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Cricfree Small Logo Visit free sports streaming sites cat icon All Free Sports S... (20+) is a free sports streaming website that offers free access to live sports TV channels. This website is popular among sports enthusiasts because of its free and high-quality sports content.

You may think this website only offers content regarding cricket because of its first half name, but let us clarify here. It offers content regarding sports, including Cricket, Football, Boxing, Wrestling, Rugby, Basketball, F1 racing, Hockey, and many others.

The interface of is simple and user-friendly. It offers sports content from different countries, which sounds crazy to sports fans. In addition, it offers chat rooms where sports enthusiasts can discuss a particular sport or a match.

Due to its large number of monthly visitors, this website needs help bearing the cost of servers. So, it starts taking donations from users who want to support this website. also stated that it would start offering other content if it gets enough donations.

The ads and pop-ups on this website are manageable. You can use this free sports streaming website on multiple devices and can enjoy your favorite sports content in high-quality.

From the above discussion, this website sounds impressive. So, let’s take a closer look at and find out whether it suits you.

History is a popular sports streaming website, but there’s no information about the release of this site. However, according to some rumors, this website was released in 2017 and registered as a legal free sports streaming website.

The identity of the website’s owner is still a secret. There needs to be more information on the Internet about the history of this website, so it’s hard to tell how it started its journey.

A year later, this website only showed pop-up ads. Then, due to the increasing number of monthly visitors, it started showing ads and taking donations from users to support this free website, so it could bear the cost of servers and provide free sports to its users.


The design of is simple and intuitive. It is user-friendly for a techy and non-techy person. If you ever use a free sports website, you can easily use it.

The light grey and dark blue color combination looks good on this website. The ads on this website cover 30% of the area. The remaining 70% contains different items.

At the top of the main page, there’s a website logo that looks shambolic. Under the logo, there’s a slide that features the date and time of coming events. 

As you come down, you will see a section showing details about the coming events and offering highlights from the last events. It also shows what events allows its users to stream.

A list of sports channels from different countries is present on the left side of the main page. You can select your favorite sports TV channel and start watching your favorite. When we used this website for the first time, we played Sky Sports F1 and watched F1 racing

The end of this website hasn’t been updated since 2017. But overall,’s design is straightforward and easy to use.

Key Features

Wide Range of Sports Content

This website offers a wide range of sports content from different countries at no cost. This sports content is worth it for every sports enthusiast, and they can easily save $30/month from this website.

Live Sports TV Streaming

On, you can stream your favorite sports content live on your favorite sports TV channel. More than 25 live sports TV channels on this website offer different sports content.

User-friendly Interface

This free sports streaming website’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly. Every person can easily use this website and enjoy their favorite sports content.

High-quality Streaming

The best we like about this free streaming website is that it offers your favorite sports in high-quality. The quality that it offers is 720p HD and 1080p HD.

Current and Upcoming Events

The homepage of offers a section where it displays the timing and details of upcoming events. It’s a good feature that helps sports fans to manage their timetable according to their upcoming favorite events.

News and Highlights

This website provides its users with updated scores of different sports, the latest news, and highlights of previous matches.

Accessible on Multiple Devices is accessible on multiple devices. Therefore, you won’t have any lame excuses for missing your favorite sports content because of not having a compatible device.

Content offers a broad range of sports content for free. This site has become an excellent choice for worldwide sports fans. The users can stream their favorite content on multiple sports channels.

Sports fans who only heard the name of this website could be thinking that this website only offers sports content. However, it has content for sports enthusiasts, including Cricket, Football, Hockey, Boxing, Wrestling, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, F1 racing, and others.

Moreover, you also get access to multiple sports TV channels, including Ten Sports, Sky Sports, ESPN, Fox TSN, PTV Sports, BT Sports, and others.

If gets enough donations from its users to fulfill the cost of servers, then it will provide other content and make it ad-free.

Compatibility is compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones, desktops, tablets, smart TVs, and others. Moreover, the site runs perfectly on browsers like chrome, firefox, etc., and operating systems like Microsoft Windows, macOS, etc.

The pop-ups and ads are annoying. Sometimes they redirect you to another website, which might be harmful. So be cautious before using this website.

Mobile/Desktop Interface

This website is compatible with mobile and desktops. The interface of is optimized to work well on both devices. There’s little difference between the interfaces of mobile and desktops.

The interface of the mobile is simple and intuitive. The homepage divides into three different sections that we have already discussed. When you click on any event, it will take you to another page that will serve you with the stream of that event in high quality. You can access this free site using different browsers on your mobile phones.

The desktop interface of is similar to the mobile interface. However, when you stream your favorite event or sport on a desktop, it opens in a new window. The website is designed to adjust the stream’s quality to enhance the streaming experience.

The dark mode is accessible on both devices. Overall, there’s no significant difference between the interfaces of both devices.

Is Safe?

Most free streaming websites contain illegal content and encoded viruses that can harm your device or breach your privacy. Using an illegal website may lead to legal action against you.

Free websites offering copyright-protected content are illegal, and authorities are taking action against these websites.

However, is officially known as a legal sports streaming website, but it also offers illegal sports content.

Moreover, this website offers annoying ads and pop-ups that expose your device to malware and other viruses. As a result, is not a safe website to stream your favorite sports content.

How to Stream Safely

As discussed in the above section, this website offers illegal content, and the annoying pop-ups contain malware and other viruses. But everyone wants to stream their favorite sports content for free. However, the increasing risk of privacy breaches and malware prevents users from accessing this website.

But there’s a way you can stream this website safely. The only way to stream it safely is by using a VPN.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that hides the identity of its user by changing the IP address and your data into code so a third can’t use it.

Several VPNs are available in app stores, but only a few do their job correctly. Our recommended VPNs are the following:

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN

Suggestions that We Have for is a popular sports streaming website that provides its content for free to sports fans. This website plays a good role in the industry of free sports streaming websites. However, it needs some improvements to help this platform gain more audience.

This website should offer low-cost premium plans for those users who don’t like annoying ads and pop-ups. Instead of donating to this website, users will subscribe to this site, and it will generate good revenue.

Currently, the website doesn’t have an app and is not compatible with some devices. It should work on compatibility and make it easier to navigate.

Only a few filters are available on this website to sort events according to your input. should add more filters so users can access their favorite events easily.

Conclusion is a free sports streaming website that provides live sports streaming and other sports content to sports enthusiasts for free. This site offers a user-friendly interface and a vast collection of sports content. It has content for all types of sports fans from different countries.

The website is compatible with multiple devices and easy to navigate. The best feature of this site is that it offers high-quality sports content and details about upcoming events. The only downside about this website is its annoying ads and pop-ups.

FAQs is officially known as a legal website for streaming sports content at no cost. However, it contains some illegal content, and the website is frequently blocked. Furthermore, the identity of the website’s owner remains unknown. All these things indicate this is not a legal website, but it still needs clarification. Therefore, we suggest you use it with a VPN.

Some proofs indicate that is an illegal website. Still, most websites count as a legal website. So, whether this website is legal or illegal is yet to be justified.

If this website proves illegal and you get caught using it, your government will take legal action against you according to the country’s law regarding using illegal websites. So, use a VPN before accessing any free or illicit website. A VPN will hide your identity and location.

Our recommended VPNs are:

1. Nord VPN

2. Express VPN

You can access from any country, but it might be an illegal website, so we recommend you use a VPN before accessing it.

Our recommended VPNs are:

1. Nord VPN

2. Express VPN

Legal alternatives of are premium sports channels, including ESPN, Ten Sports, Sky Sports, etc.

You can stop pop-up ads on by using an adblocker. Unfortunately, sometimes the ad blocker doesn’t work on this free streaming website. offers its users high-quality sports content. Most of the content available on this website is in 720HD and 1080pHD quality.

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