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Using your computer or phone, you can listen to radio stations worldwide. You can listen to the radio wherever you are with streaming radio sites. Thanks to the internet and streaming technology, you can use these sites easily and conveniently.

Accessing international programming doesn’t require expensive equipment or memberships. You can listen to foreign talk radio, discover new music, or listen to your favorite local stations while traveling or at home. You can even make your own playlists, get recommendations based on your interests, and save broadcasts.

What is Jango

You can listen to personalized radio stations on Jango. Songs from different genres, artists, and decades are on the playlist. Choose your favorite artists or songs, and Jango will play them.

Jango lets you skip songs, rate tracks, and discover new music. Using the platform doesn’t require a membership. It’s free, and ads support it.

It makes it easy to create your own station. Share stations with friends so everyone can listen to the same music. You can use every device on Jango. Moreover, users can find local artists and concert tickets.


Jango started in New York in November 2007, created by Chris Dowhan and Daniel Kaufman. Within just two years, Jango had gathered 200,000 tracks from around 15,000 artists in its library. After a decade, Jango boasts a collection of over 70 million songs and has attracted more than 20 million active users.


Jango’s app and desktop are easy to use. You can browse categories and countries using the top menu to find streaming stations. You can listen to radio stations worldwide with just one click.

In the center was a search bar with small thumbnails below it. These thumbnails represented different categories but were crowded and difficult to navigate. Below that was a statement inviting me to browse over 800 curated genre playlists. To be honest, I almost left the site right away because of this unappealing layout.

However, I decided to stick around to review the service. I clicked on the “Popular Rock Hits” category and explored. This took me to a new page that followed a standard format, similar to other pages on the site.

Because the website is unconventional, evaluating it based on different criteria is necessary. When I landed on the “Popular Rock Hits” page, I could rate songs and create stations even as a guest user. I had the option to review everything in the settings menu.

Additionally, I created an account and logged in to see if the website could cater to my music preferences. Throughout my two-hour experience on the site, there were a few noteworthy aspects that I would like to share with you.

Key Features

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  • Jango offers a wide range of Internet radio stations
  • A user-friendly streaming interface, making it easy to discover
  • Worldwide radio stations
  • Easy-to-use radio station browser
  • Subscription-free and has no hidden expenses
  • Web, mobile, and smart speakers


  • Jango offers limited free broadcast stations
  • Poor connectivity can result in interruptions or buffering while listening to stations
  • Limited broadcasting hours or may not be available consistently
  • Free broadcasting services include advertisements that can interrupt the listening experience
  • Limited local or specialty radio stations
  • It requires a fast internet connection, which is unavailable in low-connectivity areas
  • Audio and streaming aren't great on some stations

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