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Movies Anywhere is a cloud-based service that streams all your movie purchases from iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Vudu. You can add supported films you bought on Blu-ray or DVD, which resembles Disney Movies Anywhere and utilizes the same KeyChest digital rights management technology.

Movies Anywhere have the support of major studios, including Warner Bros, Sony, Disney, Universal, and Fox. Any film produced by these studios will be available in the app, regardless of whether you purchased the movie. Movies Anywhere not only syncs all your movies with the app but also with its partner networks.

Movies Anywhere act as a bridge between online vendors and content consumers, centralizing most movies purchased online onto one platform, and this eliminates the need to log into multiple platforms.

If You want to have all your movies and shows organized on one platform, then Movies Anywhere is the perfect solution. Although it does not produce original content, it does have a library that comprises a range of supported networks.

So, if you have purchased movies or shows on Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Xfinity, iTunes, or FandangoNOW, you can synchronize them with Movies Anywhere and have all your content in one place.


Movies Anywhere was first launched in February 2014 as a joint venture between Disney and other major Hollywood studios, including 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros. The platform’s goal was to provide a convenient and unified way for movie fans to access their digital movie collections across multiple devices and platforms.

In 2015, Movies Anywhere added partnerships with several other studios, including Sony Pictures and Lionsgate, and several retail and technology companies, such as Amazon, Google, and Apple. The platform became a hub for digital movie purchases and allowed users to link their existing movie library with the Movies Anywhere account.

In 2017, Disney acquired most of the platform’s shares, becoming the primary shareholder, and rebranded the service as Disney Movies Anywhere. The service continued to grow, adding new features such as 4K UHD and HDR support, and expanded its reach to include more countries and devices.

In 2020, Movies Anywhere saw a surge in usage as people looked for new and convenient ways to access their favorite movies and TV shows from home. The platform continued adding new features and partnerships, including purchasing and watching new releases. It has established itself as a significant player in the digital movie space.


The website’s design is pleasing and has no negative aspects. The design incorporates an attractive color scheme. Font choices and collection banners blend seamlessly, and the blue and purple tones are consistent throughout the site.

The website’s homepage banner showcases a minimalistic design with clear supporting text. On the left side of the page is a call-to-action (CTA) button labeled “Join-Now Free” for US residents aged 13 and above.

The top of the page features three categories: Explore, Redeem, and My Movies. Clicking on the Explore category takes you to a page with a focal movie banner, followed by various types such as New Releases, Daily Deals, and more.

The Redeem tab directs you to a dark page with gray text. This page is the dullest on the entire website, but it serves a purpose. There is a rectangular box where you enter your digital code and click on the Redeem button to complete the process. 

The website provides an organized and straightforward user experience. The clean and minimal design on the homepage, combined with the readily accessible categories, makes navigating the site a breeze.

The focal movie banner and classes on the Explore page make finding the desired content straightforward. Though not visually appealing, the Redeem tab serves its purpose and guides users through the redemption process.

Key Features

Vast Movie Collection

Movies Anywhere has a collection of over 7,300 movies and supports films from top studios, including Disney, Sony, Fox, Warner Bros., and Universal.

4K And HDR Streaming

The Movies Anywhere app allows you to watch 4K and HDR movies on various 4K HDR-enabled streamers and TVs. It’s important to note that the app only supports HDR10 and not Dolby Vision and does not allow 4K HDR downloads.

Screen Pass Feature

The Screen Pass feature is now available for all US customers using the Movies Anywhere app. You can use this feature on various devices, including iOS and Android phones, Apple TV, Roku, Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and smart TVs from LG and Vizio.

User-friendly Interface

Movies Anywhere has a user-friendly interface making it easy for users to navigate and find their desired content. The intuitive design and straightforward navigation make discovering new movies and TV shows simple.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Movies Anywhere app works on multiple devices, including iOS and Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, Android mobile, 

Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and LG and Vizio smart TVs.

Free to Use

There is no charge or subscription fee to sign up and start using the platform. You can enjoy Movies Anywhere’s excellent features without spending any money.

Easy Sign-up Process

You can sign up for Movies Anywhere using your Facebook, Google, or email account. 

Pricing and Plans

You don’t need to pay a subscription fee or make commitments. You can purchase movies through connected digital retailers like iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, and Google Play. With Movies Anywhere, you get access to a wide range of features without worrying about extra charges.


Movies Anywhere provides movie lovers with a convenient and seamless way to access their favorite films. With Movies Anywhere, users can store their entire movie library in one place and watch their movies on any connected device.

Whether you’re at home, on the go, or in between, Movies Anywhere makes it easy to enjoy your favorite films no matter where you are.

Movies Anywhere provide users with access to a vast library of movies, including new releases and classic films. You can purchase or redeem digital codes to add new titles to your library or connect your existing movie accounts from participating digital retailers such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu. With a simple, user-friendly interface, you can easily find and watch your favorite movies at the touch of a button.

In addition to providing access to a wide selection of movies, Movies Anywhere also offers a range of features that enhance the movie-watching experience.

With the ability to create watchlists, save your favorite films for offline viewing, and receive recommendations based on your viewing history, Movies Anywhere makes it easy to stay on top of your movie collection.

Movies Anywhere is the ultimate solution for movie lovers looking to bring their movie library together in one convenient place. With seamless access to a wide selection of films, a range of features to enhance your movie-watching experience, and the ability to watch your favorite films on any device, Movies Anywhere is the perfect way to keep your movie collection organized and accessible.


Movies Anywhere is a highly compatible platform with a wide range of devices. Whether using a smart TV, a gaming console, a computer, or a mobile device, you can easily connect to Movies Anywhere and start watching your favorite films.

Movies Anywhere ensure widespread accessibility by supporting popular streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, as well as mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

In addition to its broad device compatibility, Movies Anywhere can work with various digital retailers. By connecting your existing movie accounts from participating digital retailers such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu, you can bring your entire movie library together in one place. You can easily find and watch your favorite films, no matter where you purchased them. 

Desktop/Mobile Experience

Movies Anywhere is the platform for accessing your movie collection. If you want to watch a movie you haven’t purchased, click the “buy” option. Movies Anywhere will display the film along with its vendors. Choose the vendor from which you prefer to buy the movie.

Movies Anywhere is also available as an app for Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Tablets, and Chromecast. The platform runs smoothly on major web browsers. Currently, there is no support for gaming consoles, and Disney is actively working towards expanding compatibility.

Suggestions that We Have for MoviesAnywhere

Movies Anywhere is already doing a fantastic job of expanding its content libraries. However, there is still room for improvement. One suggestion for the platform is to add compatibility with gaming consoles. It would make the service even more accessible and convenient for users who want to watch their favorite movies on their gaming devices.

Another suggestion for Movies Anywhere is to increase its accessibility on smart TVs. While the platform is currently compatible with popular streaming devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, adding compatibility with smart TVs would make the service even more accessible to users who would like to watch their movies on the big screen.

These improvements allow Movies Anywhere to continue offering its users an exceptional movie streaming experience.


In conclusion, Movies Anywhere offers a convenient and accessible way to access your favorite movies in one place. With its user-friendly interface, the ability to connect multiple digital retailers, and the option to add movies to your collection without additional charges, there is no reason not to try this service.

Movies Anywhere is worth exploring whether you have purchased movies in the past or are simply looking for a better way to stream your favorite films. 

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  • Supports significant studios, including Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Universal, and Fox
  • Centralizes all your purchased digital films on one platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free to use with no subscription fee
  • Supports 4K and HDR streaming on multiple devices
  • The screen Pass feature is available for US customers
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Quick customer service

  • Does not produce its own content
  • Limited to only HDR10 support, not Dolby Vision
  • 4K HDR downloads are not available
  • Not all movies are available

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