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Mubi is an online streaming platform that offers a carefully curated selection of the best independent, classic, and cult films worldwide. So whether you’re a film buff or just a lover of great storytelling, Mubi has something to offer. With a new movie added to the platform daily, you’ll always have engaging and thought-provoking films to watch.

Mubi gives you the experience of discovering new and exciting films and is as much a part of the fun as watching the movies themselves. Mubi carefully selects movies for their artistic merit, cultural significance, and entertainment value, offering a constantly rotating selection that ranges from indie darlings to classic masterpieces.

Mubi offers a diverse range of films that will satisfy even the most discerning movie lovers, from international arthouse hits to classic Hollywood fare. So whether you’re in the mood for a foreign-language drama, a genre-defying indie flick, or a beloved classic, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes on Mubi.

Mubi offers an immersive and interactive movie-watching experience with features like film introductions, filmmaker profiles, and a vibrant community of movie enthusiasts.

So whether you’re watching alone or with friends, Mubi makes it easy to explore the world of cinema and discover something new every day. Sign up for a subscription today and start your journey into the world of great filmmaking.


In 2007, Efe Cakarel founded Mubi as a social network for film lovers. They initially named it “The Auteurs” and intended it to be a space where they could share their opinions and connect with others who shared their passion.

Over time, the platform evolved into a streaming service that offered a carefully curated selection of the best independent, classic, and cult films worldwide.

In its early years, Mubi focused on creating a community of film lovers and providing them with a platform to share their opinions and engage with each other. As a result, the company built a loyal following among cinephiles and established itself as a trusted source for movie recommendations and insights.

As Mubi’s popularity increased, it broadened its offerings by launching a streaming service that offers a continually changing selection of carefully curated films.

In the years following its launch, Mubi expanded its reach and became a global player in online film streaming. The company opened offices in key markets around the world, and its platform became available in a growing number of countries.

Today, Mubi is available in more than 190 countries and has established itself as one of the leading online destinations for film lovers.

Today, Mubi earns recognition for its handpicked selection of the finest independent, classic, and cult films from around the globe.

The company has built a reputation for offering a unique and curated movie-watching experience, and its platform has become a destination for film enthusiasts and casual movie fans. So whether you’re a fan of foreign-language dramas, independent films, or classic cinema, Mubi has something to offer.


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  • Daily additions to a carefully curated film selection
  • A vast collection of movies
  • Built-in community features
  • High-definition streaming of 1080p
  • Offers offline downloads available


  • Lacks support for multiple user profiles
  • Limited options for closed captioning

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