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If you are fond of TV shows and want them without a break and cost, the free TV show sites will solve your problem. With the creation of TV streaming services, it has become easier than ever to access many drama series worldwide.

It is more pleasurable than striving for free. However, all free streaming sites are not good; some have limited content, some run ads, and some sites have viruses. Some are costly premium sites, but they have their own library and a vast range of coverage.

We shall review some free TV streaming sites with top free TV shows. We shall mention which are worth it and which are dangerous and you should avoid them.

What is AltBalaji

AltBalaji is a new, famous premium streaming site in India. It allows easy access to your  favourite programs. For example, drama, romance, comedy, and thriller with original content across various genres. Because of the OTT platform, users can access its content anywhere, anytime on their internet device. There is no need for cable or satellite TV subscriptions. Fans can enjoy its high-quality video streaming at a reasonable price.

ALTBalaji is a junior to Balaji Telefilms Ltd, a famous Indian entertainment production company that has released productions for twenty years. This platform started in 2017 and engaged many audiences who were fond of new content. The site became famous in the eyes of all age group audiences with its traits.

It has a user-friendly interface, many regional languages, and an easy payment method. You can pay by credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, and net banking. Payment plan consists of an annual, quarterly, and basis for the convenience of its users   

How Does AltBalaji Work

 Within a short period, the site overwhelmed over 90 countries in the world because of its successful shows like “Mentalhood”, “The Test Case”, “Gandii Baat”, Broken But Beautiful, and “Code M”. It also has licenses for popular TV shows and movies from other production houses.

The fans can also avail the opportunity of a free trial before subscribing. AltBalaji has launched an app for users to have its content while traveling. Android and iOS devices can download this app from their respective stores. At last, this company has gained its position in India’s growing OTT market by offering original, licensed content at affordable prices.

Balaji Telefilms Ltd, a popular Indian entertainment production company, owned Alt Balaji on April 16th, 2017. It has been working for two decades. The site has its own original and quality content, which gives it a distinctive mark in the market of streaming sites.

Alt Balaji is a famous, new premium TV streaming service that has its own name in India. The streamers continued their efforts and soon raised the level of the platform among the famous streaming services in India. This site served audiences with a personalised and engaging streaming experience.

The parent, Balaji Telefilm, has numerous shows in Indian languages. For example, Zee5 has a huge list of music videos with matchless content. With its licensed shows and movies, this platform attracts an audience of all age groups. Its popularity is due to its subscription plan, which is cheaper than the other streaming sites.


The design of AltBalaji has many characteristics, as the homepage of AltBalaji is visually attractive and user-friendly. Its homepage has an enormous banner promoting the latest shows and movies available on the site. There are also categories of shows, such as tending, popular and newly released shows, and much more.

The navigation menu of AltBalaji is straightforward to use. It is at the top of the homepage, including options such as Home, Shows, Movies, premium, and my account. AltBalaji is famous for its show page, which offers information about the show and related shows.

It also has a video trailer and episode listing and allows the user to add his favourite shows to his watch list. The watch list allows users to save their wanted movies and shows for leisure. The watch list is also visible on the homepage.

AltBalaji’s playback design is also user-friendly, allowing the fans to adjust video quality and playback speed. You can pause, play, rewind, skip to the next episode, and fast forward to your own choice. The search feature in AltBalaji provides quick access to the desired content.

The search bar is situated at the top of the home page and helps the audiences to search movies, shows, and other content with the help of titles, genres, or keywords. AltBalaji’s design is eye-catching, easy to use, and modern, with a seamless streaming experience. 

Key Features

Original Content

Like other OTT sites, Hulu and Netflix, AltBalaji also gives real and exclusive Indian TV shows and movies. It has 250 hours of original content. It adds one show every month to the original content. The site’s diverse content library includes comedy, thriller, romance, dramas, and more.

Affordable Pricing

AltBalaji renders a suitable price option to attract a wide range of audiences from all over India. Every layman can bear its expenses, from one hundred rupees to three hundred rupees. It consists of three months to six months plans.

Personalized Recommendations

The Company’s recombination system manages users’ viewing history and maintains the personalized streaming experience. 

Multiple Regional Languages

AltBalaji gives content in many regional languages like Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, and many other languages so that users may get access to the site across India

Ad-free Streaming

The platform offers free streaming, letting users watch exciting shows and movies without obstacles.

User-friendly Interface

AltBalaji has a user-friendly interface to make it easy for the fans to get easy navigation and discover new content.

High-quality Streaming

The platform offers HD-quality video streaming, satisfying its viewers.

AltBalaji’s app offers offline viewing after downloading the favourite content from the app. It makes it convenient for users with limited internet access.

Availability on Many Devices

AltBalaji is available on many devices. For example, smart TV, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. It allows users to approach their favourite content on the go.


AltBalaji’s content library consists of both original and licensed movies and shows. The platform gives attractive and high-quality content, thought-provoking and matchless. The site renders unique and original shows unavailable on other streaming sites. These shows cover various genres on both desktops and mobile apps.

The site’s shows have won many awards for their marvelous storytelling performances. The platform also licenses content from other production houses to entertain its fans across India. It offers multi-language programs and shows to enhance the interest of the audiences.

AltBalaji tackles taboo topics in Indian society, including mental health, sexuality, and societal norms, to make them different from other streaming sites. Its viewing experience, to a large extent, keeps the audience in touch with storytelling content. It also maintains the interest of its fans from start to end. AltBalaji’s content library has varied content duration, ranging from short stories to full-length movies.

AltBalaji’s app and content render something new for everyone with its matchless, storytelling, and engaging content. The site’s original shows and licensed content comprise high quality and cater to an adverse range of fans.

Top 10 Shows

The top ten must-watch shows on AltBalaji are here.

  1. The Test Case: A military drama in which an army officer, Nimrat Kaur, decided to become the first woman to join the special force. 
  1. Broken but Beautiful: A romantic drama that shows the intricate relationship between two individuals finding their love again after a heartbreak in dealing with them. 
  1. The Verdict – State Vs. Nanavati: A legal drama based on the true story that follows the Nanavati case that shook the nation in 1959
  1. Code M: A military thriller in which Jennifer Winget, as a lawyer, investigates a high-profile case of the death of a soldier. 
  1. Afaran: A crime thriller. The police want the story of a young man who is running to save his life from the charge of murder. He shows his morals and how to perform his duty. 
  1. Bicchoo Ka Khel: A story of a young man who is under observation in a case of murder, but he runs to clear his name. 
  1. Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala: A romantic drama of two ex-lovers who come across after years as successful cooks
  1. Class of 2020 drama: Shows the enthusiastic nature of young students facing hard challenges in their high school life
  1. The Married Woman: A famous drama about a middle-aged woman who falls in love with another woman in a conservative society and develops a sexual relationship. 
  1. Puncch Beat: A youth-oriented drama that deals with the lives of the students who are living in a boarding school where they have to face competition, drama, and romance. All AltBalaji’s drama series show that there are also many talented people in the Indian entertainment industry.  


AltBalaji is compatible with a wide range of devices: Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Gaming consoles, Web browsers, Smart TVs, Smartphones, and tablets. They give users a calm approach to their favourite content across many platforms.

AltBalaji’s app is available on iOS and Android, allowing users to access exciting content. The platform is also compatible with many smart TV brands, including Sony, LG, Samsung, and more. It makes it easy for fans to watch their favourite movies and shows on the gigantic screen.

AltBalaji’s website is accessible by various web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. It allows followers to watch their favourite shows and movies on their laptops and desktop. It is also available on gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, giving users another way to access their favourite content.

AltBalaji’s app allows users to stream content from their tablets or smartphones to their TVs by supporting Chromecast. The site’s app is also available on Amazon Fire TV, making it easy for users to access their on-demand content on their TV screens.

Lastly, its vast compatibility allows users to access their on-demand content. It is possible across multiple platforms and devices, rendering a seamless streaming experience.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

ALTBalaji is a fantastic and widely available TV streaming site on the market at present. This service is compatible with thirty-two varied interfaces. All mobile and tablet devices are best used with PC and android TV apps through full mobile browser functionality.

AltBalaji has a user-friendly interface to navigate and find new content. It makes the personal streaming experience sure of the user’s satisfaction. The user can enjoy High-quality video content after downloading. It ensures the viewing experience on mobile devices with seamless playback. It is possible on any device to start watching where they left off.

AltBalaji offers the same desktop viewing experience with all the qualities which the user enjoys on the mobile. For example, tabs support, Ad-free streaming, Personalised recommendations, an easy-to-use interface, and High-quality streaming.

Pricing and Plans

The pricing structure of this TV streaming site is totally different from others. You can pay monthly or yearly with the pricing breakdown: 1 year: $12.99 ($1/month), 3 months: $4.99 ($1.66/month), 6 months: $7.99 ($1.33/month).

AltBalaji is unmatched in its pricing timelines. It is one of the cheapest streaming services all over the world. Everyone, even an amateur, can also enjoy unlimited, ad-free access to TV and movie streaming sites. It will cost you less than Hulu Plus in a month.

Is AltBalaji Safe?

AltBalaji is a legal streaming site with licenses to offer its fans suitable content. This platform is a subscription-based streaming platform that offers a wide range of Indian TV shows and movies. However, some unauthorised sites claim they will provide free access to Alt Balaji’s content. These platforms may be dangerous for your devices. You should subscribe to AltBalaji’s official website or app to enjoy Indian TV shows and content with the safety of your device and personal information. With this experience, you can enjoy the vast library of shows and movies without any legal issues.

How to Stream AltBalaji Safely

If you desire to stream AltBalaji safely, you should use the ExpressVPN of PIA (Private Internet Access). First of all, you subscribe to a premium VPN service like PIA or ExpressVPN and make sure that AltBalaji’s content is geo-restricted to the country. Download and install the VPN client, launch the VPN client, log in, and connect to an Indian server.

Once the VPN is connected, then launch the AltBalaji website or app. Now log in to your AltBalaji account and enjoy your favorite streaming shows. AltBalaji will protect your online privacy and security by hiding your IP address. It will also help you bypass geo-restrictions and access AltBalaji’s content. You should also observe your local laws and regulations.

Suggestions that We Have for AltBalaji

 The current interface of AltBalaji is easy to navigate, but there is also a chance to improve its streaming services. A cleaner can increase the user’s experience. Expanding the library of shows and movies attacks more audiences and enhances the existing community.

AltBalaji focuses on Hindi movies and shows, but regional content is also demanded. If this platform produces more regional content, a more audience will also move to the platform.

A flexible pricing plan will also increase traffic on AltBalaji’s site. It should introduce per-show or per-reason plans. If AltBalaji enhances the streaming speed and provides quality videos, the viewer will move to this site at double speed. By acting upon these suggestions, AltBalaji can become a better platform for fans and viewers to enjoy their favourite shows and movies.


ALTBalaji is a trustworthy OTT free streaming service in India. It is a subscription-based platform with a wide range of content. But be careful of unauthorised sites claiming free access to AltBalaji’s contents, which may harm your devices.

This site can enhance its quality and rank by cleaning, an intuitive interface, flexible prices, and more regional content. In short, AltBalaji is the best free streaming site in India for viewer who wants to see shows and movies legally and safely.


Yes, AltBalaji is safe and legal if you subscribe to it from its official website or app. But by using unauthorised sites, you may be unsafe as they use pirated content that can harm and destroy your devices.

Yes, AltBalaji is a legal free streaming platform that provides a lot of TV shows and movies in India. It has licenses to give content to its viewers.

You can avoid getting caught if you legally use AltBalaji by subscribing to the site through their official website. If you follow unauthorised sites, they will create some legal issues for you and charge you penalties.

No, VPN is not required for accessing AltBalaji. However, it can be useful for increasing your online security when streaming content on the site. VPN helps you bypass geo-restrictions and access AltBalaji anywhere in the world.

Of course, AltBalaji gives the latest episodes of TV shows. You just need to have a subscription to enjoy shows and movies.

Yes, AltBalaji shows ads while showing TV shows or movies. However, if you want to stop ads, you can enjoy an ad-free streaming experience by subscribing to their premium plan.

Yes, this platform needs to sign up and create an account to access its shows and movies and much more. However, there is no need to sign up if you want to browse its content library.

Yes, ZEEs, Disney Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are several legal alternatives to AltBalaji.

 You can enjoy ad-free TV shows and movies by subscribing to their premium plan,

Yes, TV shows on AltBalaji are of noble quality. Depending on your subscription plan, it also has HD and Ultra HD resolution.

Yes, you are to create an account and possess a valid subscription to enjoy TV shows on ALTBalaji.

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