despite the controversy, Kiss Manga remains one of the most important online manga sites. It has a large user base and many manga fans like the platform’s user-friendly layout and large manga library.

Nonetheless, it is important to remember that manga artists put in much effort. Supporting their work by buying official copies is critical to developing high-quality content.


Kiss Manga allows people to read manga online. The user-friendly design of the website makes it simple to browse. The site is simple to navigate, with links to major manga titles.

Its design includes a search bar for finding specific manga titles. Popular manga titles are also listed on the website’s homepage, making it simple for visitors to locate fresh manga to read. It is basic and cleanly designed, with a white backdrop and black text, making it straightforward to read.

Overall, Kiss Manga has a user-friendly and straightforward design, making it a great option for manga fans of all ages. Users can easily find and read their favorite manga thanks to the website’s clear and straightforward design, search bar, and list of popular comics. The layout of Kiss Manga is a testament to the site’s dedication to providing a first-rate user experience.

Key Features 

Huge Manga Library

Kiss Manga has a large library of manga titles, including major series as well as lesser-known ones.

User-friendly Interface

The website was basic and easy to use.

Reading Modes

Kiss Manga allows users to personalise their reading experience by allowing them to read in single-page, double-page, or scrolling modes.


Readers can save and store their favourite manga titles for future reading.


Kiss Manga enabled users to write comments on manga chapters and engage with other readers.

Search and Filter Options

Users can search for particular manga titles or use filters to discover new series based on genre, author, and other parameters.

Mobile Optimization

Kiss Manga was designed to be mobile-friendly, enabling users to enjoy manga on the move.


Kiss Manga has a large collection of manga comics. Kiss Manga’s material extends from well-known titles like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece to lesser-known series appealing to various interests. Its simple layout enables readers to search for and locate their favorite manga titles effortlessly.

It covers many genres, including action, adventure, humor, drama, romance, etc. Users can browse various manga series and find new ones that suit their tastes. The site has something for everyone, whether you like shonen, shojo, or seinen manga.

Kiss Manga provides light novels, which are popular in Japan, in addition to manga comics. These novels, like manga comics, are a kind of writing that often includes drawings.

Readers can enjoy these unique works of literature in English translations thanks to Kiss Manga’s large collection of light novels. The platform is popular with manga and light novel fans due to its broad material and user-friendly layout.

Top 10 Manga Shows on Kiss Manga

  1. Attack on Titan: A dark fantasy manga set in a world where Titans constantly threaten humanity, massive humanoid creatures devour humans without reason.
  2. One Piece:  A long-running adventure manga about a group of pirates searching for the ultimate treasure, the One Piece.
  3. Naruto: A coming-of-age manga about Naruto, a young ninja who dreams of becoming the most powerful ninja in his village.
  4. Death Note:  A psychological thriller manga about a high school student who gains the power to kill anyone whose name he writes in a magical notebook.
  5. Bleach: A supernatural manga about a teenager who gains the power of a Soul Reaper, a powerful being who battles evil spirits known as Hollows.
  6. Fullmetal Alchemist:  A science fiction manga about two brothers who use alchemy to search for the Philosopher’s Stone to regain their lost bodies.
  7. Fairy Tail:  A fantasy manga about a young wizard who joins a powerful wizard guild known as Fairy Tail.
  8. Tokyo Ghoul: is a horror manga about a college student who becomes a half-ghoul after encountering one of these creatures.
  9. My Hero Academia:  A superhero manga set in a world where almost everyone has superpowers and follows the journey of a young boy who dreams of becoming a hero.
  10. Black Butler:  A supernatural manga about a young earl and his demonic butler who solve mysteries and protect England from supernatural threats.


Kiss Manga is an online resource for fans of manga. It is compatible with various PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It prioritizes the website’s usability, ensuring it looks good and functions well on all devices. Its interface is quick to react and simple to master.

The platform is compatible with many browsers. It includes Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft’s own Edge. Users can access the website from any browser. Also, it’s compatible with a wide range of OSes, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Kiss Manga is device-independent so you can read manga whenever and anywhere. Because of this, people can visit the site whenever and wherever they choose. Kiss Manga runs smoothly on different platforms, browsers, and devices.

Mobile/Desktop Experience 

Kiss Manga allows readers to choose from various manga on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. The desktop version has a simple design that makes it easy. The site has a search box for finding specific manga titles and a list of the most popular ones. A section for freshly uploaded manga makes it simple for visitors to the site to keep up with the most current releases.

Those who use the site on mobile devices can enjoy manga quickly and simply. With a responsive layout that adjusts to the size of the user’s device, the mobile version is on a level with the desktop experience. Touch-screen device users can simply navigate the site by swiping between pages and zooming in on certain sections.

Also, a dark mode option is available on the mobile website, which makes reading manga at night more pleasant for users. Kiss Manga provides an excellent experience for manga readers on desktop and mobile devices.

How to Install Kiss Manga on Android

It’s simple to set up the Kiss Manga app on an Android smartphone. Use your phone or tablet’s Google Play Store app first. Then, type “Kiss Manga” into the search box and hit Enter. Click “Install” to download the program when you’ve located it.

The app will be instantly installed on your device. Lastly, launch the app and begin reading your preferred comic! The Kiss Manga app for Android smartphones can provide hours of amusement.

How to Install Kiss Manga on iOS

Installing the Kiss Manga app on your iPhone or iPad is straightforward. To start, open the App Store and search for the Kiss Manga app. After you click the “Get” button, the app will be downloaded to your smartphone. Then install it and start to read manga. Kiss Manga will keep you entertained for hours on your iOS device!

How to Install Kiss Manga on Desktop

If you want to use the Kiss Manga app on your desktop, you must use an Android emulator like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. First, download and install the emulator on your computer. Then, open it and sign in with your Google account.

After that, find the Google Play Store within the emulator and search for “Kiss Manga.” Once you find the app, click “Install” to get it. Finally, open the app and read your favorite manga on your desktop! You can enjoy the convenience of reading manga on a bigger screen with the Kiss Manga app and an Android emulator.

On Kiss Manga, various manga comics are available without charge. On whether the website is lawful, there is doubt. In actuality, it works in a hazy legal space. The website provides manga comics without a license since it does not hold the rights to them.

As a result, Kiss Manga cannot legally distribute manga comics. In other words, the website violates the original authors’ copyright. Hence, using the website might subject visitors to legal action.

While it offers manga fans a simple platform, it’s crucial to remember that utilizing the service has legal risks. Manga comic book authors depend on the money they get from approved sellers to finance their work.

Users are robbing artists of potential income using an unlicensed service like Kiss Manga. The manga industry as a whole might eventually suffer from this. Consequently, using authorized distributors and buying manga comics legitimately to support the industry’s producers is essential.

Is Kiss Manga Safe?

Kiss Manga is an online manga reading site. But it’s different from a place where kids should be going online. There have been reports of viruses and other malicious software on the website. In addition, there have been concerns about copyright violations on Kiss Manga’s part.

One of its alleged transgressions is the unlicensed dissemination of manga. Instead of utilizing Kiss Manga, seeking other, more reliable, legitimate online manga reading options is preferable. 

How to Stream Kiss Manga Safely

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the safest way to watch Kiss Manga online. Secure your internet connection and online activities using a virtual private network to access the site. Regarding VPN providers, you can go right with either ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

It is necessary to sign up for a VPN service before you can use one. The next stage is to set up a virtual private network on your device. When the VPN is set up, you can access Kiss Manga from any location where it is not blocked by connecting to a server there. Your freedom to explore the site will thereafter be unrestricted.

To stream Kiss Manga securely and unblock it from anywhere, you must use a VPN. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are two fantastic choices that provide safe VPN connections. You can access Kiss Manga safely and without limitations by signing up for a VPN service and connecting to a server in a nation where it is not blocked.

Suggestions that We Have for Kiss Manga

Kiss Manga provides its users with free manga. However, we have some ideas for Kiss Manga to enhance the user interface. The website should consider limiting the number of adverts shown since they can be rather intrusive and irritating.

Second, the website has to concentrate on enhancing its search capabilities to make it easier for visitors to find the comics they want. To prevent copyright infringement, the website should ensure that it only contains authentic and approved manga material. To further develop the website, it should include a function where people can give comments and ideas.

Fifth, because many people visit the website from their phones, the website has to make sure that it is mobile-friendly. To appeal to a larger audience, Kiss Manga should consider expanding the diversity of its manga library.


On the website Kiss Manga, manga comics are available for free reading. Many manga genres, including action, adventure, romance, comedy, horror, and others, are available on the website. Visitors can browse through several categories or do a title-based search for manga.

Users of the website can register, bookmark their favorite comics, and post comments. Unfortunately, Kiss Manga has come under fire for providing stolen material, resulting in the website’s closing.


Kiss Manga is unsafe to use as it has been shut down due to copyright infringement and can expose users to viruses or malware.

No, Kiss Manga was an illegal website that distributed manga content without the consent of the creators or publishers.

A VPN is not required to access Kiss Manga as it has been permanently shut down and is no longer available.

Yes, Kiss Manga used to show ads to generate revenue, but they were often intrusive and potentially harmful.

You can’t block ads on Kiss Manga anymore because the website is gone for good.

Legal alternatives to Kiss Manga include popular websites like Viz, Shonen Jump, and Crunchyroll Manga that provide licensed manga content.

Kiss Manga is no longer available, so supporting multiple languages is irrelevant.

The most popular categories for streaming on Kiss Manga were anime, manga, and comics.

Kiss Manga had suspicious content and popup ads that could contain viruses or malware.

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  • Offers a wide range of manga titles to read for free
  • Provides access to both popular and lesser-known manga series
  • Allows users to create a personal reading list and bookmark their progress
  • Interface is easy to use
  • Provides updates on new manga releases


  • Kiss Manga can host pirated or unauthorized copies of manga, which can be illegal and unethical
  • Site can contain misleading or inappropriate ads, pop-ups, and links that can harm your computer or compromise privacy
  • Some manga series can not be fully translated or have poor-quality translations
  • Kiss Manga can be inaccessible or blocked in certain countries
  • Reading manga online can offer a different experience than reading a physical copy, such as the ability to collect or display manga

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