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Entertainment news sites are your destination if you want to stay updated on things like showbiz news. These sites provide a pack of news about TV shows, celebrities, and movies familiarly and comically. From E! Online and TMZ to Variety and Entertainment Tonight, all bring you news about red-carpet highlights, exclusive interviews, and behind the scene activities of the stars.

You can find celebrity gossip and interview on Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight, whereas Deadline and TMZ are specialists in the news about upcoming events in the entertainment industry.

From exciting celebrity interviews and juicy titbits to behind the scene endorsement of stars, the entertainment sites have a lot more. They present the glamorous and every bit and piece right on your screen, offering updates and projects. Whether you are a fashion lover or a movie fan, these sites make your journey full of fun and enjoyment. The entertainment news sites keep you well informed about every happening in the industry.

What is Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter is indeed a famous and respected entertainment news site. The portal is renowned for its well-written article and trustworthy reporting. The people who like to be well-informed and stay alert about TV shows, interviews, and reviews, have nowhere but this site.

Whether you like flipping up a physical magazine or reading online articles, The Hollywood Reporter covers all of your desired requirements about the entertainment industry. The site is definitely a great pick if you want a trusted resource for Hollywood things.


You can find the primitive origins of The Hollywood Reporter in the early 1900s. William R. Billy Wilkerson founded the firm on 3 September 1930. In the initial stage, he started it as a daily newspaper named “Daily Hollywood Reporter,” focusing on motion pictures. The Hollywood Reporter is a well-known and trustworthy publication platform that corresponds news on Hollywood, celebrity interviews, and juicy rumors.

In 2000, the owner Billboard Insurance sold the company to VNU. At the same THR initiated its website, Thehollywoodreporter.com. The site allowed viewers to read the news and article online. Throughout the period, THR continued its rivalry with Variety, another famous media outlet.

In 2010, it partnered with Live Nation Entertainment, a leading ticketing company. The portal is a specialist in ranking. The corporation introduced many special issues and rankings, including “Power 100”, highlighting the 100 most influential entertainment industry figures. The company has been evolving over time in different publication areas, such as expansion of coverage, focus on award season, and impactful reporting.


The design of The Hollywood Reporter is clean, professional, and fit for a publication house. As compared to other media outlets, the design is full of professionalism and spicy presentation.

THR’s logo in red color is attractive and identifiable. The header section includes a logo, search bar, content, and dropdown menus. The site includes tabs and dropdown menus on the top of the page, allowing visitors to access their desired section. The social buttons are easy to navigate. The footer side contains extra navigation, source links, copyright notice, and legal information. Overall, the design is comprehensive and easy to use.

Key Features 

Rapid Reporting

The Hollywood Reporter is dynamic, covering a wide range of topics before any rival.

Exclusive Interviews

The site manages interviews of different celebrities, including actors, directors, executives, and producers. The interviews provide insights related to the industry.

Review and Criticism

THR publishes reviews and criticism on TV shows and movies to enhance the need for improvement.

Award Converge

Award coverage is the most awaited feature for viewers and celebs. The company is matchless in coverage of particular awards ceremonies.

Special Feature and List

The firm publishes special features and lists. It has published the annual ‘Power 100’ for the most influential people worldwide.

Range of Platforms

The Hollywood Reporter covers the news and events, including print magazines, social media channels, and websites, making people accessible from anywhere.


THR offers a variety of content in the entertainment sector. The service covers various topics, such as celebrity interviews, award ceremonies, and movie insights. The company has made a systematic mechanism that allows anybody to move on with any news about the Hollywood industry.

The site ensures daily that the content is updated. Routine examination of content makes sure the overall coverage of breaking news and events. The wide range of content, including review articles, juicy gossip, and award shows coverage compels the audience to visit the site.


The Hollywood Reporter is compatible with many devices, including desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and smart TVs. Suitable for all screens, the site is responsible for a smooth user experience. 

You can browse it on any popular browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. The compatibility and multiple browsing facility make the visitor to keep up with news views and events related to the entertainment industry.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

The user experience is the same on mobile and desktop. On mobile, you may have a rather smaller screen but with a quick and responsive layout. The mobile version is easy-to-use and navigable with all necessary tabs.

On the other hand, the desktop display is wide and enriched with features, tabs, and a dropdown menu. The web version is prominent with a search bar where you can find things in an easier way. However, both versions present the finest experience.

Anything Else About Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter is the hub of authenticated entertainment news, offering an array of content. It includes crispy interviews, juicy gossip, and mouthwatering awards shows of Hollywood and beyond.

Pricing and Plans

Hollywood Reporters offers free and paid tiers for its users. The free service is limited and not ad-free. It may be less customizable as compared to a paid subscription. The premium subscription is ideal with limitless customization and is ad-free.

You can have exclusive interviews, live coverage of events, and insights into upcoming projects in the entertainment industry. Fans and movie lovers can afford the premium subscription for $4.99 per month and $49.99 per annual. THR offers an economical price to get in touch with news and other events.

Suggestions that We Have for Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter is a highly esteemed and authentic media house. But to enhance the consumer experience, some areas need to be polished. Firstly, the site should optimize the user experience, making it easy and straightforward. It should organize the article into categories for ease of visitors.

Secondly, it should consider the content unavailable on other alternatives, strengthening the user base. Thirdly, THR should engage the community through comments, user-generated content, and forums.

The website should increase its visual content, like photo galleries and videos. Lastly, it should update its content hourly to engage the visitors and force them to come back for more.


The Hollywood Reporter is an authentic and well-reputed entertainment news site. It has an intuitive design full of features. The webpage is compatible with multiple devices and offers both free and paid tiers. THR can keep up the audience well-informed and up-to-date with the latest Hollywood and other entertainment industry news all over the globe.


The Hollywood Reporter is a reputable source. It provides authentic news, having verification from various sources.

It covers a range of news, including music, films, and events related to the entertainment industry.

Yes, it has a premium subscription for reading more exclusively

The Hollywood Reporter has an avenue where you can provide unauthentic feedback, including the editorial team, for this purpose.

You can access the Hollywood Reporter website from anywhere with the help of a stable internet connection.

The site often gets news or story ideas but with proper submission guidelines.

It may contain ads but for free subscribers. The revenue comes from ads that provide support to the website.

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  • Credibility and reputation of THR are commendable
  • Hollywood Reporter is popular for its in-depth coverage of the entertainment industry
  • Provides a range of news, including films, television, and news related to Hollywood
  • Consists of many features and exclusive content


  • Some articles or features may require a fee subscription
  • Covers only the entertainment industry
  • Sometimes it only depends on its bias and tendencies
  • Lacks local or niche coverage

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