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Are you looking for online anime streaming services? A wide variety of anime entertainment is available. Everything from the oldest to the most recent shows is available.  These websites are the ideal way to meet your enthusiasm for anime. Anime websites offer stable streaming, convenient layouts, and a range of subscription options.

Anime-Planet is the most well-known website for anime genres.  The platform offers a wide range of anime distributors and studios. It provides a huge selection of manga and anime material. 45,000 episodes from more than 1,500 anime series are available on this platform.

The extensive library of Anime-Planet is one of its best qualities. Vast user communities exist on Anime-Planet where people express their ideas and opinions.

What is Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet enables users to discover and watch their favorite anime and episodes. Visitors can select their interests using the site’s user-generated assessments and ratings.

A wide range of anime, manga, and webcomics are available on this site. Users can establish their profiles, rate anime, and post reviews for others to read. The website also gives recommendations based on a user’s viewing history and ratings. Its accessible interface makes it easier for users to locate new programs.  Due to its navigational structure, Anime-Planet is an excellent online streaming service for anime fans.


Kim Cameron created Anime-Planet in 2001 as her passion for anime. The website began as a straightforward online database of anime titles. It gained popularity due to its user interface and its vast collection of anime material.

As Anime-Planet has grown to be a comprehensive anime website. Search abilities can allow users to establish profiles, rate anime, and give reviews. Moreover, the website underwent a significant revamp in 2008. DeNA bought Anime-Planet in 2015, made more investments, and expanded the website’s features.

Anime-Planet is one of the world’s most popular anime streaming websites, with millions of registered members. The website is a focal point for anime enthusiasts all around the world. It provides a variety of material, from classic series to the newest releases.


Visitors can search for individual anime titles or browse by genre using the search bar. Also contains a slider displaying the most popular and latest anime releases. The ideas from other users are also published in the website’s sidebar.

Each anime title on Anime-Planet has a special page. It contains a biography, ratings, reviews, and connected content. Users can rate the anime, publish their own reviews, and add it to their watchlist. The website delivers customized recommendations based on user interests and feedback.

It is easy to focus on the anime content due to its clean, basic appearance. The website shows a white color scheme with touches of pink and blue, and it uses simple fonts that are easy to read.

Key Features

Big Library

Anime-Planet offers over 45,000 episodes from over 1,500 anime series.

Manga and Webcomics

Anime-Planet provides users a wide choice of manga and webcomics.

User Reviews

Users may rate and publish reviews for anime titles and discover the top series.

Personalized Suggestions

The website gives customized recommendations based on a user’s watching history and ratings.


Users may establish a watchlist of anime titles, making tracking what they have and haven’t viewed easier.

Community Features

Anime-Planet offers an active community of people that share their opinions and ideas.


The website is compatible with mobile phones, iOS, and PCs.


The website offers 45,000 episodes from more than 1,500 anime series. Anime-Planet ensures its viewers have access to the most recent anime content.

Action, humor, drama, romance, and science fiction are available on the website. The search box allows users to explore by category or look for particular anime titles.

A wide variety of manga and webcomics are also available for users to read on this website. Manga fans can explore the website’s dedicated manga area by genre or do title searches. 

 Anime-Planet content offers updates with the most recent anime releases. Users can pick from a wide selection of anime material due to its vintage anime programs. Anime-Planet provides something for everyone, regardless of their level of experience.

Top 10 Anime Shows on Anime-Planet

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: This anime offers fascinating animation and characters.
  2. Attack on Titan: An interesting anime called Attack on Titan takes place in a universe where giant humanoids and humanity are at war.
  3. Naruto: The Anime Series Naruto is well-liked. At more than 700 episodes, it is a long anime series.
  4. Death Note: It is an intriguing and well-liked psychological thriller anime program.
  5. One Piece: With more than 900 episodes, the well-known anime One Piece is still going strong.
  6. My Hero Academia: An exciting anime series with amazing action scenes.
  7. Cowboy Bebop:  It follows a group of bounty hunters as they travel through space. A favorite of all anime fans due to its charming characters.
  8. Sword Art Online: Because of its stunning animation, Sword Art Online will appeal to fans of science fiction.
  9. Hunter x Hunter: This anime recounts the narrative of Gon Freecss, a young kid who sets out to become a Hunter.
  10. Your Lie in April:  This anime is a love drama about a young kid called Kosei Arima, a gifted pianist who has lost his ability to hear his own music.


This platform can accessible to watch anime on a computer, smartphone, or smart TV. You can browse the website and watch your favorite episodes on any device.

Both iOS and Android users can download the Anime-Planet mobile app. With this app, you can watch anime, keep track of your watching habits, and get suggestions. Due to its app’s convenient layout,  anime series are easy to search for and watch.

Integrating with other streaming sites is also a fantastic aspect of Anime-Planet.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

Anime-Planet provides a wonderful user experience on desktop and mobile platforms. The website is simple to use and helps you discover the anime series you want to watch. Popular and recent anime series are available on the homepage, explored by genre, rating, or season. You can locate certain TV series or movies due to its effective search tool.

You can watch anime on the move with the mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Apart from offering features like watch histories, and the option to add episodes to your watchlist, the app is easy to use. Anime-Planet offers a fun and simple experience on the website and mobile app.

How to Install Anime-Planet on Android

Locate “Anime-Planet” by completing a Google Play Store search first. If you’ve located the Anime-Planet app, click “Install” to start the installation process. Download and install the app on your smartphone.

Make a new one after the installation is complete. When you log in, you may start browsing for and streaming your favorite anime series and movies.

How to Install Anime-Planet for iOS

Search for “Anime-Planet” in the App Store’s search box. Select “Download” from the menu. On your smartphone, select “Download” from the menu. This software has download and installation capabilities.

Open the Anime-Planet app and sign in using your current account or one you may create. By logging in, you may search for and watch your preferred anime movies and episodes.

How to Install Anime-Planet on a Desktop

Access the Anime-Planet website on your computer’s browser. It needs to establish an account by clicking the “Sign Up” button in the upper-right corner of the website. If you do, log in.

You may start watching anime movies and television programs on the Anime-Planet website. You may download the desktop app for a more straightforward experience.

Do they Have a Premium Edition of Anime-Planet?

Anime-Planet has a premium version named Anime-Planet Supporter. This version provides additional advantages to its customers. Users may watch their favorite anime episodes without interruption by commercials. Viewers may enjoy its content without the involvement of unwanted advertisements.

Anime-Planet Supporter provides users with early access to upcoming sites and special perks. It offers personalized suggestions and user profiles.

It is a legitimate streaming service that offers consumers access to licensed anime.  As a user, you can be confident that you are enjoying legitimate anime material. Anime-Planet takes pleasure in providing anime fans with a moral and honest forum.

Anime-Planet guides customers to uphold copyright regulations and abstain from downloading pirated anime.  Anime-Planet offers a secure and legal streaming environment for anime. This platform also fosters the expansion and success of the anime industry. Anime-Planet is an excellent option if you’re seeking a trustworthy and legitimate source.

Is Anime-Planet Safe?

Anime-Planet is often regarded as a secure website for anime viewing.   Anime-Planet does not host any copyrighted video on its own servers. Instead of providing links to sites that provide legal streaming.

There is always a chance of fraudulent advertisements or links. Anime-Planet uses a reputable ad network and monitors advertising for any unusual behavior. The website advises against clicking on suspicious-looking advertising and using an ad blocker.

How to Stream Anime-Planet Safely

This platform guarantees that your streaming experience is seamless and buffer-free. Use reliable antivirus software to shield your computer from any possible viruses.

A virtual private network (VPN) is another secure way to watch anime. Using a VPN prevents others from watching your online activity or stealing your personal information. It allows you to view the website from a private and secure network.  It conceals your IP address, keeping you anonymous. To access this website, users must use a high-end VPN like Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN.

Is Anime-Planet Geo-blocked or Not?

The usage of the website Anime-Planet is unlimited, and it is available to everyone. Since it is not geo-blocked, people from any nation may access its material. This makes it a great platform for anime fans throughout the globe to watch their favorite series. Some anime films cannot be accessed in certain locations due to copyright limitations.

Users can face problem warnings while accessing a certain title on this platform.  Users may still take advantage of the enormous collection of anime films offered on the website. In case of any problems, users can ask for help from the Anime-Planet support staff. Regardless of where they are, anime enthusiasts can enjoy anime content.

Suggestions that We Have for Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is a terrific platform for new anime releases, making watchlists, and communicating with other fans. We do have some recommendations to enhance the user experience. First, a function that suggests anime based on a user’s viewing history and ratings would be useful.

By doing so, visitors would spend less time looking for new anime to watch. The website might also incorporate a notification system that informs users about fresh episodes.

The present design is functional, but there is room for growth in appearance and usability. The website would be more tempting to customers, especially younger ones, if it used more color and graphics. To better aid clients in recognizing what they are looking for, a wider search bar and more visible navigation tabs would be excellent.


Anime-Planet is a great platform for all-age anime lovers to explore, learn about, and interact with other fans globally. It has a vast library of anime series, manga, and reviews.

All users may have a fun and engaging experience on the site because of its user reviews, social networking, and tailored suggestions. The site is unquestionably the go-to website for anime enthusiasts due to its user-friendly layout and a large variety of anime titles. It provides everything to interest both experienced and new fans alike.


A good anime website should offer a large selection of anime films and have consistent streaming quality.

Yes, Anime-Planet is safe to use, and the site takes the necessary measures to protect its users’ data.

Yes, Anime-Planet is a legal platform that provides licensed anime content to its users.

No, a VPN is not required to access Anime-Planet as the site is available globally.

Yes, Anime-Planet shows ads, but users can opt for a premium membership to avoid them.

Users can use ad-blockers on their browsers to block ads on Anime-Planet.

Legal alternatives to Anime-Planet include Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

Anime-Planet supports various languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish, and French.

No, Anime-Planet does not allow downloading of any episode as it is a streaming platform.

The most popular categories for streaming on Anime-Planet are action, comedy, romance, and drama.

No, Anime-Planet does not contain any viruses or malware, and the site is regularly monitored for security purposes.

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  • Anime-Planet boasts one of the largest collections of anime and manga titles available online
  • Anime-Planet’s algorithm provides personalized recommendations based on your viewing history and preferences
  • Thriving community of fans who share their love for this genre
  • Anime-Planet is completely free to use, with no hidden fees or subscriptions
  • User-generated reviews and ratings

  • Not all titles are available to watch or read
  • Quality of reviews and ratings can vary
  • Anime-Planet does not offer any official content
  • Difficult to navigate or find what you're looking for
  • Platform does not offer many community features beyond discussion forums

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