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Radio streaming sites have made tuning into international radio stations using your computer or phone easy. You can listen to news, music, and other stuff anywhere! Internet and streaming technology have made these sites easy to use.

You can listen to international programming without expensive equipment or memberships. Whether traveling, you can listen to foreign talk radio, find new music, or follow your favorite local stations. Make custom playlists, get personalized suggestions, and save broadcasts.

What is Live365

Live365 is an online broadcasting platform with established FM and AM stations. Users can discover and listen to music, talk shows, and more. This platform provides you with an extensive collection of stations around the world. 

Music fans and radio listeners love Live365, one of the most popular broadcasting services. A simple design makes stations easy to navigate. Search for stations or browse categories like music, talk, and sports. New stations are recommended based on your listening habits.

Radio stations from around the world are available on the site. You’ll hear American pop, European classical, and Asian traditional music. Keep up with world news and discover new songs. You can discover new sounds and experiences on the platform.


A small team at Nanocosm, the parent company, created Live365. Initially, it started as a hosted community radio project and used Shoutcast technology. Andy Volk came up with the idea and shared it with Peter Rothman, the CTO at Nanocosm. Peter liked the idea and started the original network. Brian Lomeland made some changes to the network, eventually leading to the formation of Live365.

In early 2016, Live365 had financial problems and had to suspend its services. During this hiatus, users were uncertain and worried. In 2016, Live365 returned under new management and ownership, signaling its commitment to revamping.

Since its re-launch, Live365 has evolved and adapted to the changing landscape of online radio. With streaming technology it’s expanded across devices and platforms. Independent broadcasters and listeners love Live365 for its diverse, community-driven content.


The Live365 app and desktop are easy to use. You can browse categories and countries using the top menu to find streaming stations. With just a few clicks, you can listen to radio stations worldwide. The colors on Live365 make it feel calm and inviting.

The white and blue color scheme of the website and the mobile app is eye-catching for users. Station names and information are easy to read. Clean design makes browsing the website fun.

Live365 also adapts to different screen sizes. No matter what device you’re using, the website layout adjusts automatically. Stream your favorite stations from anywhere. The responsive design of Live365 makes it easier to use.

Key Features

Coverage Worldwide

It broadcasts international radio and TV.  Users can discover cultures, languages, and music genres on one platform.

Simple Interface

Listen to your favorite radio stations and channels with this service. Navigation and layout increase user experience.

Unique Experience

Using the platform, users can save their favorite stations. Users can create and share personalized lists to build a community.

Interpersonal Communication

Live365 features to promote user participation. Audiences can remark. This interactive part lets users chat, share ideas, and discover new channels.

Accessibility Across Platforms

Web browsers, mobile devices, and smart TVs support Live365. Users can view and listen to their favorite radio and TV channels at home, on the road, or anywhere.


Live365 offers a wide variety of audio and radio content. You can tune into music, talk shows, sports, and news from all over the world. Live365 lets you listen to a mix of live music and DJs. Listen to live events, podcasts, and talk shows. Users can even create their own radio station. Live365 is a fun and enjoyable listening experience.


You can watch your favorite content on any device. Computers, smartphones, and tablets are all compatible with Live365. Users can stream their content from anywhere in the world.

Another very impressive thing about Live365 is that it works with different browsers. You can stream using Chrome, Firefox, or any other popular browser. Users of all ages get a seamless streaming experience. Instead of dealing with technical issues, they can enjoy their favorite entertainment.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

Computers and mobile devices are compatible with Live365. Streaming is easy with an attractive layout, easy navigation, and optimized controls on a computer. Smartphone apps adjust to smaller screens and have simple touch controls, so you can easily access your favorite stations. Live365 lets you discover, stream, and interact with your favorite radio stations and audio content.

Pricing and Plans

Live365 offered different pricing and plans in September 2021. Here is a general overview of different pricing plans.

Starter Plan

A free starter plan is suitable for occasional users. Live365 offers basic features and limited listening hours per month.

Broadcaster Plan

Live365’s Broadcaster Plan is for people who want their radio station. You could schedule and customize playlists, plus it had enhanced features. Subscriptions are usually monthly or yearly.

Pro Plan

Professional broadcasters or those who want more listening hours should get the Pro Plan. It gave you more customization options, monetization options, and storage space. Pro plans require a subscription fee and give you more control.

Enterprise Plan

Live365 also has an enterprise plan for more extensive organizations. This plan offers dedicated support, higher storage limits, and advanced customization. For the Enterprise plan, pricing was usually negotiated individually.

Please note that Live365’s pricing and plans may have changed over time, so it’s best to check the official website.

Suggestions that We Have for Live365

Here are some suggestions to improve the Live365 user experience.  Improve the user interface first.  Offline ability should be included in this. Create personalized stations by optimizing the recommendation algorithm.

DJs and listeners would engage in real-time chats and live shows. The platform allows users to share stations, news, music, and more on social media.

Additionally, broadcasters could manage and grow their stations more effectively with advanced station management tools. Implementation of these could make Live365 radio streaming more effective and attractive.


On Live365, you can listen to radio stations online. Music, news, sports, and more are all on it. Make a list of your favorite stations and find new ones. With just a click, you can listen to radio from all over the world.

You can even create your own radio station on Live365 with only the music you want to listen to. There are no ads or interruptions so that you can listen uninterrupted. Live365 offers a variety of stations for all tastes, so you’ll find something you like.


Yes, Live365 is a safe platform for streaming radio stations. 

Live365 can display ads during radio streaming, but they’re usually minimal and not intrusive.

Live365 is a legal service that lets users listen to licensed radio stations worldwide.

Live365 has no built-in recording feature, but you can use external tools.

Live365 lets you listen to music, news, sports, talk shows, and more. 

Live365 doesn’t require an account to listen to radio stations. It’s free and accessible to all users.

You can use Live365 on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and smart TV.

Yes, on Live365, you have the ability to create and manage your own radio station or channel.

Yes, streaming radio on Live365 does come with a cost. Live365 offers various subscription plans for broadcasters.

Live365 primarily focuses on providing a platform for broadcasters to stream their content.

No, Live365 does not offer offline streaming capability.

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  • Live365 offers a wide range of internet radio stations
  • A user-friendly streaming interface, making it easy to discover
  • Worldwide radio stations
  • Easy-to-use radio station browser
  • Subscription-free and has no hidden expenses
  • Web, mobile, and smart speakers


  • Live365 offers limited free broadcast stations
  • Poor connectivity can result in interruptions or buffering while listening to stations
  • Limited broadcasting hours or may not be available consistently
  • Free broadcasting services include advertisements that can interrupt the listening experience
  • Limited local or specialty radio stations
  • It requires a fast internet connection, which is unavailable in low-connectivity areas
  • Audio and streaming aren't great on some stations

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