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Entertainment news sites have become a staple for anyone looking to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in showbiz. These sites cover the latest news, rumors, and gossip about celebrities, movies, TV shows, music, etc. With a focus on the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, these sites attract millions of visitors every day who want to stay informed about their favorite stars and latest projects.

These sites provide the latest news and offer insights into celebrities’ lives, personal lives, and opinions on various issues. These sites often include interviews, photos, videos, and exclusive content that cannot be found elsewhere.

In addition, they allow readers to engage with other fans through comments, forums, and social media platforms, creating a sense of community among entertainment enthusiasts.

What is Heavy.com

Heavy.com covers news and entertainment. It includes news, sports, entertainment, gaming, and technology. It provides timely and in-depth news coverage.

Original material, movies, and handpicked articles are available on the site. It attracts news-seekers. The website’s material is widely shared on Facebook and Twitter. It is a trusted news and entertainment website.


Simon Assaad and David Carson created Heavy.com in 1998 to amuse youth with films. Kung Faux, praised by reviewers, was their first huge hit. It remains a popular online entertainment site with millions of monthly users. Simon Assaad remains CEO despite the time.

The has evolved to remain relevant. The platform was revamped in 2012 to meet audience requirements. The site covers news, sports, and pop culture. Its fascinating articles, videos, and interactive features draw millions of users worldwide. It has grown beyond its video roots to fulfill consumer needs.

As Heavy.com celebrates its 25th anniversary, consider its numerous accomplishments. The site has provided new and unique online entertainment for nearly two decades. Its founders and crew worked hard to survive and prosper in a constantly shifting digital market.


Heavy.com is clear and simple to use. Sections on the website address diverse topics. The site includes news, videos, and articles. Click the section tabs to read more about a subject.

The website has a search box for rapid article searches. Its stories are well-written and illustrated with photographs and videos. Its design and structure make it user-friendly and accessible to many readers.

Key Features

Comprehensive Coverage

Heavy.com covers news, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle. The website offers breaking news and in-depth analysis.

User-generated Content

It lets users post articles, videos, and photographs. It enhances website engagement with a distinct viewpoint.

Engaging Multimedia

Heavy.com has films, picture galleries, and interactive graphics. It enhances the storytelling and user immersion.


The platform is mobile-friendly. The website makes it simple to post articles on social networking.

Community Building

Heavy.com’s commentary and social media integration build community. It fosters online community interaction.


Heavy.com covers news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. Readers can follow global events and breaking news. Fans can access scores, highlights, and player analysis. Read about new movies, TV series, and music. Lifestyle articles encompass health, fashion, and travel.

The site has great videos. The site has many entertaining and educational films. There’s something for everyone—news, interviews, product reviews, and how-to tutorials. High-quality video and audio make the videos entertaining to watch.

It also posts on social media. News, memes, and hot topics are constantly posted on the website’s social media channels. Followers can remark and share material with their followers. Its extensive content across several platforms makes it a great source of information and entertainment.


Heavy.com’s compatibility with numerous devices and platforms is amazing. Users can access the material on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones since the website is suited for them.

It also supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Any browser can visit the website. Android and iOS apps are available for the website. The app lets users access the website’s information on the move.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

Heavy.com’s user experience is great on desktop and mobile devices. Users can easily discover material on the website due to its clear design. Users can view the material without zooming in on mobile devices since the website is suited for smaller displays.

The website’s mobile app offers a comparable experience to the desktop version, making material accessible from anywhere.

Anything Else About that Site

Heavy.com is a famous news and entertainment website that also provides many resources. The site offers how-to instructional videos and product reviews.

It also has a community where people can discuss current events and trends. The site attracts users seeking knowledge and enjoyment with its diversified content and active community.

Pricing and Plans

Heavy.com is 100% free to use in terms of price and programs. Users can use its large collection of articles and videos for free. It makes the site appealing to consumers who want to remain up to speed on the newest news and ideas without subscribing to expensive media services.

Suggestions that We Have for Heavy.com

We have some suggestions for Heavy.com to enhance its website. First, the homepage needs less clutter. Second, a simpler navigation system would assist users in discovering material. Thirdly, the site should be mobile-responsive to access it from any device.

To improve user experience, It can include more videos and photos. Fourth, the site needs more original material and less syndicated. The site must emphasize accuracy and fact-checking to be a credible entertainment news source.


It offers readers up-to-date news about movies, TV series, music, and celebrity rumors. It’s simple to explore and locate what you’re searching for on the site because of its user-friendly layout. Additionally, intelligent reviews and articles with a clear and concise style can be found on the site.

The platform is worth checking out if you’re searching for a website that provides interesting and educational coverage of entertainment news.


Heavy.com is a reputable news website that provides reliable and accurate news updates. The site has a team of experienced journalists and writers who work hard to ensure the information they provide is factually correct and unbiased.

Heavy.com offers a wide range of entertainment news and updates. You can find the latest celebrity gossip, movie and TV show reviews, music news, and more on the site. Whether you’re interested in pop culture, sports, or politics, It has something for everyone.

Heavy.com is free. Site content and videos are free. It appeals to non-subscribers who wish to keep informed.

Yes, Heavy.com has a contact form on its website that you can use to provide feedback or report any inaccuracies or unauthentic news. The site takes its journalistic integrity seriously and welcomes feedback from its readers.

Heavy.com is accessible worldwide. The site, articles, and videos are available worldwide.

Heavy.com accepts reader article ideas. The editorial crew can get pitches using the site’s contact form.

Yes, like many other online media platforms, Heavy.com contains ads. The site uses ads to generate revenue and keep its content free for its readers. However, the site strives to keep the ads to a minimum and ensure they don’t interfere with the user experience.

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  • Provides sports, entertainment, and news
  • Features high-quality videos, images, and multimedia content
  • Provides in-depth coverage of current events and trending topics
  • Easy-to-use interface and website
  • Features a "Daily Dealer" offering merchandise discounts

  • Some articles present biases or sensationalized information
  • Ads and sponsored content are overpowering
  • Data can be unreliable
  • Spam and improper information can clog comments
  • No editorial guidelines

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