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Mubi is an online streaming platform that offers a carefully curated selection of the best independent, classic, and cult films worldwide. So whether you’re a film buff or just a lover of great storytelling, Mubi has something to offer. With a new movie added to the platform daily, you’ll always have engaging and thought-provoking films to watch.

Mubi gives you the experience of discovering new and exciting films and is as much a part of the fun as watching the movies themselves. Mubi carefully selects movies for their artistic merit, cultural significance, and entertainment value, offering a constantly rotating selection that ranges from indie darlings to classic masterpieces.

Mubi offers a diverse range of films that will satisfy even the most discerning movie lovers, from international arthouse hits to classic Hollywood fare. So whether you’re in the mood for a foreign-language drama, a genre-defying indie flick, or a beloved classic, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes on Mubi.

Mubi offers an immersive and interactive movie-watching experience with features like film introductions, filmmaker profiles, and a vibrant community of movie enthusiasts.

So whether you’re watching alone or with friends, Mubi makes it easy to explore the world of cinema and discover something new every day. Sign up for a subscription today and start your journey into the world of great filmmaking.


In 2007, Efe Cakarel founded Mubi as a social network for film lovers. They initially named it “The Auteurs” and intended it to be a space where they could share their opinions and connect with others who shared their passion.

Over time, the platform evolved into a streaming service that offered a carefully curated selection of the best independent, classic, and cult films worldwide.

In its early years, Mubi focused on creating a community of film lovers and providing them with a platform to share their opinions and engage with each other. As a result, the company built a loyal following among cinephiles and established itself as a trusted source for movie recommendations and insights.

As Mubi’s popularity increased, it broadened its offerings by launching a streaming service that offers a continually changing selection of carefully curated films.

In the years following its launch, Mubi expanded its reach and became a global player in online film streaming. The company opened offices in key markets around the world, and its platform became available in a growing number of countries.

Today, Mubi is available in more than 190 countries and has established itself as one of the leading online destinations for film lovers.

Today, Mubi earns recognition for its handpicked selection of the finest independent, classic, and cult films from around the globe.

The company has built a reputation for offering a unique and curated movie-watching experience, and its platform has become a destination for film enthusiasts and casual movie fans. So whether you’re a fan of foreign-language dramas, independent films, or classic cinema, Mubi has something to offer.


Mubi boasts a sleek and dynamic interface that sets it apart from other streaming services. The black, white, and gray color scheme highlights film thumbnails and draws the user’s attention to the main features. A search bar and a navigational menu are easily accessible, and the overflow menu provides plenty of settings and features for users to explore.

Mubi’s menu consists of five primary tabs: Now Showing, Library, Feed, Notebook, and Profile. The Now Showing tab displays the day’s film, followed by several categories of side-scrolling movie thumbnails. The design follows the traditional premium streaming site layout and makes it easy for users to browse and find the content they want.

The overall design of Mubi is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for users to access the site’s features and find their desired content. The visually appealing and professional look of black, white, and gray themes and the organized and straightforward layout characterize Mubi. 

Key Features

Movie Streaming

Mubi offers movie streaming for its users, providing an extensive catalog of films that allows users to access their favorite movies and new releases from the comfort of their own homes.

Live-streamed Events

Mubi offers unique awards ceremonies and film festival footage. It allows members to experience live events, making the movie streaming experience more immersive.

Parental Controls

Mubi provides parental controls for users to restrict access to inappropriate content for children. It gives parents peace of mind and the ability to customize their movie streaming experience.

Built-in Film Blog

Mubi features a built-in film blog called “The Notebook,” which provides users with reviews and editorial content written by the film experts at Mubi. 

Expert Film Insight

Mubi’s “The Notebook” offers expert film insight and gives users access to film recommendations and reviews written by film enthusiasts. It makes it easier for users to discover new content and find their next favorite movie.

Content Discovery

Mubi’s profile feature allows users to access their watch list, ratings, reviews, and favorites, making it easier to discover new content. With this feature, users can keep track of the movies they want to watch and access their recommendations.

Movie Ratings & Reviews

Mubi allows users to rate and review movies, making it easier for other users to discover new content based on popular opinions. This feature allows users to contribute to the movie streaming community and provide valuable insight into their favorite movies.

Private User Profile

Mubi allows users to make their profiles private, allowing them to control who has access to their movie ratings, reviews, and watch list. It allows users to keep their movie opinions confidential if they prefer.

Pricing and Plans

If you’re considering Mubi but have yet to decide, take advantage of the free 7-day trial. If it’s not for you, simply cancel within the first week of the subscription. But, if you love Mubi just like we do, it will cost you $10.99 monthly.

You can also save 36% by committing to a one-year subscription, which comes to $83.88 per year. In addition, students can subscribe to Mubi for a discounted rate of just $6.99 per month. This special rate provides complete access to all the features and services of Mubi.


Mubi provides a diverse selection of content to its subscribers. Classics like classic films, contemporary indie flicks, and more. The Mubi team handpicks and curates a new movie to feature on the platform every day. In addition, it allows users to discover new films that they have yet to discover.

Mubi offers a mix of well-known and lesser-known titles, allowing users to experience a broad range of films. With a library of over 5,000 movies, Mubi provides subscribers with a steady stream of fresh content they can enjoy from their homes.

Furthermore, Mubi guarantees subscribers will always have great films to watch by offering, in addition to feature-length films, a selection of documentaries, shorts, and other film-related content designed to complement the main feature.

Mubi also provides a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work. Through its partnership with film festivals and independent film production companies, Mubi can offer subscribers access to unique and exciting films unavailable on other streaming services.

It makes Mubi an excellent place for movie lovers to discover new and exciting talent and provides independent filmmakers with a unique platform to reach a wider audience.

Mubi provides a refreshing alternative to other streaming services with its carefully curated selection of films and focuses on independent and under-the-radar content. Whether you’re looking to discover new movies or simply want a platform that offers a unique content selection, Mubi is a perfect choice. With its combination of classic cinema, indie gems, and new releases.


Mubi is a highly compatible platform working on various devices and operating systems. You can access its extensive library of films, live events, and social features. Designers created the platform to work on Windows and Mac computers and iOS mobile devices. You can access your Mubi account and enjoy its content on the go.

One of the great things about Mubi is that it supports a wide range of web browsers, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Mubi testers have optimized the platform for popular browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari, among others.

Additionally, the platform is compatible with Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku, making it easy to enjoy Mubi content on a big screen. 

Desktop/Mobile Experience

You can access Mubi on various devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, and smart TVs, ensuring you always have access to your favorite films. With app support for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, and Samsung Smart TV, Mubi is an excellent option for anyone, regardless of location.

Mubi’s iOS app provides users with a seamless and smooth mobile experience. With an intuitive interface and lightning-fast speed, using the app is a breeze. It’s no wonder the Apple App Store has given it an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Additionally, the app allows you to download movies to your phone, giving you the freedom to watch your favorites anytime, anywhere, even without WIFI or cell service.

Suggestions that We Have for Mubi

Our suggestions for Mubi include expanding the film library to more popular titles, providing offline viewing options, and introducing a more robust search function. Additionally, it would be great if Mubi offered a recommendation system that could help users discover new and exciting films.

Another suggestion is to enhance the social features by allowing users to connect and engage in discussions about their favorite films. Finally, offering more customization options, such as the ability to change the background color or the layout of the main menu, would make for an even more personalized experience for users.

By incorporating these suggestions, Mubi has the potential to become an even more comprehensive movie streaming platform that provides an immersive and enjoyable film-watching experience.


In conclusion, Mubi is a standout streaming service that offers users a unique, curated selection of films. With its sleek and user-friendly design, social features, expert insights through its built-in film blog.

The Notebook, and the ability to host live-streamed events, Mubi offers a compelling package for cinephiles and casual movie-watchers alike. Whether you’re looking for the latest critically acclaimed films or just want to expand your film knowledge, Mubi is worth considering. 

Mubi constantly updates its library, ensuring you always have access to fresh and thrilling content. Mubi is a fantastic streaming service worth exploring for anyone who loves movies.

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  • Daily additions to a carefully curated film selection
  • A vast collection of movies
  • Built-in community features
  • High-definition streaming of 1080p
  • Offers offline downloads available


  • Lacks support for multiple user profiles
  • Limited options for closed captioning

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