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In the league of the world’s top web platforms, Reddit is also one of a name. It is a massive website that has more than a billion users every month. Honestly, it does not need an introduction because it is quite obvious that we all have heard of it at least once.

Reddit is well-known because of its unique idea of content and services. It is a top platform that has hundreds and thousands of communities, known as subreddits. These subreddits are places where users discuss different things and share their experiences with others. They recommend products or things to others, provide news and updates, and socially interact with one another. Each subreddit on Reddit has its own particular niche. 

If you’re a fan of movies, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a few that left you feeling underwhelmed, confused, or just plain disappointed. But what if I told you that there’s an entire community on Reddit devoted to celebrating those movies that are so bad, they’re good? 

What is r/BadMovies

Imagine having a platform where people have enthusiasm for bad movies. A place where all the people discuss, recommend, and review bad movies. Some communities discuss and cherish movies that are bad in the eyes of the world. 

Reddit is a platform where people share news, discuss different things, review products or other things, and recommend things to others. There are hundreds and thousands of communities on Reddit, known as subreddit, all dedicated to some particular field or niche. 

One such platform that is massive in this community is r/BadMovies. It is a subreddit on Reddit, purely dedicated to bad movies. People in this community share their experiences of bad movies, discuss why they are bad, ask about others’ experiences with them, and recommend others. 

Members of the community share their favorite cringe-worthy flicks, recommend new movies to watch, and discuss what makes a movie truly terrible (in the best way possible!). This subreddit is a great place to discover new B-movies, an often overlooked genre of low-budget and usually amateurish films that are popular for their cheesy acting, poor production quality, and often nonsensical plots.


r/BadMovies was created in 2009 by Reddit user, Jackola, as a platform where movie lovers could come together to celebrate the films that are so bad, they’re good. Although, it was a weird idea to create a such platform that focuses on bad movies. However, the community began to grow over the years as more and more people discovered the joy of good bad movies.

As the community grew, r/BadMovies became a hub for fans of cult classics like “The Room” and “Troll 2,” both of which gained a significant following on the subreddit. The community also expanded to include discussions on low-budget horror films, poorly made action movies, and other types of B-movies.

The journey did not end with bad movies. After some time, the subreddit also became a place for users to share memes, fan art, and other content related to their favorite bad movies. The moderators introduced a very cool idea to organize movie nights. This step attracted the audience as it was a great opportunity to have fun in the community. Now, r/BadMovies has almost 400,000 users and is still growing at a good pace.


As we have discussed before, r/BadMovies is a subreddit on Reddit. So, the design of Reddit is the basic design of all the subreddits on it. However, Reddit has a lot of features to customize the subreddits. Users can customize their subreddit by changing the background or text color, adding flairs, and changing themes. 

The design of r/BadMovies is very simple and minimal. It is quite familiar with the basic look of Reddit itself. Very few customizations are done on the design of the subreddit. We also appreciate the minimal look of Reddit and subreddits. These kinds of websites are more attractive and their simple UI makes it easier to use them. 

The banner of the subreddit showcases a collage of various movie posters including the latest releases and some of the iconic bad films. The main page also features posts with thumbnails so that users can scroll through and find content. 

One of its notable features is the use of a flair system. It allows members to add custom icons and text next to their usernames. These flairs often feature references to specific bad movies or characters, adding to the sense of community and shared love for terrible films.

Key Features

Discussion of Bad Movies

The subreddit is dedicated to discussing movies that people consider poorly made, low-budget, or have questionable acting, writing, or production values.

Community Engagement

Members of the community are actively engaged in discussions and debates about their favorite bad movies, sharing their opinions and experiences with other users.

User-generated Content

The subreddit features user-generated content such as memes, fan art, and reviews of bad movies.

User Flair

The subreddit offers a user flair system that allows members to add custom icons and text next to their usernames, adding to the sense of community and shared love for terrible films.

Movie Suggestions

Members of the community offer suggestions for “so bad they’re good” movies that users can enjoy watching and discussing.

Organization of Movie Nights

Members of the community organize their movie nights where they watch and discuss bad movies together, fostering a sense of community and shared interests.

Resource for Cult Classics

The subreddit has become a resource for fans of cult classics like “The Room” and “Troll 2,” which have gained a significant following on the subreddit.


As we can assume from the name “r/BadMovies”, it is a subreddit dedicated to bad movies. There are several reasons why people consider such movies bad. It can be a bad script, poor production quality, no cinematics, and no entertainment at all. 

However, r/BadMovies is a community where people discuss such bad movies. They talk about how a particular movie is bad, enjoy things in that bad movie, and also recommend each other bad movies. Moreover, users also review such movies and share their opinions with others.

The other attractive fact about r/BadMovies that every movie enthusiast will encourage, is movie nights. Users of this subreddit organize movie nights and plan to watch bad movies after discussing them. This makes it more fun to enjoy the “bad” in such movies. 

Furthermore, r/BadMovies is also a place for news and updates on bad movies. The moderators share news about upcoming movies or other updates about flop titles. It helps users to remain informed about such content. 


r/BadMovies is a highly compatible device and this is due to its mother platform, Reddit. Reddit itself is a highly compatible platform. The compatibility of subreddits depends on the content that they provide. Most of the subreddits on Reddit are providing content including news, discussions, reviews, and recommendation of different fields or markets. 

r/BadMovies is compatible with a wide range of devices. It is easily accessible on desktop devices. You can access it through a range of browsers including Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Brave, and Edge. All these browsers can be used to access the subreddit on mobile devices also.

The platform is also compatible with a variety of operating systems on both mobile and desktop devices. It is accessible through Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, macOS, and Chrome operating systems. On mobile devices, operating systems like Android, iOS, Microsoft, and Raspberry are compatible. 

Mobile/Desktop Experience

We didn’t feel any major difference in the mobile and desktop experience of r/BadMovies. The subreddit provides a similar experience on both types of devices. Users can access the subreddit from either mobile or desktop devices.

The way of accessing the platform is the same on mobile and desktop devices. Users can use any of the popular web browsers to open the website. The platform also has apps for both mobile and desktop devices. The app is Reddit itself. You can download the official app of Reddit on your device and can access any subreddit on it. 

The user experience of both devices is almost the same. The quality of content is the same on either device. The only difference that we noticed is the layout of the app on mobile and desktop apps. The layout of the desktop is more horizontal and gives the enjoyment of a big screen. While, as the mobile screens are comparatively small, the UI is more vertical-like.

Rules and Regulations

Reddit is a platform with millions of users. It is a community platform where users interact with each other. It has its laws and regulations to maintain a good, disciplined environment.

The same is the basic rules for the subreddits. However, some rules are especially for r/BadMovies. Firstly, all users must be respectful to others. Every kind of genocide, racism, and discrimination is intolerable. 

Additionally, the subreddit does not allow any spam content. Spam acts like sharing illegal things or promoting yourselves. Furthermore, the platform also demands its user to stay on topic and discuss relevant things. Spoilers are also not allowed to post.

Is r/BadMovies Geo-blocked?

r/BadMovies is a subreddit on Reddit with hundreds and thousands of users. It is a part of Reddit, and it is a legal site. Reddit is one of the biggest websites in the world with almost 400 million users. It is a legal, official website. So, it is accessible through almost every region.

However, the platform or some things on it might be illegal due to the content. There can be some types of content on subreddits that are illegal in some areas of the world. Such countries or regions have restricted the use of illegal content. For example, in the case of t/BadMovies, there can be a movie that might be illegal in any region.

It can cause geo-restriction of the platform in that region. To access the platform in such circumstances, you can use a premium VPN service. A VPN will hide your original identity and let you access restricted content. VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or PIA are some of the top VPN services of the present time. Otherwise, overall the subreddit is not restricted.

Pricing and Plans

The coolest thing about r/BadMovies is that it is a free and open community, and there are no pricing plans or fees associated with accessing or participating in the subreddit. Users can browse and engage with content, post their content, and interact with other members for free.

Suggestions that We Have for r/BadMovies

As a subreddit of Reddit, there are fewer chances of flaws or drawbacks in it. However, the first thing that we will like to see improved is the design. While the design of r/BadMovies is generally user-friendly, there may be opportunities to improve the user interface. For example, adding more categories or tags to posts could help users more easily find content that interests them.

The other considerable improvement is to potentially collaborate with other related communities or subreddits to promote more engagement and discussion. This could include partnering with other bad movie communities or collaborating with communities focused on related topics such as cult films or B-movies.


In summary, r/Badmovies is a platform where people around the world show enthusiasm for bad movies. International flop titles with poor production, bad script, and poor acting, are the main topics of this platform. Users of this site discuss such titles with each other about what makes a particular title bad. They share news and updates regarding such movies. Additionally, users also make plans for movie nights and watch such bad movies together, online. Overall, the subreddit is a big community where people show a weird affection towards bad movies and enjoy the “Bad” in them.


r/BadMovies is a safe and legal platform for discussions. However, it can be harmful if any illegal movie or title is present on it due to someone’s toxic post.

r/BadMovies is a legal subreddit on Reddit. However, content related to illegal movies can be illegal. 

Is r/BadMovies geo-blocked?d?

No, r/BadMovies is not geo-blocked. But, content related to illegal movies can impose restrictions on it particular regions. 

No, a VPN is not required to access r/BadMovies. However, to access content related to illegal titles, one might need a VPN. Users can consider VPNs like ExpressVPN or PIA.

As far as we know, r/BadMovies shows ads to its users. Possibly, these are ads by Google ad sense.

Q: How to block ads on r/BadMovies?

You can use a good ad-blocker to block ads on r/BadMovies.

r/BadMovies offers content related to bad movies. It provides news and updates, discussions, and movie night plans to its users.

Yes, you can access content on your smartphone on r/BadMovies by using any browser or Reddit’s mobile app.

r/BadMovies does not require any subscription as it is free.

It is not usual that r/BadMovies offers copyright content as it’s against their laws. But, there can be illegal content on it until moderators take action against it. 

No, it is not necessary to have fast-speed internet to enjoy content on r/BadMovies.

r/BadMovies can support multiple devices at a time.

Yes, generally the links shared on r/BadMovies are trustworthy. But, you need to be aware of spam links as someone can do this illegal act.

r/BadMovies is a discussion site. So, you can ask for reviews and recommendations from others. 

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  • Diverse content
  • Active community
  • Dedicated moderators
  • A welcoming and supportive atmosphere
  • Opportunities for engagement and discussion

  • Inconsistent quality of content
  • Lack of focus or organization in some posts
  • Occasional toxic behavior from users
  • Limited appeal to those not interested in bad movies

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