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Dansk Filmskat is a unique concept that allows Danish film lovers to access many well-known and beloved Danish films. It is the perfect platform to relive the classic Danish films, which profoundly connect to Danish culture and society.

Dansk Filmskat is a collaboration between several of Denmark’s leading film producers and distributors. As a result, many of the most well-known and popular Danish films have been collected and made available via the streaming service.

Through Dansk Filmskat, you can watch a wide selection of classic Danish films selected by some of Denmark’s leading film producers. You can watch movies like “Axel Borg”, “Christmas Calendar”, “Clown”, “A Short and Long”, “Faldgruben” and many more. Dansk Filmskat has collected many of the best films from the last three decades.

Dansk Filmskat has also made a series of clips and interviews that allow you to learn more about the Danish films you know. It is an excellent way to learn more about the Danish film environment and available movies.

Dansk Filmskat also allows you to buy Danish films. They have collaborated with some of the largest distributors of Danish cinema so that you can buy your favourite movies directly from your living room. Dansk Filmskat also offers competitions and screenings where you can see the films from Dansk Filmskat in a unique environment. It is an excellent opportunity to meet other film lovers and share experiences.

It is a unique concept that has made it possible for Danish film lovers to gain access to a large selection of classic and popular Danish films. It is the perfect platform to relive the classic Danish films, which profoundly connect to Danish culture and society.


Dansk Filmskat, or the Danish Film Treasure, is one of the oldest and most respected archives worldwide. It was founded in 1909, collects and preserves Danish film history and is the world’s oldest active film archive.

The Treasure was an idea of a group of Danish filmmakers who wanted to preserve the history of Danish filmmaking and its legacy. As a result, it began collecting films from the earliest days of cinema and has since amassed a collection of over 100,000 titles.

From the very beginning, the archive has aimed to preserve the history of Danish filmmaking and its legacy. In addition to maintaining and cataloguing films, the archive houses a library of related materials, such as scripts, posters, and photographs.

Over the years, the archive has become an essential resource for Danish filmmakers, academics, and historians. Danish filmmakers widely use its collection for research and inspiration, as well as by scholars for academic study.

In the decades since its founding, the archive has also become an important cultural institution in Denmark, hosting special screenings and events. It has even been the subject of several documentaries and books, as it continues to be an essential part of the history of Danish filmmaking.

Today, the archive continues to grow, preserving Danish and international film and making it available to researchers, filmmakers, and the public. As a result, the Treasure has become essential for anyone interested in the history of Danish filmmaking.


Dansk Filmskat, the official website of the Danish Film Institute, is designed to provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of the range of films, television shows, and documentaries produced in Denmark. The site offers an easy-to-navigate interface and a wealth of information on all aspects of Danish cinema.

The website’s homepage features a beautifully designed carousel of the latest movies and TV series released in Denmark. In addition, visitors can access detailed information about each film or series, including the director, cast and crew, production year, and a synopsis. The website also features an overview of the current film releases and a list of upcoming films and television shows.

The website also hosts a comprehensive database of Danish films, including a searchable list of titles, awards won, and movies available on DVD and Blu-ray. Additionally, visitors can search for specific titles, directors, and actors or browse through the comprehensive list of films to find the perfect movie for their viewing pleasure.

The website’s navigation is user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive sidebar that allows users to access the different areas of the site easily. In addition, the homepage features a comprehensive overview of Danish films, including an interactive map highlighting Denmark’s central film production locations.

The website also includes a list of upcoming film festivals and a section dedicated to Danish film awards. Additionally, visitors can read reviews and view trailers of the latest releases. There is also a section devoted to exploring Denmark’s rich cultural heritage through film, which allows visitors to explore the history of Danish cinema.

Key Features

An Array of Genres

With Dansk Filmskat, you can explore a wide range of genres, including action, adventure, comedy, drama, horror, thriller, and much more. You’ll be able to find the perfect movie for any mood, whether you’re in the mood for a classic or something more contemporary.


Dansk Filmskat offers an extensive selection of films and TV shows, so you can find something to watch in your native language or brush up on your foreign language skills.

HD Quality

All of the movies and TV shows on Dansk Filmskat are available to stream in HD to enjoy a crisp and clear viewing experience.

Easy Payment

With Dansk Filmskat, you can pay for your subscription with various payment options, including credit cards and PayPal.

With the intelligent search feature, you can easily find the movie or TV show you’re looking for by typing in the title or genre.

Detailed Film and Program Information

Dansk Filmskat provides detailed information about each film or program, such as plot, synopsis, box office gross, awards, and reviews.


Many films and programs are available with English language subtitles.

Audio Description

Audio description is available for films and programs with Danish audio.


Users can download films and programs from the website and save them for offline viewing.

Film Festivals

Dansk Filmskat provides information about upcoming and past Danish film festivals.

Social Media

Dansk Filmskat has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Mobile App

Dansk Filmskat has a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Comprehensive Database

Dansk Filmskat has an extensive database of films and TV series from Denmark. The database includes titles, year of release, reviews, ratings, and trailers. It also provides helpful advice and resources on bringing Danish films to a global audience.

Easy-to-use Interface

Dansk Filmskat is easy-to-use. It makes it easier for users to find their desired movie or TV series quickly. Then, with just a few clicks, users can access the information they need.

Multiple Platforms

Dansk Filmskat is available on various platforms, including web, mobile, and tablet. It ensures that users can access the database from any device they have.

Variety of Resources

Dansk Filmskat provides various resources to help users find the proper film or TV series. It includes a list of upcoming releases and links to streaming services, theatres, and DVD/Blu-ray retailers.

User Ratings

Dansk Filmskat also allows users to rate films and TV series. It helps other users make an informed decision when choosing a movie.

Pricing and Plans

When it comes to pricing, Dansk Filmskat offers three different plans. The Monthly plan is for 49 Kr/month, the Half-yearly is for 69 Kr/6 months, and the Yearly plan is for 75 Kr/year

All plans provide access to the entire catalogue of films. It includes films from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. You also get access to exclusive movies and documentaries and access to new releases before other streaming services. It also includes films in 4K resolution and selects films that aren’t available on other streaming services.


With Dansk Filmskat, you can watch the classic Danish films that have left their mark on film history. Films such as “Babette’s Feast” and “The Hunt” have helped to define the Danish film language over the years. In addition, you can also watch films such as “Ved veijen” and “Pelle the Conqueror”, some of Denmark’s most influential films.

In addition, there are also many other films in the Danish Film Tax which are fascinating to watch. For example, some comedies such as “Ditte Menneskebarn” and “Er du til nothing?” have helped define Danish comedy. In addition, more serious films, such as “Klassefesten” and “Brotherhood”, have left their mark on the Danish film industry.

Many other films are worth seeing through the Danish Film Tax. These are films such as “Gøngehövdingen” and “Matador”, some of the oldest films in the Danish film archive. In addition, films such as “Hvidsten Gruppen” and “Festen” have also become classics in the Danish film community.

Overall, Dansk Filmskat is a unique Danish film archive that provides a good insight into the Danish film environment over the years. It is the place to go if you are interested in watching the classic Danish films that have left their mark on film history.


What makes Dansk Filmskat so great is that it is highly compatible with almost all devices. So whether you are using a laptop, a tablet, a phone, or even a Smart TV, you can expect the streaming experience to be smooth and glitch-free.

Moreover, Dansk Filmskat also supports a variety of platforms. It means that no matter which device you use, you can access the streaming library without any issues. You can watch Dansk Filmskat on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Amazon Fire TV.

Dansk Filmskat also enhances the streaming experience and offers HD streaming. It means you can enjoy watching your favourite movies and shows in high-definition. The streaming quality can also select between 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolutions.

Furthermore, Dansk Filmskat constantly updates its library with new titles. So, you can always count on the latest movies and shows on Dansk Filmskat. Also, the streaming service offers subtitles, so you can easily enjoy movies and shows in the language of your choice.

Finally, Dansk Filmskat is an excellent option for those who want to avoid subscription fees. This streaming service offers access to its entire library for a low monthly fee. It means you can enjoy movies and shows without worrying about extra costs.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

The mobile experience of Dansk Filmskat is as user-friendly as possible. Users can easily access the app on iOS and Android devices and find a movie or TV show they want to watch. When you open the app, you’ll see all the titles available and a selection of popular tags.

You can even filter the titles by genre to find something to watch quickly. Once you select a title, you can watch it right away or add it to your watchlist to watch later.

The desktop experience of Dansk Filmskat is just as user-friendly as the mobile experience. The app is available as an internet browser extension, so you can easily access the service from your computer. You’ll be able to browse all the titles available, filter them by genre, add them to your watchlist, and start watching immediately.

No matter which device you use, Dansk Filmskat offers a great experience in streaming movies and TV shows. With hundreds of titles to choose from, you’ll always be satisfied with what’s available.

Suggestions that We Have for Dansk Filmsakt

Dansk Filmskat should increase its online presence by creating a website, engaging in social media and taking advantage of digital marketing strategies. It will help Dansk Filmskat reach a wider audience and attract new viewers.

Dansk Filmskat should consider developing new distribution strategies, such as allowing customers to stream films directly from the website. It would make it easier for customers to access the movie they want without going to a physical store.

Dansk Filmskat should expand its reach by exploring new markets and demographics. For instance, it could work with companies to distribute its films in countries where it is not currently available. It would help it reach new potential customers and increase its profits.

Dansk Filmskat should strive to improve its customer service by providing a better customer experience. It could include providing better customer support and engaging with customers online. It could also offer more variety in the films it distributes.


The Danish Film Treasure is a fantastic tool that allows Danes to explore the ancient cultural heritage that it provides. It has given a new and exciting perspective on historical and contemporary subjects and helped create a broader understanding of what film is.

In this way, Filmskat has contributed to strengthening and expanding Denmark’s cultural heritage and providing more opportunities to engage in cultural activities.

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  • Makes it easier for Danish viewers to decide which films suit them
  • Makes it easier for moviegoers to find films suitable for their age or interests
  • Helps reduce the violence portrayed by categorising movies according to their content

  • Needs more resources, like its ability to provide financial and other support
  • Can sometimes limit the types of films available for viewing
  • Sometimes, it needs to provide detailed information about the content of each film

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