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Video streaming platforms allow you to watch your favorite videos on the go. Before these platforms, people had to rely on cable TV broadcasts or wait for a DVD release. But, you can now watch and enjoy a vast content library without keeping you waiting.

Moreover, these sites have provided content makers with convenient platforms to showcase their talent at a bigger spot. This enables them to reach a wider fan base and promote their talent.

Moreover, these sites offer a vast range of options, like TV shows, movies, and other content. Most video streaming sites are subscription based.  Popular video streaming sites are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Various devices, such as smartphones and laptops, are compatible with these sites.

What is DTube

Dtube is a platform where people can watch, share, and upload videos. It was launched in July 2016 and built with blockchain technology. This platform has no single point of control or censorship. It provides high-quality videos. You can make crypto by sharing videos.

It does not have annoying advertisements to make the user experience more enjoyable. These days, users are looking for alternatives to YouTube. Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the largest and most popular video hosting platforms.

People are becoming disillusioned with the site because it allows ads. But nowadays, users do not like ads. They watch videos without seeing ads. In this article, I’ll share my experience with DTube.


DTube was founded on July 4, 2016, by Ned Scott. The platform uses blockchain technology.  It gained popularity within a few weeks, with 250,000 users. Steem’s blockchain technology faced a data breach in two to three weeks. Resulted in losses worth $85,000 with over 250,000 accounts

DTube has made use of Steem’s blockchain technology. To create a flourishing decentralized P2P community of incentivized video uploaders. DTube can become the YouTube of tomorrow. An ad-free website attracts users. The community paid the users via cryptocurrency. People have the internet currently, which provides a useful service for free.


The DTube design is the same as that of YouTube. White backgrounds and white and red themes attract users. But it doesn’t look like YouTube. It is easy to use and stress-free to navigate.

The menu bar is on the left side of the page and stays in one place. Different website sections are easier to use, such as popular and later videos. People can search for and upload videos in simple and easy ways.

Key Features


DTube is a decentralized platform. The blockchain is like a big notebook that keeps track of information. Everyone who uses it can see and control their own information.

No Ads

On this platform, users can enjoy ad-free content.

No Censorship

DTube lets people watch anything they want without censorship. 

Video Playback

DTube provides fast and reliable video playback.

HD Quality

Users can watch and upload high-quality videos on this platform.

Easy-to-use Interface

It has a unique and easy-to-use interface. This platform makes it easy for users to upload, share, and watch videos.


The service is an open-source project. The community of this platform and its users can both take part in its development. 


DTube is a video-sharing platform that allows users to upload and watch videos. The platform uses IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to store data. This service allows users to share their personal experiences and thoughts through videos.

Moreover, it allows sharing of breaking news and other current events worldwide. Users can share their expertise on a wide range of topics through how-to videos. This service is popular among gamers and eSports enthusiasts sharing gameplay and videos.

As well as sharing music videos, short films, and clips on DTube. This platform values freedom of expression and promotes creativity and innovation. It offers an alternative to centralized video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. 


DTube is a decentralized video-sharing platform compatible with various devices. It uses IPFS to store data. Moreover, the platform supports several browsers through Steem Blockchain.

Also, it is compatible with a large number of devices, such as desktop devices and smartphones. Users can enjoy DTube by using popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Mobile applications are available for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from the Google play store or Apple App Store.

It ensures excellent performance and compatibility. We suggest that users make sure their operating systems and web browsers are up to date.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

You can access the DTube through a wide range of devices and you can adjust the layout according to the screen size of your device. This ensures that the desktop experience is like the mobile experience, with the main difference being the screen size.

For mobile users, a DTube mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. The mobile app provides a more optimized experience for users who prefer to access the platform on their mobile devices.

Is DTube Geo-blocked?

It has no centralized authority or control, so organizations cannot geo-block it.

Moreover, it’s important to note that some internet service providers or governments may block access. The accessibility of DTube for users in certain regions or countries.

In addition, content creators on this platform may restrict access to their content based on location or other factors. There may be some limitations depending on internet connectivity and regional restrictions.

Pricing and Plans

DTube is free to use and has no subscription plans or pricing. Users can upload and watch videos without any cost or fees. Furthermore, some potential costs are associated with using DTube, such as transaction fees and storage fees

A community-driven platform that relies on the support of its users. It operates on a different model compared to traditional video-sharing platforms.

Suggestions that We Have for DTube

DTube is an excellent video streaming site that provides an extensive content library, but there is always room for improvement. It must ensure that users get high-quality and informative videos according to their preferences.

This will increase the likelihood that people will watch and share videos. Also, encourage viewers to leave comments or complaints and respond to their questions daily. This will help build a community around its channel. 

To make the platform more user-friendly, it should include relevant keywords in your video or title. If the service wants to increase its audience or engagement, it should provide relevant content for users. The platform must allow users to share their content on social media and elsewhere.


DTube allows users to upload and watch videos without censorship. It uses blockchain technology to store videos. They reward users with cryptocurrency based on their videos’ popularity.

Content creators should focus on creating high-quality and engaging SEO-based videos. By promoting and providing relevant content for their audience. Consistency and building a strong community are also significant factors to consider.

Overall, DTube provides a unique and innovative video-sharing platform. It is worth exploring for those interested in decentralized technologies and communities.


Yes, it is safe. The privacy and security of our users is our top priority. It operates on the Steem blockchain technology. It uses cryptographic algorithms to secure transactions and user data. However, as with any online platform, there is always some level of risk involved when sharing personal information or content.

Yes, it is legal. The legality of DTube, like any other online platform, depends on the laws and regulations. Its legal status may vary depending on the jurisdiction.

No, a VPN is not required to access DTube. However, using a VPN can help protect your privacy and security while using this platform or any other online platform. 

DTube does not show traditional ads like many other video platforms. It has a unique approach to monetization. It is on the STEEM blockchain technology.

DTube allows users to upload videos directly to the platform. It operates on a voting system that allows users to upvote or downvote content on the platform.

DTube allows a wide range of content. Users can watch and upload to the platform. There is a lot of content on this platform, like educational news, entertainment news, current events, and many more.

Yes, you can watch videos on DTube on your smartphone. You can also create an account, upvote or downvote videos, and leave comments on videos directly from your smartphone.

This platform is free to use and does not require any payment to access or upload content. If you have created an account on DTube, you can choose to delete your account and all associated data at any time.

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  • Rewards content creators with cryptocurrency based on the popularity of their videos. It also provides an incentive for creators to produce high-quality content
  • Privacy of its users and does not collect personal data or track their online activities
  • Platform does not allow ads while watching videos


  • Has a smaller user base compared to other centralized platforms
  • DTube rewards content creators with cryptocurrency most of the users unfamiliar with cryptocurrency
  • Has fewer features compared to other centralized video sharing platforms
  • May have some technical limitations or connectivity issues

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