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The media streaming industry is becoming competitive daily. New free and premium TV show streaming sites are releasing, and users are moving toward them. Old TV show streaming fans will agree that the streaming industry has changed.

A few years back, we only had TV show streaming service providers like Hotstar, HBO, Showtime, and others, but now we have multiple free TV show streaming websites that provide us with free content and multiple features.

It’s hard to select from multiple free websites which suit you. But don’t worry; our website is for people like you. Of course, if you have some budget, you should go for premium websites, but if you can’t afford them, we have lists of free TV shows and live TV streaming websites that will help you select websites according to your streaming needs.

MX Player is one of the websites on the free TV show sites list. The website’s name may sound familiar because it was a famous media player till 2018, but now it’s the most famous TV show streaming website.

Let’s deep dive and find out what features it offers, so you can decide whether it suits you.

What is MX Player

MX Player is a free TV streaming website popular in India because of its massive content library. The company started as a media player and later offered free streaming. As a result, the service is India’s most popular free TV streaming site.

It offers a simple and user-friendly interface. In addition, it provides on-demand video streaming in 11 different languages. Like other free streaming websites, it also offers ad-supported streaming.

Moreover, there’s a premium plan for users who don’t want ad interruption while streaming.

It is available in a few countries, including US, UK, and Canada. However, the significant traffic on this website is from India. Currently, it has over 250 million monthly users.

As a result, the website can threaten premium streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, etc.

How Does MX Player Work

MX Player was a media player app and was generating good revenue. It became popular when the company started offering a free TV streaming website. The platform generates revenue by showing ads to users. However, the website also offers premium plans, which help to generate some part revenue.

It provides users with a large variety of content and allows them to access it through multiple devices. These devices include smartphones, smart TVs, desktops, tablets, etc. The website also offers its app, which you can download through various app stores.

MX Player also gets some investments from a Chinese company “Tencent,” but mainly relies on advertising and premium plans revenue. The high-quality content on this platform attracts more viewers, so companies prefer to advertise their products on this platform. As a result, it generates good revenue from advertising.


MX Player offers a simple and intuitive design. The interface is easy to use and navigate. The main page of this website looks good at first sight. If you have ever used premium streaming websites like Netflix or Hulu, you can easily use this website.

A giant banner at the top of the main page promotes and features a film or TV show. Under the banner, there’s a menu with content from different countries divided into sections like Trending on MX, Ensemble Movies, Top Shows on MX, MX Original Web Series, etc.

There are seven options at the top of the main page – Home, Web Series, Movies, TV shows, News, Music, Buzz, and Live TV. Each option differs from the other. In addition, these options offer different features and content.

For instance, clicking on the Web Series option will show you on web series available on this platform. It also shows a search option at the top. It will help you to find your favorite title in the content.

Moreover, it offers a customizable interface. For example, you can switch to dark mode by clicking the button. In addition, you can change the language of the whole website according to your language with the help of a language option at the bottom of the website.

Key Features

Extensive Library of Content

MX Player provides a large variety of content, including movies, TV shows, web series, originals, live TV, etc. The content on this streaming website is from different countries. However, the majority of the content is from India.

User-friendly Interface

The interface of this TV show streaming website is simple and user-friendly. The interface is similar to premium websites. So, even a non-techy person can easily use it.

High-quality Streaming

It allows you to enjoy high-quality streaming. You can enjoy your favorite content in 1080p HD and UHD quality.

Watchlist Option

Like premium streaming websites, MX Player offers a watchlist option. You can add your favorite content to the watchlist and access it anytime.

Multilingual Content

It offers content from different countries, so the content is in different languages. It provides content in 11 languages – English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, etc.

Premium Plans

This platform provides ad-supported streaming, but some people don’t like ad interruption while streaming. So, it offers premium plans in which those people can enjoy ad-free streaming.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

This free streaming website is compatible with multiple devices like smartphones, desktops, tablets, smart TVs, etc. So you can use this website on your favorite devices with any issue.

Live TV Streaming

It allows you to stream live TV channels for free. These live TV channels contain drama, news, kids, etc.

Music Streaming

This free TV streaming website provides users with free music streaming. You can enjoy listening to music or can watch movies on the same platform.


MX Player provides content from different countries in different languages. The content includes movies, TV shows, originals, live TV streaming, music, news, etc. In addition, all of the content on this platform is divided into categories according to genres.

Several filters on this website will help you to sort your favorite content according to your need. In addition, there’s a search option at the top, which is helpful for users to find their favorite titles quickly.

You can add your favorite content to watchlists and can access it anytime. In addition, it allows you to enjoy streaming in high quality. It not only offers TV shows, movies, and originals, but it also offers news, music, and live TV streaming.

Top 10 Must-watch Shows on MX Player

This website provides thousands of films and TV shows, so selecting from a vast content library is hard. However, we have some top-rated shows available on this platform.

  1. Dharavi Bank: It is an Indian crime drama in which all crime happening in Mumbai is controlled by a Thalavian gang. JCP was on a mission to finish this gang and make the city crime free.
  2. Manayek: Izzy Bachar, a police inward undertakings specialist, finds not long before retirement that his long-time companion Barak, a senior cop, is blamed for being corrupt. Life, as far as he might be concerned, breaks into pieces.
  3. Mastram: Mastram, the quintessential writer of the 80s, talked about the dialect of the Hindi heartland. The ten episodes include accounts of enthusiasm interlaced with extreme everyday situations from Mastram’s reality.
  4. Aashram: A misleading, ashram-based Indian Godman’s great deeds serve activities criminal and unholy, for example, assaults, murders, drugs, vote bank legislative issues, and constrained male weakening. The law and a couple of crusaders explore to carry him to account.
  5. Campus Diaries: Campus Diaries is a drama based on six university students. It’s about how students spend their university life.
  6. Shiksha Mandal: The story, in a real sense, is inspired by evident occasions, including one of the hardly the biggest clinical exam scam in India, which explicitly is very critical.
  7. Matsya Kaand: An expert in disguise, a charmer, and a trickster – this is a tale about virtuoso conman Matsya Thada. Destiny tosses him a curve when a cunning and savage cop needs to capture him at any expense.
  8. Bhaukaal: Naveen Sikhera advances into the sin city as the new SSP, and the common problem and disorder hit him in the city. The Shaukeen group administers Muzaffarnagar in the east, and the Dedha siblings rule the west.
  9. High: Shiv Mathur is an addict and, in the end, finds himself in a recovery office. The recovery is controlled by individuals who are dealing with a mysterious compound. This mysterious pill appears to have an edge, yet is this wonder drug worth kicking the bucket for?
  10. Queen: The Sovereign is an account of a lady in the male-driven universes of Film and Tamil Nadu governmental issues. An account of a lady who didn’t get the blissful completion she needed but was destiny’s picked kid.


MX Player is compatible with multiple devices. These devices include smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, desktops, etc. You can use this platform via an app or website. The MX Player app is available in various app stores.

The interface of this website is designed to work perfectly on all devices. The optimized interface adjusts the quality of streaming according to your internet speed. Your internet connection must be strong to experience better streaming.

Does MX Player Offer Premium Plans?

Unlike other free streaming websites, MX Player offers a premium plan for those people who don’t like ad interruption while streaming. The platform formally calls its premium plan “MX Gold.” This plan costs 300 INR per year.

MX Gold members can enjoy ad-free streaming and will get early access to new releases, which is quite impressive.

Is MX Player Safe?

Free streaming websites offer ads and illegal content. Those ads contain malware and encoded viruses. Authorities are taking strict actions against these websites because of illegal content. So that is why most of the free streaming websites are unsafe.

MX Player is a safe website to stream your favorite content. However, it offers ad-supported streaming for freemium plan users. Unfortunately, those ads might contain malware or viruses that can harm your device and breach privacy.

How to Stream MX Player Safely

MX Player is a secure TV show streaming website. However, the ads on it can be unsafe for your device. So, we prefer you to use a VPN before accessing it.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that hides your identity and changes your location by changing your IP address. Encrypting your data also reduces the risk of privacy and data breaches.

Many VPNs are available in Apple or Google Play stores, but only a few do their jobs perfectly. Our recommended VPNs are the following:

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN

Suggestions that We Have for MX Player

MX Player is a popular TV streaming website. However, there’s still a need for improvement that will help this platform gain more audience.

MX Player is currently available in only a few countries. This type of excellent TV streaming website should be available to everyone. So, the company should launch this website in different countries.

The website offers adult and other types of content which everyone can easily access. It should offer parental controls so parents can restrict their children from accessing adult content.


MX Player is an Indian-based website that provides free content to users. The website is famous in India, and its primary traffic is also from this country. The website’s interface is simple and user-friendly. It is designed to work perfectly on all compatible devices. The platform offers a massive library of content, including films, TV shows, originals, web series, music, news, and live TV.

The content on it is from different countries and is available in various languages. You can stream your favorite content on this website in high quality on compatible devices. MX Player is accessible via the web or MX Player app, available on different app stores.

It also offers a premium plan for those users who don’t like ad interruption while streaming. If you are looking for a free TV show streaming website with multiple types of content, MX Player is the best option.


MX Player is a legal website, and all content available on this website is legal. So, don’t worry; nobody will take any action against you regarding using this website.

MX Player is a legal website, so streaming on this website won’t lead to any legal action against you. So enjoy streaming your favorite content on it.

If you are in a geo-blocked location, you need a VPN with an Indian proxy to access this streaming website.

Our recommended VPNs are the following:

1. Nord VPN

2. Express VPN

MX Player allows its users to watch their favorite TV shows. It also offers live TV streaming, so you can watch your favorite TV shows live.

MX Player is a free live TV streaming website, so it’s hard for the website to bear the expenses of servers. Therefore, it offers ads to generate revenue and cover the cost of servers. However, it also offers premium plans where you can enjoy ad-free streaming.

If you are using MX Player for the first time, signing up is mandatory; then it will allow you to enjoy streaming.

There are several legal alternatives to MX Player on the Internet. Some legal alternatives are HBO, Hotstar, Hulu, Disney, etc.

You can stop ads on MX Player by using an adblocker. Unfortunately, this website forces you to disable adblocker to enjoy streaming.

MX Player offers its content in high quality. This website’s TV shows, movies, web series, and other streaming content are available in 1080p HD and UHD.

MX Player requires you to make an account to enjoy TV streaming on it. You can make an account by signing up on this platform for free and enjoy all the content available.

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  • Has a vast library of content
  • Accessible on multiple devices
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Live TV Streaming
  • High-quality Streaming
  • Music Streaming


  • No Parental Control Option

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