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Bioscope is a subscription-based streaming platform that offers Video-on-demand and Live TV. It’s a very underrated streaming website. However, it provides a vast range of videos and Live content. In addition, the site is well-designed, user-friendly, and compatible with mobile phones.

This VOD platform is top-rated in Bangladesh. If you are a Bangladeshi, you have probably used or heard of this site. It offers almost everything a streaming enthusiast needs, like high-quality content, a vast library of content, live TV, a user-friendly interface, pocket-friendly plans, and more.

Bioscope is run and operated by an ISP company called Grameenphone. Some people often get skeptical after encountering this fact. They think these companies will offer some Internet package to use this site, like American companies who don’t let other people use streaming sites if they are not using their cable or internet services. 

You can also enjoy the free content available on this site. The free content is limited, and the free content library is smaller than the premium library. But in the world of premium streaming sites, it still offers free content.


Grameenphone runs Biocspe. It’s an ISP and cellular service company. The founder of Grameenphone and Biocspe is Iqbal Quadir. He was an entrepreneur who worked in an investment Bank in the United States. His vision was to provide universal cellular data to all of Bangladesh. 

He quit his job and came back to Bangladesh. After getting some investments and three years of hard work, it paid off in the form of the Grameenphone company. In 1996, this company officially got its license via the Bangladesh Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

In the last two decades, this Telecommunication company worked hard and became popular with a good reputation in the industry. So, In 2015, they launched their first streaming website, Bioscope, which provides VOD and Live TV. 


Bioscope offers a simple, sleek, intuitive design that makes it user-friendly. Like other streaming giants, it also provides a traditional movie streaming layout. This site made some enhancements to make itself easier for a better experience.

However, the color theme of this site is similar to Hulu- green accents with a white background. As a team of streaming enthusiasts, its design differs from other streaming sites.

When you land on the main page, Bioscope welcomes you with a large banner at the top of the page. You will find promoted and featured movies and TV shows on this banner periodically. In addition, you can select movies or TV shows to your watchlist without browsing the menu.

Under the promotion banner, there is a list of TV channels. In addition, a few filters are also available to sort TV shows per your input. For example, If you select the filter of the only action genre, it will only serve you with action genre-related TV shows or movies. These kinds of features make it more user-friendly and intuitive. 

Under the list of TV channels, there’s a menu of movies and TV shows. The menu divides into categories of different types, which include Series, Movies, TV shows, Comedy, Action, Drama, and more.

Key Features

A Vast Library of Content

Bioscope offers its members a massive library of premium content that includes movies and TV shows of all genres. There’s no monthly restriction on films and TV shows. You can watch as much as possible.

Live TV Streaming

This site offers you access to 19 live TV channels where you can do live TV streaming.

Free Content

This underrated streaming platform also gives users free content. Although the free content library is smaller than the premium content library, it’s one of those sites that provide free content in the world of premium content.

High-quality Streaming

Bioscope offers its users quantity with quality. This site allows you to access the original content in 720p and 1080 HD resolution.

User-friendly Interface

The design of this website is simple and intuitive, which makes it easy to use and navigate. In addition, the content categorizes according to genres.

Offline Access

Like other streaming websites, Bioscope allows users to download content and watch it offline anytime. 

Pocket-friendly Plans

For a movie streaming site like Bioscope, it seems impossible that they might offer pocket-friendly plans for a massive library of content. You can subscribe to this site for only $3 per month.

Free Trial

Bioscope offers its new members a free trial of 7 days. If you are a beginner, you can use this free trial to decide whether it suits you.

Pricing and Plans

Bioscope offers a very cheap and attractive subscription plan. Streaming enthusiasts with little money to buy subscription plans for streaming sites can use this platform as an alternative. Its subscription plans are comparatively cheaper than those big boys.

You can subscribe to this platform only for $3 per month, with access to a vast library of content, live streaming, offline streaming, free content, and much more. In addition, you can subscribe to this site from any country; it’s available worldwide.

Citizens of Bangladesh can use Bioscope Prime, and other country citizens can use Bioscope subscriptions. In addition, Bangladeshis can get Bioscope Prime through the Grameen phone’s website.

The plan’s price doesn’t include local taxes, so in a few countries, the price could be different because of the addition of local taxation.


Bioscope offers its users 19 Live TV channels to enjoy Live streaming and provides a massive library of movies and TV shows from different countries. This platform has something for everyone that includes action, comedy, drama, sci-fi, entertainment, horror, dramas, and much more. It’s the top-rated streaming website in Bangladesh because of its cheap subscription and live streaming.

There is no doubt that Bioscope offers so many features that you will feel on popular streaming sites. It provides offline access, free content, high-quality streaming and live streaming. Of course, all these features you will get in different premium streaming sites, but here you can say it’s an all-in-one site.

In addition, a unique feature is that you can add your favorite content to the watchlists, so you can easily access it whenever you want.

Although the free content library is limited, you first must sign up to access it. In addition, many famous movies and TV shows are unavailable in the free content library.


Bioscope has a complete list of compatible devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, Chromecast, desktops, tablets, and more. However, it’s not compatible with Smart TV, Apple TV, and other devices. But you will never face any issues on compatible devices.

Due to its simple interface, it’s easy to navigate. In addition, the Bioscope app and website runs perfectly on compatible devices. Last year they announced that they are working on expanding compatibility, so in future, you will be able to use it on Smart TV, Apple TV and other devices.

Mobile/Desktop Interface

This VOD or live streaming platform is compatible with mobile phones and desktops. However, there’s a difference between mobile and desktop interfaces. For example, you will encounter a giant banner promoting and featuring a movie or TV show on the main page.

On the top left of the main page, you will see six options; Home, Movies, Live TV, Originals, Drama, and Podcast. Each option offers different content. For example, clicking on movies will take you to the page where it will serve you with movies only. Similarly, a podcast list will appear if you click on Podcast.

A menu under that big banner shows the TV channels list, and all content is categorized correctly in different rows.

Suggestions that We Have for Bioscope

Bioscope is currently performing well overall, but improvements are still needed to help this platform gain more audience.

This site offers high-quality content, but it’s 720p and 1080p. Bioscope should offer 4K and HDR quality streaming. This feature will help users to experience better streaming.

Currently, this site is not compatible with devices like Smart TVs, Roku, and more. Bioscope should work on this and add more compatible devices.


Bioscope is a Bangladesh-based streaming platform that provides VOD and Live TV streaming. Grameenphone (a cellular service) company operates and owns it. This site offers a vast library of content, including movies, TV shows, dramas, podcasts, and originals. Besides this, it also offers free content. Bioscope’s simple and sleek design makes it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

This streaming website has become the top-rated streaming site in Bangladesh because it offers almost all the features different popular streaming sites provide. In addition, its pocket-friendly plans cost $3 per month, which can help streaming enthusiasts have little money to enjoy. It’s available worldwide, but some content is unavailable due to geo-blocked location.

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  • A vast library of content
  • Ad-free Streaming
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Live Programming
  • High-Quality Streaming
  • Pocket-Friendly Plans


  • Not Compatible with Smart TVs and some other devices

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