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Telenet TV is a digital television service offered by Telenet, a provider of telecommunication services in Belgium. Telenet TV provides subscribers with a wide range of digital channels and on-demand content. One of the critical features of Telenet TV is the website, which provides a user-friendly experience for customers.

Telenet TV is an innovative way to watch all your favourite TV shows and movies. So whether you’re looking to catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite shows or want to relax and watch a movie, Telenet TV has something for everyone.

With access to a vast library of on-demand content, plus packages for over 70 channels, you can always find something to watch.

Telenet TV also offers plenty of ways to customise your viewing experience. For example, with the ‘My TV’ feature, you can organise your favourite channels, shows, and movies into folders for easy access.

And with the ‘Favorites’ feature, you can create a list of your favourite shows and movies for quick access. Plus, with the Record feature, you can record any show or movie you want to watch.

Plus, Telenet TV is now available on the go. With the Telenet TV app, you can watch all your favourite shows and movies on your mobile device. And with the ‘Smart Hub’ feature, you can find new and recommended content with just a few clicks.

It is the best way to stay updated with the latest news and entertainment. With its range of packages, on-demand library, dedicated apps, and interactive set-top box, you can find something to watch whenever you want. 


The history of Telenet TV dates back to the early 1990s when the Belgian cable television company began providing television and radio services in Flanders and Brussels. Telenet, Liberty Global now owns, was founded in 1989 as Belgium’s first cable television provider.

Telenet has been a leader in the cable TV industry since its inception, introducing innovative technologies and services adopted across Europe and other parts of the world. Telenet’s mission has always been to provide the best TV experience with the most advanced services, and it has achieved this mission over the years.

In 1995, Telenet launched its first digital TV platform, Digital TV (DTV), the first of its kind in Europe. This digital platform provided users access to more channels, interactive services, and high-definition (HD) programming. It also allowed users to control their TV experience with remote control.

In 2001, the company launched its second digital platform, Digital Cable (DC), which offered more channels and interactive options than DTV. In addition, it was the first cable TV platform in Europe to provide cable TV channels via satellite, which allowed for a broader range of programming options.

In 2007, Telenet launched its third digital platform, Digital TV Plus (DTV+), which provided a superior viewing experience, excellent channel selection, better picture quality, and a comprehensive range of interactive features.

This platform was followed by the Digital TV Plus HD (DTV+ HD) launch in 2010, providing the same features but improved picture quality.

Telenet is still a leader in the cable TV industry, providing its customers with a wide range of services and features. The company’s digital TV offerings include HD, interactive services, On Demand movies and TV shows, digital video recording, and more.

Telenet also offers its customers broadband services, such as high-speed internet access, telephone services, and digital TV services. The company also provides its customers with an extensive range of hardware and software solutions, such as set-top boxes and digital video recorders.

Telenet’s commitment to providing its customers with the best TV experience has made it one of Europe’s most successful cable TV providers.

The company continues to innovate and provide its customers with the latest services and technologies, ensuring they enjoy the best entertainment experience possible.


Telenet TV is a service provider in Belgium that offers digital TV, VoD, and interactive TV. It provides its customers with the best user experience possible, and its website is no exception.

When designing the website, the founders kept users in mind. As a result, it has a modern, intuitive layout with easy-to-access menus and features. It is also responsive, meaning users can use it equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

The website has several features that make it both user-friendly and informative. For example, the home page features an array of quick links to important areas such as For You, TV, On Demand, and My TV. It allows customers to quickly access the content they want without searching multiple pages.

In addition to being user-friendly, the website also has several features that make it informative. For example, a detailed TV guide provides customers with information on channels, programming, and upcoming events. There are also interactive tutorials that help customers understand how to use the various services they can access.

Overall, Telenet TV has designed a user-friendly and informative website. The website has a modern layout, is responsive, and offers several features that make it both easy to use and informative. It allows customers to easily access the content they are looking for and learn more about the services they can access.

Key Features

Variety of Channels

Telenet TV offers a vast range of television channels from all around the world. You can find some of the best shows from the US, UK, and Europe, as well as local Belgian media. Plus, you can also access a variety of on-demand content.

Flexible Plans

Telenet TV allows you to choose from several packages to find the perfect plan for your needs. Whether you’re looking for primary channels or a more comprehensive package, you’ll be able to find one that meets your needs.

HD Picture Quality

Enjoy watching your favourite shows in stunning HD quality. Telenet TV offers crystal clear images and sounds to enjoy the best of entertainment.

Easy to Use

Telenet TV makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, thanks to its intuitive user interface. You can also easily personalise your experience and quickly access your favourite shows.

Smartphone Compatibility

Telenet TV is compatible with smartphones and tablets, so you can easily access the service no matter where you are. You can even use your device to control your TV.

Cutting-edge Technology

Telenet TV features the latest technology so that customers can enjoy an immersive and interactive experience. Enjoy a complete HD picture and access advanced features such as slow-motion replay, pause, and rewind.

Easy to Use

With the Telenet TV user interface, controlling your TV has always been challenging. However, the intuitive menu system lets you quickly find what you want, while a dedicated remote control provides additional convenience.

High-definition Channels

Telenet TV offers a wide range of HD channels, including the latest movies, TV series, documentaries, and children’s programming. It makes it the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the best in television entertainment.

Multiroom Viewing

With Telenet TV, you can watch the same channel simultaneously in up to four different rooms. It means you can keep up with all your favourite shows, even if you’re in another part of the house.

On-demand Programming

With Telenet TV, you can choose from an extensive library of movies, TV series, documentaries, sports, and children’s programming. With the On Demand feature, you can watch the latest releases or catch up on the shows you’ve missed.

Personalised Channel Guide

Telenet TV’s personalised channel guide will help you quickly find the shows you want to watch. You can even set up reminders for when a show you’ve wanted to watch is coming on.

Pricing and Plans

Telenet TV offers a variety of pricing and plan options to fit your viewing needs. There are three main packages available: 

The Basic Package includes the basics like local TV channels and access to the on-demand service. It also has a set of primary channels such as BBC, CNN, and more. The price for this package is €12.50/ month

The Plus Package includes everything in the Basic package plus additional channels such as Sky Sports and HBO. The price for this package is €39.50/ month

The Premium Package includes all the Plus package channels and additional channels like Sky Cinema and Eurosport. The price for this package is €59.50/ month.

Telenet TV also offers a variety of flexible payment options, such as monthly or annual payments. You can also choose to pay with a debit or credit card or with a bank transfer. 


Telenet TV offers a comprehensive selection of television programming, ranging from popular general entertainment channels to more specialised sports, movies, and news channels. There is something for everyone, with tracks like Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery, Eurosport, National Geographic, and more.

Telenet TV also offers on-demand content, giving you access to a library of movies and TV shows. So whether you are looking for the latest blockbuster, an old classic, or something a bit more obscure, Telenet TV has something for everyone.

In addition to the range of programming and on-demand content, Telenet TV offers an extensive range of interactive services. With interactive TV, you can access the latest news, weather, and sports scores, play games, and do content searches.


Telenet TV is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as Apple TV. It means that you can watch Telenet TV not only on the device you installed it on but also on any device that supports the Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube apps.

As a result, it makes it incredibly easy to watch Telenet TV anywhere in your home and on any device you choose.

In addition to compatibility with smartphones and tablets, Telenet TV is also compatible with many smart TVs. While the exact list of compatible TVs changes often, some of the most popular brands include Samsung, LG, Sony, and Philips. You don’t have to invest in a new TV to watch Telenet TV.

Finally, Telenet TV is compatible with many streaming devices, including Chromecast and Apple TV. It makes it easy to watch Telenet TV on your big screen without purchasing a new device.

Mobile/Desktop Experience

The Mobile Experience

The Telenet TV mobile experience makes it easy for users to watch their favourite shows, movies, and sports teams on the go. The app offers live and time-shifted television with over 70 channels in HD and Dolby Digital sound. It also provides access to on-demand content and a 7-day TV guide and search feature.

The app can be used on Android and iOS devices, making it easy for users to watch their favourite shows and movies on the go. There’s also the option to add a second screen, allowing users to manage their shows on the big screen while they’re out and about.

The Desktop Experience

For those who prefer to watch their television from the comfort of their own home, Telenet TV also has a desktop experience. The experience includes access to the same channels, content, and features as the mobile app but in a larger, more comfortable setting.

The desktop experience offers users an easy-to-navigate, intuitive interface that allows them to switch between live and on-demand content easily. It also provides access to the same 7-day TV guide and search feature as the mobile app, making it easier to find the content they want to watch.

Suggestion that We Have for Telenet TV

Telenet offers a decent selection of on-demand content, but it could do better by expanding its library to include more recent releases and independent films. It would make it easier for customers to find something new to watch.

Telenet offers content from a variety of countries, but there are still many countries whose content still needs to be made available. Adding more international content would give customers more options and help Telenet stand out from its competitors.

Telenet’s customer service needs improvement. For example, customers should have access to more resources to help them with any issues. It could include a more extensive help section on the website, more live chat options, and better support representatives available by phone.

Telenet should work on its pricing structure. Currently, the service is relatively expensive compared to other providers. Telenet should improve its pricing structure and ensure its customers get the best bang for their buck.


Telenet TV is one of the leading television service providers in Belgium and Luxembourg and offers a comprehensive range of digital, cable, and satellite services and a range of extra services. It also provides excellent value for money, with flexible packages and discounts.

Telenet TV is a perfect choice for a comprehensive television package as it boasts extensive content, ranging from mainstream television channels to more niche offerings. In addition, it has a solid national and international media lineup, including BBC One and France 24. There’s also a selection of channels dedicated to sports, movies, news, and documentaries.

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  • Provides access to more than 250 channels
  • Offers HD programming with a crystal-clear picture
  • Allows you to manage your account and watch the content you want on the go
  • Offers professional installation and setup services

  • Only available in Belgium
  • Premium channels can be costly for most users
  • Customers report unhelpful representatives and slow response times
  • Offers restricted on-demand content

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