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Today’s world is totally different from the past two or three decades. Everything has evolved, and humans have tried to make things more efficient and better. Moreover, it has become a common business for people to make alternatives to expensive products.

The same is the condition of the streaming industry. All the expensive original products have less expensive or even free alternatives. These alternatives are cheaper and can get the work done.

We know that Reddit is one of the most famous and most-used websites in the world. It is because this website is one of the earliest platforms that come up with such an idea to provide information and discuss things. It has communities known as subreddits. Here users can share information, news, and personal opinions, discuss things and recommend each other.

Each subreddit on Reddit is about a specific niche or a product. For instance, there are hundreds of subreddits for news and different news channels. Similarly, there are subreddits for websites such as streaming websites. In this article, we will discuss r/YouTubeTv, a subreddit dedicated to a new TV streaming service growing rapidly.

What is r/YoutubeTv

Youtube is one of the most commonly used websites in the world. It has billions of monthly users. Most of the population now uses youtube in their daily routine. It is the biggest video-sharing and watching platform in today’s world.

The streaming industry is growing at a pace faster than ever before. Youtube realized the importance of streaming websites and felt the need to make their streaming site. There are already hundreds and thousands of streaming websites, but most are expensive or have a limited content library. So, the mother company of Youtube created YoutubeTv to develop a website that is both pocket friendly and rich with content.

YoutubeTV is a subscription-based website that offers access to live TV channels. It offers a range of channels, including sports, news, wildlife, and entertainment. It provides a simplified viewing experience and is becoming the priority of users due to this.

When you step into the world of TV streaming sites, you’ll realize that YouTubeTv has become a top platform in a very short time. There are lots of features that are worth mentioning. These include 70-plus TV channels, live coverage, and limitless high-quality data. It also gives unlimited DVR storage and the ability to stream on multiple devices.

With so much content, figuring out which channel is good for you can be difficult. Here is where the role of r/YoutubeTv comes in. It is a famous subreddit on Reddit just dedicated to YoutubeTv.


Surprisingly, the launch date of r/YoutubeTv is 28th February 2018, the same date as of YoutubeTv. Initially, YoutubeTv was launched in the US and was only functional there. Live streaming of various television channels, including broadcast networks, cable networks, and premium channels, was available on it.

Due to limited availability, it faced a lot of backlash. But as time passed, r/YoutubeTv began expanding its services to more regions. As an OTT, it proved to be a good replacement for traditional cable TV.

Shortly after the launch of YoutubeTv, developers launched r/YoutubeTv. It had the aim of connecting the users. It allowed users to share their experiences and access their favorite TV channels and content to run on different devices.

Firstly, people were using it only for discussion. After some time, the functionality of r/YoutubeTv became more versatile. Now, it has many more functionalities, including news sharing and updates about YoutubeTv. They discuss channel additions or removals, highlight feature requests, and post about any technical issues they encounter.

Today, the subreddit provides a space for subscribers to voice their opinions. They can offer suggestions for improvement and interact with like-minded individuals.


As a subreddit, the core design of r/YoutubeTv is the design of Reddit itself. Like all other subreddits, the design is primarily based on the overall design principles and framework of Reddit itself. However, Reddit gives lots of customization and design option. Moderators can use these options to customize their subreddit and make it look according to their will.

r/YoutubeTv has a very customized design. However, the basic look of Reddit’s design is very simple, with white background, black fonts, and orange icons. But the color scheme of r/YoutubeTv is different. It has a light gray color page background and official Youtube-like red icons and logo. This makes it quite obvious for viewers to guess that it’s a Youtube subreddit.

The header of the page also showcases Youtube’s name and logo. One thing that we found interesting was that the moderators of this subreddit have also made a customized sidebar. The buttons for rules, guidelines, FAQs, links to relative websites, and community-related information all are of different colors. It makes the side panel very attractive and eye-catching.

Reddit also has an option for customizable tags known as Flairs. Users can assign these tags to their usernames or posts to provide additional context or categorization. Users may be able to assign flairs related to their subscription plan, device usage, or other relevant factors.

This feature is quite helpful in identifying the expertise and preferences of others. The overall outlook of r/YoutubeTv is very minimal and reflects the concept of YouTube.

Key Features

User-generated Content

The subreddit enables users to share their content related to YouTube TV. Members may post reviews, tutorials, recommendations, or other videos and articles about the service. This user-generated content enriches the community and provides diverse perspectives and insights.

Subscriptions and Recommendations

People can subscribe to r/YoutubeTv to become a part of a community of YotubeTv enthusiasts.

Community Interaction

The main feature of this subreddit is interaction with others. It allows users to discuss with each other. Users can also post feedback and can recommend others on base of their experience.

Troubleshooting and Technical Support

Users can seek troubleshooting assistance and technical support on r/YouTubeTv. If subscribers encounter issues with their YouTubeTv service, they can ask for help from the community. Other members may offer solutions and share troubleshooting tips. Or they can guide on resolving common problems.

News and Updates

The subreddit serves as a source of news and updates about YouTubeTv. Members share information about new features, channel additions or removals, and pricing changes. This keeps the community informed about the latest happenings on the platform.

Channel Lineup Discussions

YouTubeTv offers a variety of channels, and the subreddit provides a space for discussion. Members can share their favorite channels and can recommend shows or events to watch. They engage in conversations about specific content offerings.

Feedback and Suggestions

r/YouTubeTv provides a platform for users to provide feedback and suggestions directly to YouTubeTv. This feedback can range from feature requests to reporting bugs or offering ideas for enhancing the user experience.


As it is clear from the name, r/YoutubeTv is a subreddit dedicated to YoutubeTV. YouTubeTV is a subscription-based TV service owned by Google. It is a streaming website that offers coverage to channels on a subscription basis. It has a collection of nearly 100 channels of different categories. These include channels of news, entertainment, wildlife, and sports. 

A streaming service with such a wide collection without an official community or group doesn’t make sense. So, the developers of Youtube and YoutubeTv made an official subreddit for YoutubeTv.

r/YoutubeTv offers different types of content related to YoutubeTv. It is a vital source for providing news and updates about YoutubeTv. It gives updates about upcoming movies and serials, and TV shows on its various channels. r/YoutubeTv also gives news related to the channels of YoutubeTv. For example, news about any changes in the TV service, cast and crew of the movies and shows on it, and updates about previous and upcoming sports events.

r/YoutubeTv also has a community discussion area. Users and moderators discuss things related to YotutubeTv. Users participate in discussions such as about any particular TV show on a channel. They also discuss upcoming movies and series and how they are good or bad. Discussions related to updates on Youtube and YoutubeTv are also held. Members take part in such conversations to talk about the good and bad of these updates.

In addition, the other main type of content you can find on r/YoutubeTv is feedback. Users give feedback about different content on YoutubeTv and also asks about the recommendation of others.

Feedback occurs properly, usually when any user post for one or starts a poll. Other community members give their feedback by voting or commenting below the posts.


The compatibility of any subreddit is the compatibility of Reddit itself. Reddit is a highly compatible and versatile platform. It has hundreds and thousands of subreddits like r/YoutubeTv, and it all depends on its compatibility.

Considering compatibility with operating systems, r/YoutubeTv is highly compatible. It can run on almost every major operating system these days. These include Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Reddit also has an app for mobile and desktop devices, which is compatible with these platforms. Users can access r/YotutbeTv from this app.

If we talk about web browsers, then there is a list of them with which r/YotutubeTv is compatible. All the famous browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Yahoo, Bing, Safari, DuckDuckGo, Edge, and Explorer are optimum for r/YoutubeTv. You can easily access it through any of these platforms.

Many modern smart TVs can access Reddit and its subreddits, including r/YouTubeTV. Users with compatible smart TVs can navigate the subreddit using the built-in web browser. It allows subscribers to engage with the community directly from their living rooms.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

The user’s experience of r/YotutbeTv is as per our expectations. The main reason for this is the versatility of the platform. Its capability to run on a wide range of platforms makes it joyful to use. Both types of devices provide a seamless and intuitive experience.

The mobile experience of r/YoutubeTv is very handy. Reddit has a dedicated mobile app through which you can access subreddits. The mobile app has a lot of features. It allows you to change the screen size to adopt your mobile’s screen size. Moreover, the app is very light and optimum.

The desktop experience of r/YoutubeTv is also as good as the mobile experience. Like a mobile app, Reddit also has an application for desktop devices. This application is the same as the mobile app but is optimum for computers. However, users can access the subreddit through browsers. Its compatibility with several browsers makes it easy for every user.

Users of desktop devices have a more improved and cinematic perspective because of the enormous screen size of these devices. And when it comes to streaming and entertainment, this is a crucial factor.

Rules and Regulations

r/YoutubeTv is a community with hundreds and thousands of members. It has set some rules and regulations to maintain a good and friendly environment.

Firstly, the most basic rule is that everyone should be respectful of each other. Subscribers must maintain a respectful and civil tone when participating in discussions. Personal attacks, harassment, or derogatory language towards other users are not tolerated.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep discussions to the point. Posts and discussions must relate to YouTube TV and its features, channels, content, or other relevant topics. Off-topic or unrelated posts may be removed to maintain the focus of the subreddit.

Excessive self-promotion, spamming, or posting irrelevant or low-quality content is also not allowed. Moreover, discussions or posts about piracy or copyright infringement are strictly prohibited. Subscribers should not share or request unauthorized streaming links, torrents, or illegal content.

Is r/YoutubeTv Geo-blocked?

No, r/YouTubeTV is not geo-blocked. It is a subreddit on the social media platform Reddit. Access to subreddits is generally not restricted based on geographical location. Users around the world can visit and engage with r/YouTubeTV without any geographical restrictions.

They must have access to Reddit. However, the accessibility of the YouTube TV streaming service may be subject to geographical limitations. It is because the service’s availability varies by country.

Pricing and Plans

Reddit is a free-to-use platform. So, all the subreddits on it are also free of cost. r/YouTubeTV is also a subreddit dedicated to discussing the YouTube TV streaming service. It is not directly involved in setting pricing or offering plans. However, it can provide you with information about the pricing and plans of YouTube TV.

YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service. However, the average monthly cost of YoutubeTv is 75$. Othe plan with more options can be up to 110$.

Suggestions that We Have for r/YoutubeTv

Reddit is a flawless and smooth platform. There is almost nothing that needs our suggestion. However, r/YoutubeTV is a subreddit, and we do have some suggestions for improvements.

First of all, there are rules regarding the relevancy of posts. But, there is no rule on post formatting, content relevance, and the use of descriptive titles. Establishing clear and concise posting guidelines can help ensure the content aligns with its purpose.

Another thing that we would like to see is the flair system for users. Implementing user flair options will allow subscribers to showcase their interests or expertise related to YouTube.


In conclusion, r/YouTubeTV serves as a vibrant online community dedicated to YoutubeTv. Subscribers gather to discuss, share, and engage with all things related to YoutubeTv. It offers a platform for users to exchange valuable insights, seek assistance, and stay updated on the latest news and features of YouTube TV.

The subreddit’s content encompasses a wide range of topics. These include channel recommendations, troubleshooting discussions, and general conversations about shows and movies. Subscribers can also benefit from the community’s helpfulness.

It is because members often share tips, tricks, and resources to enhance the YouTube TV viewing experience. Overall, r/YouTubeTV thrives as a dynamic and inclusive community of YouTube TV enthusiasts.


Yes, r/YouTubeTV is generally considered a safe community. However, it’s important to follow standard online safety practices.

Yes, r/YouTubeTV is a subreddit dedicated to discussing the YouTube TV streaming service, which is a legal and licensed service.

No, r/YouTubeTV is not geo-blocked. It is a subreddit accessible to users worldwide.

No, a VPN is not required to access r/YouTubeTV. However, good VPN services like ExpressVPN or NordVPN can be useful for privacy and accessing region-specific content.

Yes, YouTube TV does show ads, as it is an ad-supported streaming service.

Blocking ads on YouTube TV is not officially supported. Ad-blocking methods may violate YouTube TV’s terms of service. However, you can block ads by using an ad blocker.

r/YouTubeTV primarily focuses on discussions related to the YouTube TV streaming service. It includes channel recommendations, troubleshooting, news, and user experiences.

Yes, r/YouTubeTV is accessible on smartphones through the Reddit app or a mobile browser.

r/YotubeTV is a free subreddit. So, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to it at any time.

No, r/YoutubeTv does not entertain copyrighted content. Although one can share the link to such things the developers take quick action against it.

No, it is not necessary to have fast-speed internet. But, to enjoy a good user experience you must have a good connection.

r/YoutubeTv is a subreddit. You access it from as many devices as you want through its app or website.

Usually, the content on r/YoutubeTv is legal because its policies are strict. But, users can share illegal or dangerous content so it is good to do precautionary measures.

r/YoutubeTv allows users to ask about reviews and feedback from others. So, if you want to know about any channel or movie on YoutubeTv you can inquire about it.

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