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Get set for a thrilling musical expedition throughout the airwaves. Various music genres can be listened to online through radio streaming sites. You can enjoy dancing or experiencing diverse emotions by listening to hip-hop, jazz, and rock songs. Such websites are comparable to virtual jukeboxes packed with delightful tunes. Get prepared for an enjoyable and harmonious revolution.

Radio streaming sites serve as distinctive spots to capture memorable tunes and lyrics. Listening to tranquil and calming songs or lively electronic dance music is available for your enjoyment. With a few clicks, you can explore diverse auditory experiences. Besides, it strikes a chord within you and conjures glorious visions. Feel free to explore music that takes you beyond your regular life.

What is Radio Contact

Radio Contact is a popular online radio station serve from Belgium. People can enjoy a broad selection of music and shows on offer. Pop, rock, and hip-hop are among the different types of music the station plays. People discuss interesting topics in talk shows that they have too. Stay entertained by discovering new songs with Radio Contact.

Radio Contact allows engaging with radio hosts and fellow audience members. Sharing thoughts and requesting songs is possible through their chat feature. Finding your favorite music is easy on the site’s navigation. Music lovers can use Radio Contact as a fun and convenient method to connect with like-minded individuals. 


Radio Contact was founded in 1980 by Francis Lemaire, Pierre Houtmans, Freddy Neyts, and Catherine Servaes to replace the local radio station of Brussels, Radio Kosmos. The very first Radio Contact programs were in Dutch and French. In 1981, the French-speaking Contact retained 101.3 MHz, while the Dutch-speaking Contact received 104.0 MHz in the Brussels region.

The German Community of Belgium’s version, Radio Contact (Eupen), launched in November 1995. Since 2006, Radio Contact has been a component of Radio H, a holding company owned by the Groupe Rossel, the RTL Group, and LEMAIRE ELECTRONICS. RTL acquired all of Radio H’s shares in December 2020. Radio Contact is one of the most well-liked radio stations in Belgium’s French- and German-speaking Communities nowadays. Radio Contact debuted Radio Contact Vision on digital television on March 31, 2009.


Radio Contact has a simple and intuitive design to use. Looking for things on the site is a quick and easy process. Ease of navigation is attributed to the clearly organized buttons and menus. A few clicks are all it takes to enjoy your favorite radio stations. The homepage displays the player. The neat and tidy design ensures a confusion-free radio experience for you.

The site has appealing and eye-catching colors and images. The use of bright colors on the site makes exploring it enjoyable. The radio hosts and music artists’ pictures contribute a personal touch. The homepage showcases highlighted news and events that are the latest. Its design sparks your interest and curiosity toward music and radio developments.

Key Features

Live Music Streams

Experience continuous live music streams on Radio Contact, featuring the newest hits and timeless classics.

Interactive DJ Sessions

Enjoy engaging with your favorite DJs through interactive sessions where you can request songs and ask questions.

Genre-specific Channels

Investigate an extensive scope of musical genres encompassing pop, rock, electronic, and hip-hop. 

Exclusive Interviews

Gain personal access to your favorite artists through exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes content. 

Local Music Showcase

Check out talented local artists as Radio Contact spotlights emerging musicians and bands. The platform given to them allows reaching a wider audience.

Podcast Hub

Engage with a comprehensive array of podcasts that cover multiple topics, including music, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. 

Music News and Updates

Stay updated with the most recent developments in the music world, such as album launches, concert schedules, and industry news. 

Customized Playlists

Match your mood, occasion, or musical preferences by creating custom-made playlists to enhance your listening experience.

Social Interaction

Share your favorite songs and playlists with other passionate music fans on the Radio Contact community platform for lively discussions.

User-friendly Interface

The easy navigation of our seamless and user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for every user.


Radio Contact has exciting content for everyone to enjoy. The selection includes a broad array of music, news, and entertainment. The site’s latest news update includes the most recent global event information. Furthermore, energetic DJs present pleasant performances that provide delight and joy to your day. You can enjoy your time discovering music with Radio Contact. 

The site can cater to your taste through a playlist created based on your search for favorite songs or artists. Furthermore, you can engage in competitions and attain attractive rewards. Radio Contact strives to provide all its users with a fun and engaging experience. Listening to music, staying informed, and enjoying entertaining shows ensure a fantastic time.


Radio Contact works with many devices; you can listen to it on whichever device you prefer – your computer, tablet, or phone. To start playing, go directly to the site and hit play with an easy-to-use interface and no need for extra software or downloading anything special.

Radio Contact allows you to enjoy listening to your preferred radio stations at home or on the go. Stay connected even when you’re out and about – like in the car or on vacation – simply open the site on your device, and you’re good to go.

Mobile/Desktop Experience 

Radio Contact provides an enjoyable experience for desktop and mobile. With ease, listen to your favorite radio stations and find new music, irrespective of your device being a computer or mobile phone. Finding the desired features becomes easier with clear labeling and labeled icons in an organized layout. Moreover, the website loads rapidly, resulting in no extended waiting period before you can relish your beloved tunes. 

Ensure connectivity, like driving or traveling for leisure, even when not at home. Access the site on your device, and you’re ready to proceed. Accessing the site easily through your desktop or mobile device is a breeze. Listening to live radio broadcasts or catching up on past shows are possible options. Radio Contact’s effortless and user-friendly experience extends to computers and phones. 

Radio Contact Protection of minors

Radio Contact is concerned with protecting its users’ security and privacy, especially minors. Because of this, parents should try to monitor how their children use their Internet access. They should also remember that their children’s legal guardians must decide which services are appropriate for them and supervise their use.

Additionally, COBELFRA SA warns children from sending any personal information without their parents’ or guardians’ consent. COBELFRA SA agrees not to share the information with third parties without the minors’ agreement.

Suggestions that We Have for Radio Contact

Some beneficial tips we recommend for enhancing the Radio Contact site. Adding additional photos and videos will make the site more appealing, facilitate user navigation, and expedite search results. As a step, organize your material into clear categories.

A feedback form or comment section is advisable to facilitate users in sharing their ideas and thoughts. Frequent updates to the website with new content can help retain user attention and motivate multiple visits. The key to improving user experience lies in having a visibly accessible search bar.


Radio Contact’s users stay in the loop with new music releases and enjoy listening opportunities. Discovering something that resonates with your taste is never difficult with the extensive collection of songs and genres.

Furthermore, the chat feature makes sending messages and building new friendships easy. Radio Contact delivers a secure and engaging atmosphere for enjoying music and connecting with individuals who have similar tastes. Take a chance and commence a lovely expedition of its plentiful offerings.


Yes, Radio Contact is safe to use. It does not contain harmful elements.

Yes, Radio Contact may display ads. These ads help support the service.

Yes, Radio Contact is legal to use. It complies with all relevant laws.

No, you cannot record radio streams on Radio Contact. It only allows streaming.

Various types of radio stations are available on Radio Contact. You can find music, news, and more.

No, you do not need an account to stream radio on Radio Contact. It is free to use without signing up.

You can use Radio Contact on multiple devices. It works on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

No, you cannot create your radio station on Radio Contact. It offers pre-existing stations to stream.

No, streaming radio on Radio Contact is free of cost. You can enjoy it without any charges.

No, Radio Contact does not allow skipping or tuning its content. You have to listen to the broadcast as it is.

Streaming radio on Radio Contact requires an Internet connection; offline listening is impossible.

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  • Offers various radio stations catering to different music genres and interests
  • Real-time listening to your favorite station is possible through the live-streaming option provided
  • An interface that is easy to use and a simple navigation system ensures a seamless user experience
  • Offers a platform for discovering fresh music and keeping abreast of the newest hits
  • With the mobile app, listening to radio stations while out and about is easily achievable


  • Particular regions or countries limit the number of available radio stations
  • Especially on free service versions, advertisements may interrupt the listening experience
  • Curated playlists and recommendations are features some music streaming users may prefer to have tailored to their preferences
  • The shortfall of interactive features includes being unable to skip songs or interact with DJs
  • Internet connectivity reliance in areas with poor network reception might lead to interruptions or buffering problems

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